Praise The Dark Souls Cosplay

This Dark Souls cosplay by Cosarmor & Props won top prize at the Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month with this Dragon Slayer Ornstein ensemble, and for good reason: It's practically an actual suit of armour.

Cosarmor tells me the suit "is 100% scratch built using primarily heat-formed expanded PVC (Sintra/Komatex), and most of the detailing was done with Magic Sculpt epoxy putty", while a small portion of the armour includes EVA foam and black Worbla.

The costume also uses weathered aluminium chainmail, "wet-felted wool dreadlocks, weathered silk fabric, and over 100 neodymium magnets". The helm's visor is also able to lock in position, as well as be removed.

Cosplay by Cosarmor & Props | Photo by Shorbo

Cosplay by Cosarmor & Props | Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi

As you can see, he won $US1500 ($1942) for his work!


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