Pokemon Developers’ Hiring Ads Lead To Inevitable Switch Speculation

Pokemon Developers’ Hiring Ads Lead To Inevitable Switch Speculation
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New job ads from Pokemon developer Game Freak are causing speculation that a Switch entry is in our future. 

There is reason for such conjecture. Last spring, a report appeared that Pokemon was coming to the Switch as Pokemon Star.

This recent character modeller wanted ad is for a “new title”. Based in Tokyo, the job lasts up to May 2018. Game Freak is looking for those with experience using Maya and making characters for Wii U and PS Vita games. Job responsibilities include making “exaggerated toon style people, monsters and item models”. Hrm… Sounds higher spec than just another 3DS title.

According to the listing, this is a “consumer game”, and the listing does not specify hardware. But since it does say “consumer game”, we know this is not a smartphone title.

Game Freak is also hiring a 3D CG designer, with the listing saying, “Your chance to get involved with developing a RPG that’s popular worldwide.” Again, the same “exaggerated toon style people, monsters and item models” are listing under the ad’s work description. 

Japanese game sites Hachima, My Game News Flash and Pokemon Matome point to speculation that these listings are connected to Sun and Moon Switch versions. However, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything of the sort, and Kotaku reached out to the game maker prior to publication, but has yet to hear back. 


  • If it was “Pokemon Stars” as rumoured, why would they need to hire a 3d modeller? The models have been done already, and if you look at some emulator videos, they scale nicely.
    I really do want it to be a thing, because it would look great on the switch, but my money’s on them getting started on the next entry in the series, rather than Sun/Moon/Stars for switch.

    • Perhaps a different region or new parts of Alola would need to be modeled.
      More overworld pokes make need modeling.
      New characters, trainer classes or player customisation may need to be created.
      If it is “stars” perhaps it takes part 3 years in the future like GS and things changed.

  • In before “switch card jockey”

    Please let gamefreak make a sequel, that game was/is awesome.

  • I’d rather they work on the next installment really, instead of an extension to Moon/Sun. They haven’t brought out a 3rd title from the same generation since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (4th Generation).

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