Yesterday's game got knocked off pretty quickly as well: it was Outrun, or specifically the Start banner. Seems the gap in the lettering was the big hint for most people.

Let's see if today's game is just as recognisable.

Good luck!


    That's the health/shield display from Halo, right?

    EDIT: Ah, someone beat me to it, I guess. Dang it! I finally knew one of these.

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    Golden Eye ?
    Or Perfect Dark ?

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    Halo: Combat Evolved


    Call of Halo 6: Finish the Fight, Again

    Fade to Black

    That's the shield and health bar from Halo: Combat Evolved.

    If not Halo, then DBZ, Budokai Tenkaichi 2 or 3

    Yay! Outrun was one of my favs when I was a kid. We've been playing it recently, thanks to Yakuza 0 where it is a mini game.

    No idea what today's is, though. Goldeneye?

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