Seems like Mark's return to the ScribbleTaku chair yesterday was rather popular. And people were right in that it was Shantae from the Game Boy Colour (not Pixel Piracy, which is the first thing I thought of as well).

Let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck!


    Yes, got one! :-)

    Maniac Mansion?

      And you NEVER got it in only 7 minutes...

        Actually I did once.

          Was more commenting that Serrels thought we'd never get it, and you did in 7 minutes. He underestimated the Scribbletaku community. Again.

          Was a good get, I had no clue. As usual.

            Ah, sorry; the meaning of your post did go over my head.

            And truth be told, I only got it because I had been watching a Long Play of Shantae the other week after finishing Half-Genie Hero.

            Despite the fact my skills suck making the later stages really hard for me, when I finally finished it was very rewarding.


    Is it a TV playing the opening to Super Paper Mario?

    If it is, that's a very good twist on the game.

    It's a USB-B port.

      Actually it's an FBI listening device

        That was my first thought! With that in mind, shall we say Election Simulator 2016? :P

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