Hey everyone, time to have a quick chat about ScribbleTaku.

Today's ScribbleTaku is going to be the last one that appears on the site, at least in the near future. Some of you might have noticed last week that these have started appearing natively on the Kotaku Australia Facebook page, and they'll continue to appear there for the near future.

I've made the decision because it makes a lot more sense for this to be on social media in 2017 than it did when ScribbleTaku began. But this isn't something that is completely set in stone; people might prefer it to have a place on the site still. But we'll see how it goes.

Today's ScribbleTaku was the first one that ever appeared on the site; can you remember what game it was?


    Actually, I think ScribbleTaku has a very viable home on the site. It's like the joke columns in news papers (before the papers themselves became the joke without a punch line).

    ScribbleTake, to me, goes hand in hand with the TAY thread. A bit of community driven variety in the same place as the informative articles themselves.

    On top of that, do we really want to be putting more on a platform that is becoming more known for its lack of ethics by the day?

      This, facebook (specifically their "community Standards") is getting on my nerves a lot lately. I would much rather ScribleTaku/ Remember This/ HaiTaku/ etc Stay on this site, its one of the reasons I visit more than once a day.

        specifically their "community Standards"

        Urgh. What standards?

          Yeah, report racist content, pornography or hate speech "sorry it doesn't go against our community standards"

          Post a woman's nipple = banned

            Recently my feed has been populated with women re-posting some handbag fashion show video with nude male models waving their junk everywhere.

            Boobs = No
            Penis = Yes

            Double standards much?

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              One decent (mainstream) alternative and facebook dies like myspace.

    Bring back Remember This? !!
    Crystal Caves?

      I think Remember This posts will always have a home, but not as a regular feature. If a game is worth writing about to remember, it's worth being treated as a separate article like we would anything else.

        Serious question, Alex.

        Was Remember This taken down due to copyright complaints?

        Wouldn't surprise me if it was the case and I (as I'm sure others will) understand if that is the reason.

        I was once a member of an anime club where we ran something similar called "Spot the Screenshot". From memory, the club didn't get any take downs but stopped after seeing aggressive take downs on other sites.

          I'd only just started then, but I never saw anything of the sort and I don't believe that would have been the reason. But I wasn't in the country when that happened either (was on my Japan holiday at the time).

            You were absent when Remember This was running?!

            What is wrong with your priorities?!

            [Smacks Alex about with a large trout]


    That better not be Jetpack Joyride you've chosen as the last ScribbleTaku.

    what a ride it's been. A jet pack joyride to be specific.

    Last Scribbletaku?
    Definitely has to be The Dig and Biker Mice from Mars, picture be damned!

      Yeap, you got it right! Anyone who disagrees ..... kindly stay off the site.


    I don't use facebook, so I guess I will miss Scribbletaku. I have enjoyed each and every one even though I only knew a few of them (and guessed correctly even less often!) I hope it comes back to this site at some later date.

      Same here. Cant really access FB from work, and dont follow Kot there anyway, so I guess thats it for Scribbletaku for me :(

      Not that I ever did any good, best I got was a couple of honorary mentions, but it was fun to guess.

    As a person who doesn't post in ScribbleTaku and barely looks at the thumbnail as I scroll past, I am mortified.

    Next you'll be telling us on Facebook that ScribbleTaku is moving to Twitter.

    Even though I don't post often, I read Scribbletaku (and its predecessor Remember This) every day. It's just that usually I have no idea what the game was, and I think anything I'd be able to guess would be so obvious someone else would be on it long before I got there. But it's still fun to see the picture and the guesses people make, and it's nice to reminisce about these old games that I wouldn't otherwise have even thought about.

    I don't use Facebook so I wouldn't be able to participate there and I'd rather see it continue here. I don't think moving to Facebook because 'social media' makes sense, since the comments section of this site is also social media.

    Generally I'm not a fan of splitting content across different services either. I'm not going to go to your Facebook for Scribbletaku, your Twitter for Talk Amongst Yourselves, your Instagram to see screenshots of the next up-and-comer game you've gotten your hands on, etc. Duplicating content across different social media services makes sense, but splitting people away from here to other sites doesn't.

    The core of Kotaku is this website, and the point of all the social media presences is to bring people here to be part of the same community, not to create separate communities on separate sites.

      The part about splitting content is in the back of my mind as well. We'll see how it goes. I think everyone knows that I try and keep an open mind as much as possible when something is wrong or it doesn't work, and that applies as much to this as it does everything else.

        All good man, I think you do great work and I definitely appreciate the open mind. If you do decide to make the move permanent I'm sure there'd be good reason, I'll just be sad to see it go. Thanks for opening the move to feedback, it's nice to know you're listening.

      I know Alex already replied to this, but I just wanted to add a +1 for not splitting content.
      If Scribbletaku was going away entirely, I'd be sad but I could understand. But moving it somewhere else just makes no sense. What is Kotaku if not it's content? If it's content is not on Kotaku, then what even is this website?

    Boo! Boo I say! I hope this one incident tarnishes Alex's legacy as EIC! Mark wouldn't have done this!

    Having had a few of my scribbles posted (they never lasted very long), it's sad that they won't be here anymore. One less reason to click on the refresh tab on Kotaku.

    Yeah, literally didn't know you guys had a Facebook. Don't see why I'd ever look at it either. The social aspect of Kotaku is done here in the comments, with the OP's posting in response as well (like you've been doing here). Kind of seems wierdly redundant to have to go to another site to do something that's related to this one.

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