Everyone knows Jaguar when they see it. I'm not talking about the console, of course, but the iconic robot from One Must Fall: 2097, which people spotted pretty quickly as the game from yesterday's ScribbleTaku.

Let's see how you do with today's game.

Good luck!


    Can you read the tiny letters there?! *pokes out tip of tongue*

    Kinda looks like the boost icons in F-Zero (SNES)

    Ah, good ol' OMF2097... a simple game from a simpler time. I was thinking about that just yesterday for some reason. Getting new bots was always great, but nothing quite beat simply dumping all your winnings into boosting the shit out of your trusty Jaguar.

      hahaha good times! I have such fond memories of that game :) I also recall doing pretty much exactly as you described when I first started playing it!

    I'm beginning to think Kotaku is frequented by people with eidetic memories.

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