Friday's game is still up for grabs, something which surprised me a bit. Here's a second clue to put you all on the right track.

Good luck! And here's the original clue:


    Those look like icons from one of those slot machine subgames the Super Mario games had. I think.

    My familiarity sensors are in overdrive but i'll be buggered if I can pinpoint exactly what it is.

    Sonic All Star Racing.
    (No idea where the first image fits in though)

    Small hint: nobody's guessed the right genre yet.

      I'm starting to wonder if yesterday's image is actually a top down view of a stairwell around a tower? Can't put it together with the star image though.

        Friday's looks a lot like the mohawked basketball that spun out at you in the intro sequence of Arch Rivals - Midway's forerunner to NBA Jam.

        I just assume that's way too deep a cut for Scribbletaku. Gods, I played the hell out of that game, though.

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