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Took a fraction longer, but PiratePete and geth eventually picked up yesterday's game as Quake 3: Arena. It was the icon for the machinegun ammo.

Let's see how you go with today's game.

Good luck!


    Looks like any bridge I've ever built in Bridge Builder type games.

    Some sort of Formula 1 game in honour of the GP this weekend perhaps?

    star wars

      Definitely Star Wars.

        Best star wars game by a mile. I remember walking past Orbit on Elizabeth St and being amazed at the sound - Use the Force, Luke. Awesome.

      I was thinking the same, but the trench run didnt fade off to a point like this picture. There was a gap at the end that was different. Those two little measures along the top edge also werent there.

      It was a great game though, wasnt it?

        I's the shield gauge at the top of the screen.
        Trench run. Taking out turrets, shooting Vader's Tie. And all in vector goodness!
        One of the best games I've played.

          Didnt think of the shield gauge, was thinking the trench walls :)

          It was the vector goodness that made it so good. Felt so far ahead of its time when it came out, for the same reasons Elite felt so special.

    It looks like the 3D view from Ultima 1 or an old gold box game like Pool of Radiance.

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