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So nobody picked up ScribbleTaku for the last couple of days. It was Soul Calibur IV: the original hint was taken from the orb alongside the health metres, while the second hint came from the character selection screen.

Been a while since a game stuck around for a couple of days. Let's see how today's game goes.

Good luck!


    Sam and Max Hit The Road - wak a rat

    Last edited 28/03/17 12:23 pm

      You guys also just spoiled it with your article "14 Games To Play When Your Internet Is Down"

        Huh, you're 100% correct. The drawing is literally the picture from the article.

    damn it, ofcourse it was Soul Calibur :(

      I played the bejesus out of that game, still no chance of me recognising the health globe thingy. Well played Scribbletaku, well played.

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