Protoss Prodigy Stats Wins Global StarCraft League Finals

Protoss Prodigy Stats Wins Global StarCraft League Finals

Last night was a fond walk down memory lane for any StarCraft fan. Between the announcement of StarCraft Remastered and the showmatches between old Brood War favourites like Lee Jae Dong and Lee “Flash” Young Ho, anticipation kept building for the night’s climactic battle for the Global StarCraft II League finals.



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Sitting at a daunting 3-0 in the best-of-seven series, Eo found his footing in game four and started to battle back. The Zerg player was not going quietly into the night, and with a crushing Roach-Hydra push into Kim’s base, Eo kicked off the run-back.

Taking two games in a row, it seemed Eo had figured out Kim’s game and was ready to take the set all the way to point. In game six, however, a climactic encounter between Eo’s army and a legion of Templar and Archons delivered a crushing blow to his forces.

Eo threw in the towel, knowing he’d been beat, and Kim took the fourth win and the title of GSL Code S champion. Both took the stage to thank their fans and celebrate a love for StarCraft, but as commentator Artosis puts it, “Even if he [soO] speaks no English, he probably knows how to spell runner-up by now.” Maybe next year.


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