So Who Is The Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing In X-Men: Blue?

So Who Is The Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing In X-Men: Blue?

Sadly, it probably isn’t Wild Thing.

Image: Marvel Comics. Art by Arthur Adams.

Today’s Marvel solicits didn’t just give us a new look at Doctor Octopus’ return to Amazing Spider-Man. We also have one hell of a tease for something to come in one of the new X-Men comics, X-Men: Blue — one that Marvel is very much wanting you to think involves a potential return for Wolverine to the Marvel comicsverse.

Yes, while there’s Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine running around, and even Old Man Logan in the X-Books, the “original” Logan has been absent since he died in 2014’s Death of Wolverine story arc, encased in a draping of Adamantium after his healing factor gave out for good. But the two newly revealed covers for X-Men: Blue‘s fifth and sixth issues both feature a blurred out mysterious clawed character with the young X-Team, now lead by Jean Grey.

So Who Is The Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing In X-Men: Blue?X-Men: Blue #6 cover art by Arthur Adams.

X-Men: Blue #6 cover art by Arthur Adams.

The intent here is clear — the pixellation strong enough to obscure the identity, but not quite strong enough to hide the fact that it’s a character with Wolverine-style retractable claws. Given that Wolverine is resurgent within the public consciousness again thanks to Logan‘s success, it’s easy to assume Marvel is not-so-subtly teasing a revival of one its most beloved fallen mutants.

But here’s the thing: Wolverine ain’t the only hero around in the Marvelverse with claws like that. Beyond the obvious ones like X-23, there’s Daken, Romulus, hell, even myriad other alternate-universe Wolverines that could be potential candidates. The solicitation for X-Men: Blue #5 even states that Ms Sinister, the female clone of longtime X-Men foe Mr Sinister, is in the issue, and the Sinisters are well known for creating clones of other mutants. It could be a clone of the original Wolverine, or Old Man Logan, and nothing else.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see what the issue cooks up. X-Men: Blue #5 is set to hit shelves in June.



  • My guess is that Oldman Logan gets de-aged, as people have been bitching about Xmen originals being absent for a long time. They were also sort of suggesting it in both All New Wolverine and Oldman Logan, where Logan tries to deal with the new clone.

    Or maybe Draken, but no one really wants that and I bet people would be pissed if they brought back Draken before younger Logan.

    EDIT: Better not be teenage Logan or I will kick Marvel in the genitals.

    • If they pulled Wolverine from the time period as the other young X-Men, he wouldn’t be teenage though. In fact teenaged Wolverine would have to be transplanted from the 1900s, which would be different.

  • Top photo looks like a male wearing a metal mask (or a hat).
    The second photo looks very feminine though.

    • well what I can remember the ‘Ultimate Wolverine’ from that universe did have a son and he sort of looks like the pixel blob above (e.g. colors and things)

    • Yeah, thats what I think. Wolverines son from Ultimate universe.
      Not long ago when Old Man Logan joined the real real universe he was introduced to his “son” from Ultimate universe.
      So hes kicking around somewhere.

      But, FFS! Just bring back the real Wolverine!

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