Samsung's Getting Back Into Gaming Monitors

Image: Samsung

Given that Samsung was one of the first companies to start offering a 120Hz mode on their LCD monitors, it's a bit weird to hear the company talk about entering the gaming monitor market for the first time. But semantics aside, Samsung is here, and it's bringing its quantum dot technology from its TV line with it.

The technology is part of the CFG70 line, which comes in 24-inch and 27-inch models. They're curved and use a vertical alignment panel for better colours, viewing angles and blacks than you'd get on the TN panels used in lower-end gaming monitors.

Image: Samsung

Samsung's big selling points with the CFG70 is the 125% sRGB colour gamut, AMD Freesync and G-Sync variants, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Both models have 144hz refresh rate, two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2 inputs. The Freesync version of CFG70 also uses AMD's FreeSync over HDMI as well, which is a nice touch.

There's a range of monitor presets for different games, although at a launch event in Sydney Samsung confirmed that neither the 24 or 27-inch models supports HDR - a consideration for those who switch between PC and console on a regular basis. The native resolution for both models is 1080p as well, which is standard for 24" screens but less so in the 27" monitor market.

The technology is certainly a long way from the days of the Syncmaster and World Cyber Games. The baby 24-inch CFG70 with FreeSync will set you back $599.95, however, while the 27-inch version sells for $849.95 RRP (but local retailers are selling it from $749). A 27-inch G-Sync version is due out later this year.


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