Rockstar Fans Are Finding Red Dead Redemption 2 Clues In The Strangest Places

Evidence is mounting that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in fact a prequel to the first game, and by evidence, I mean IMDB listings, casting calls, and Facebook friend lists. Welcome to the wild world of Rockstar fan sleuthing.

Last October, Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2 with a couple of teaser images and a brief trailer. Since then, the iconic developer has been oddly quiet about their upcoming Western game (which they say will be out this spring), which is driving fans to do digging of their own.

One rumour, based on Red Dead Redemption's ending and some other assorted clues, is that RDR2 is in fact a prequel, telling the story of John Marston and his gang before they split up and went off to go farm sheep, hide out in the mountains, and so on. And over on the GTA forums (h/t @RedDeadNet) fans are gathering all sorts of ridiculous clues that support the prequel theory.

For example, on March 7, one fan discovered an actor's resumé saying he did mo-cap for Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2. Dutch, of course, dies in the first game, so him popping back up again is a big clue that RDR2 is set in the distant past.

After that, things got really weird. On March 8, another fan discovered that a bunch of RDR1 voice actors were, uh, all following each other on Twitter. On March 10, someone discovered that the voice actor Roger Clark, who sounds a whole lot like the narrator in the Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser trailer, "liked" a RDR2 speculation video on YouTube.

Then, this week... well, I'll just quote the fans:

11th March 2017 Cali Moore found to be friends on Facebook with Rob Wiethoff, Roger Clark, Benjamin Byron Davis, Steve J Palmer and Gabriel Sloyer Ceron - found by Mrkryptonite97 (link to post)

13th March 2017 Noshir Dalal found to be friends on Facebook with Rob Wiethoff, Roger Clark, Benjamin Byron Davis, Steve J Palmer, Gabriel Sloyer Ceron, Peter Blomquist and Cali Moore - found by Sandman7744 (link to post)

These are all voice actors, many of whom were in RDR1. (Rob Wiethoff played John Marston; Benjamin Byron Davis played Dutch; Steve J Palmer played Bill Williamson, and so on.) In other words, this all points to Red Dead 2 being a prequel that stars John Marston and his old gang, who have apparently moved from the Wild West to Facebook and Twitter.

The Red Dead 2 "great treasure hunt" is fun, if slightly creepy. OK, very creepy. But as the folks at RedDeadNet told me this afternoon: "There's some very thirsty Red Dead fans here! We're going to break the internet when something new drops!"


    Prequel games always bother me. I would rather see where things go after the end of the first game. However I would absolutely play a game where they all have smart phones and were constantly checking social media.

      Agreed. Same logic applied for me with Rogue One last year. I know exactly what it's about and how it ends. Sure there might be some plot twists or enjoyable scenes along the way but I'm not going to spend money to see it.

      That being said, more Red Dead is more Red Dead. 10/10 will blow money again.

      The whole point of the first game was that it was the end of the West. There is no "where things go" from there. RDR2's options are really only (a) prequel, (b) not a Western, or (c) pretend the first game didn't exist at all.

    Wait, so a bunch of people who once worked together are friends on Facebook / Twitter, so they must be working together again? I see some flaws with this logic.

    i can't really imagine it not Being set before the first one. The game explicitly explains that it's set in the "dying days of the Old West", with John Marsden being a symbol of the last cowboy. I hope it ends up being a prequel in the same way that San Andreas was a prequel to GTA III. You see a bunch of characters for RDR in a point earlier in time, without the plot revolving (pun not intented) around the same group of people.

    PC pls... :(

    I doubt it'll get released onto the PC though.

      consoles will be playable on PC.... in fact some already are

      why they dont just support PC is a question of a big fat bank account full of exclusive payment tho

      GTA V sold really well on PC, I can't believe they would not want to make money off a PC version. I personally play on my laptop so my wife/kids have the tv. I also play on the way to and from work on the train. None of these allow for a console, I have one but to use it means forcing my wife to watch tv on a laptop.

    I really hope only the prologue is set in the past and then jumps forward to follow someone else's story but I doubt that will be the case.

    As long as it's good I'll be happy

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