Rebellion Is Remastering Rogue Trooper

In 2006, developer Rebellion released a third-person shooter featuring a genetically engineered super-soldier outfitted with a sentient helmet, rifle and backpack. Now they're cleaning it up and releasing it again with Rogue Trooper: Redux for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch.

Fans of the 2000 AD comic series will recognise one of the more successful comic to video game translations stemming from Rebellion Development's purchase of the property back in 2000. Rogue, one of the most feared soldiers on Nu Earth, is the last of his bio-engineered squadron walking, but he has three friends talking via the biochips installed in his equipment. It's really an amazing concept, and the game isn't too bad either.

Here's some gameplay from the original release.

Rogue Trooper: Redux is being developed with UK studio TickTock Games, making it one of the first post-purchase 2000 AD games not made by Rebellion, the first of many now that the studio has opened up the IP to outside development.

Rogue Trooper: Redux is coming soon to the Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


    Would rather a re-release than a remaster.

    I recently started playing the original Crash Bandicoot. It was an enjoyable, if not frustrating, game when I was younger. Returning after nearly two decades gave me an appreciation for just how great this game was and is. The art direction and PSX-era graphics in particular have held up exceptionally well.

    When I look at the impending remaster for Crash Bandicoot I can't help but think the overall revision of visual and audio direction has led to a net loss in quality. Rather than celebrating the original piece, we are pointing at an homage and saying "that's good enough, right?"

    Rogue Trooper's remaster might just be the introduction of a few new resolutions. It may instead follow the predominant trend and try to set a new standard by making the original "better."

      I tried to play Crash on my Vita and couldn't do it, I'm too used to analog sticks these days. Trying to move up constantly while also dodging left and right was a pain in the arse with directional buttons. So for no other reason I'm really glad it's being remastered. Plus it looks like they're staying faithful, just a shiny new coat of paint.

      Or turn it into a chapter affair like the "remastered FFVII" LOL

      good points, especially with all the cool concept art unlockables and stuff in the original release - here's hoping it's just a res and render upscale and I'd love seeing the splitscreen from the console versions added to PC (since the Wii-release was too low-spec for any visual clarity in co-op)

    Man! I thought this was going to be a remake of the 80's version! Speak to Serrells! He'll know what I am thinking of!

    I can't imagine who was really asking for this. This game was a mainstay of the EB clearance bin for many a year.

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