Rockstar Releases Busted GTA Online Car That Costs Nearly A Million In-Game Dollars

The latest car added to GTA Online is the Infernus Classic, an expensive '80s-era Vice City vehicle that can now be driven around in modern-day Los Santos. One problem: The car is broken.

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GTA Online players on the Grand Theft Auto 5 subreddit noticed that the Infernus Classic can't turn left without spinning out of control, even at moderate speed. Doing right turns in the Infernus Classic feels fine, but take a left turn, and it almost feels as if you're driving on ice. I tested this first-hand and can confirm that the glitch is real:

Players discovered that the whole thing is due to a shitty tyre. For whatever reason, the Infernus Classic comes with a back right tyre that behaves as if it is damaged, which is why the car vibrates during usage.

While there is no fix for this issue, some players are shooting the other non-damaged tyre to try and balance out the sliding. I tried this and didn't feel much improvement. It turns out shooting a car is not a great way to repair it, not that it's stopping people from trying.

Shipping a new car in GTA Online that is essentially broken is bad enough, but what makes this particularly frustrating for some fans is that, at $915,000, the Infernus Classic ain't a cheap car. Leading up to the release, there was a lot of hype around this car too, judging from a thread on the GTA Forums. Once it was out, players couldn't figure out if something was actually wrong with the car, or if it was just them. The internet being the internet, people just told them to drive better.

One player actually bought the car, then sold it after only eight minutes. Instant regret. The funny thing is, even though the car is broken, many players have fallen in love with it anyway because it looks nice. Many players who have purchased the broken car are sharing beautiful photographs of the sports car, with some folks loving it so much, they bought more than one car! For these fans, the broken tyre doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker. It's more about the aesthetic than how the car handles.

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We reached out to Rockstar to ask about the bug, but had not heard back at time of writing. That said, this isn't the first time Rockstar has shipped a broken car: Last year the Pfister 811 was faster on PC depending on your framerate. And earlier in 2016, the Banshee 900R wasn't fast enough and Rockstar had to improve the top speeds for the car after players complained how slow it was.

In those instances, Rockstar eventually updated the cars and got them working properly. So hopefully Rockstar is able to fix this Vice City classic sports car soon, and players can go back to cruising the coastal highways of Los Santos, dreaming of neon and Michael Jackson.


    Pegassi will have to do a city-wide recall to fix this one. Won't be cheap!

    It seems to be a cross between a bunch of beautiful cars.

    Has the headlights and overall shape of a Diablo, driving lights of a 288 GTO, intakes of a 512TR, tail lights of a McLaren F1. No wonder people like it.

      Looks like a Diablo banged a Lotus Esprit.

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