Real Stories Of Will Power: The Electric Man Of India

We’ve seen a lot of awesome superheroes on our screens over the past few years. They have unbelievable, superhuman powers that we would never expect to see in the real world.

But there are some people out there who possess powers and skills that can’t really be explained. Over the next few weeks we’re going to introduce you to some of them. And our first is Raj Mohan Nair, a man supposedly immune to electricity.

Kotaku’s Real Stories of Will Power series is brought to you by Netflix and Marvel’s Iron Fist. Danny Rand is an orphan, Monk, billionaire and living weapon. After a 15 year absence he returns to NYC to reclaim his family legacy. Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres March 17th only on Netflix.

Also known as Electro-Man and Currant Mohan, Nair has been shown to withstand multiple amps running through his body without coming to any harm. In comparison, most humans can be killed by as little as a tenth of an amp — their organs would fail and their hearts would stop.

Permanent muscle damage can even occur when a person is exposed to less than a second of electricity.

Nair can power lightbulbs and small appliances by allowing the electrical current to run through his body. He can place two live wires anywhere on his body, but he usually does this by holding one and placing the other in his mouth for better conductivity. He has used this method to power the likes of a 3 amp blender in Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

He can also take it to the next level by wrapping his stomach and neck in a long copper wire to power a high voltage hot plate.

He isn’t entirely lacking when it comes to a reaction though. This much electricity makes his eyes glaze over and he goes temporarily blind.

Nair says that he discovered his power when he was a small child. His mother had passed away and decided that he no longer wanted to live. He attempted to take his own life by grabbing the high tension wire of an active transformer. But nothing happened. He believes that his immunity to electricity is a gift from God.

In Superhumans, contortionist and host Daniel Browning Smith tried to discover why Nair was so immune to electricity.

He tested him with a multimeter, which can measure a material’s resistant to electricity. Where most people have a resistance of around 0.15 million Ohms (the SI derived unit of electrical resistance), Nair hit over 1.3 million. It seemed to continue rising the longer the multimeter was attached.

His physiological difference may mean that electrical currants move through him more slowly, or perhaps that they’re redirected around his body, avoiding his heart.

But these are just theories. What we do know is that Nair’s aversion to electricity is incredible to watch and just a little bit nerve inducing. It’s made him both a local and international legend.

You can watch his incredible real life power below.

But is Nair’s power actually real? Some think not. In fact, a Kotaku reader pointed us towards ElectroBOOm on YouTube, who created a savage response video to debunk the alleged powers. We decided to add it to this article and you can watch it right here:

What do you think? Is Mohan for real, or are his super powers fake? Let us know your thoughts.


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