Someone Has Found All 900 Korok Seeds In Zelda

There is a reward for picking up every single Korok seed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is... something.

Korok seeds are little items hidden all around Zelda's map, and can be exchanged with the lovely Hestu for increased inventory space.

There are 900 of them in the game. xFateAwaitsx is the one who scooped them all up, and today shared the reward they received from Hestu for doing so. If you're wondering what kind of timeframe is involved in doing this, know that it took them two hours just to go from 899-900.

And if you're wondering what they got in return, well...

Here's what you get.

A piece of shit.



    So I've been away from Kotaku for a little while. Are these videos between the articles and comments new? Can we turn them off without adblockers?

      I know right? Its fucking terrible, just this massive low res GIF jammed in the middle. All it does is make the pages load slower and in no way encourage me to look at the other content.

        I'd blame Serrels personally. He's some important dude at Allure now. Surely he can change it. Come on Serrels!

        I quite like the content on Kotaku and Gizmodo, but I feel like, with the new site layout and now this, I'm having to fight harder and harder just to read the articles. More and more of the screen is being taken up with ads for other articles, videos, etc and less and less with actual content.

        I know I don't' really have a right to whine about free content using ads to monetise and pay the bills, but the excess clutter is making it harder to actually read and enjoy the content I'm here for. I feel like this is slowly turning into Homer's website, but I don't want to adblock a site I enjoy content from.

          The reader view in Safari (I assume there's an Android equivalent) is wonderful in this regard.

      Yeah.. 100% agree with this. Auto-play videos are a scourge on the internet.

      Yup I've had to block the element they're using so they don't play, they're very annoying.

      Most annoying part is that it takes over Spotify. And you need to go back to the app to continue playing.

      Yeah I discovered these on Gizmodo.
      First thing I did was re-enable my ad blocker on that domain, didn't help.
      Spent quite a while trying things just to not have my bandwidth/eyeballs eaten by auto playing videos.

      Finally found if I block scripts from using something like NoScript then things get better.

    Bwahahahaha! A piece of shit! That's classic trolling.

    Last edited 15/03/17 12:32 pm

      There's a spoiler tag in the article, but you post the spoiler in the comments. Great job.

      Gotta say that reward for busting your ass to find 900 seeds is pretty shitty.

        Well the article spoiler tag does say "WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD." and it appears before the comments, so....

          This is true, still courteous to use a spoiler tag in comments.

            Yeah i didn't use a spoiler tag in a comment I made where the article said exactly what I said wow


    I don't even have 100 yet.

    Well, one of the NPC talked to puts forth the idea that korok seeds are their turds, so it's not all that surprising that a bigger korok would give you a bigger turd as a reward.

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