Sailor Moon Cosplay Is The Height Of '90s Fashion

Inspired by, of all things, this 2015 post about a Korean fashion store, a team of cosplayers, photographers and videographers got together last month and produced this absolutely incredible Sailor Moon fashion shoot.

The project was assembled by CineCosu Studios' Dominique Zamora. "I wanted to shoot a cosplay editorial that highlighted not only the scouts as the fun, goofy teenagers they were, but also paid partial homage to the fabulous fashion of the '90s," she tells Kotaku. "Each of the girl's outfits was inspired either by fanart or actual clothes worn in the original show."

A collection of outfit inspiration drafts put together by Punziella, Sapphire Sets & Lisha Lash

Here's a video that Kevin Truong, Ilja Maran and Justin Element shot of the team, which featured cosplayers Stella Chuu, Hendo, Akemi101xoxo, Maid of Might and Jynx.

"Being a female cosplay photographer in a mostly male-dominated industry, I also wanted to shoot something unabashedly girly," Zamora adds. "As Stella Chuu said in our behind-the-scenes video (below), Sailor Moon helped teach girls that it's possible to be pretty and sparkly and powerful all at the same time. I wanted to celebrate that idea."

The day wasn't just about making a video. Zamora, herself a cosplayer, oversaw a collection of snaps that she has turned into a '90s teen mag fashion spread, which you can check out below:

The production involved more names than I listed above, so the final photo here lists the full credits for the team involved in putting everything together.


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