Everyone remembers their ore silos from Red Alert pretty well, it seems. I don't think so many people have nailed a scribble I've done before in a day; maybe I should have drawn the radar dome or something instead. (I was originally going to go with the Tesla Coil, but figured that was too iconic.)

Anyway, new day. Let's see how you go with this one.

Good luck!


    Damn, everyone's on point today. I was also going to post One Must Fall: 2097.

    Damnit, the one I finally knew and missed any opportunity to be first. Jaguar from OMF 2097... so many memories wish someone would revitalise that brand.

    never even really played the game an OMF was what came to mind.

    That's what I get for prioritising work over Scribbletaku... every man and his dog beat me to it!

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