Someone's Remaking Tomb Raider 2 In The Unreal Engine

Image: Tomb Raider DOX Facebook

If you didn't catch wind of it when it started up, good news: someone's remaking Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian in Unreal Engine 4. And yeah, it looks like it will be real fun.

Nicobass has been working on the project for around a year now, but it's mostly been a lot of preparatory work. But things have progressed far enough that we can see gameplay of the first cave of the Great Wall level.

There's an obvious fan-made quality to the game: there isn't as much refinement or small details as you'd expect from, say, Uncharted 4 or a major studio project that combs over a lot of small details. But it's looking very playable, and in broad strokes the game looks pretty nice too.

Around December Nicboass also uploaded the remade intro cinematic, and there's also some test footage of some of the traps you can expect in the game, ranging from rolling boulders to slicing blades and spike pits:

Not to preempt anything, but surely sooner or later a bigger studio is going to give Nicobass a job. You can keep updated with Tomb Raider DOX's progress via the website or their Facebook page.


    oh my dear lord! yeeessss!!!
    2 and 3 need to be remade! this is a need not a want

    I only wish that Nintendo would give the creator of AMR2 a job and pay him to extend the Metroid Universe. It's the side scroller I have been waiting for.

    If you are a Metroid fan I would HIGHLY suggest getting this fan remake.

    OMG yes! best news iv heard all week!
    really hope it doesnt get flagged for copyright or anything, its an amazing job so far

    Reminds of Tomb Raider Anniversary, which is my favorite tomb raider game.
    I have been wanting to play the og tomb raiders but that gameplay does not hold up. I hope they remake these!

    whys there a big video halfway through on unrelated content

      its to brainwash you, serious, its advertizing

    Incoming Cease & Desist!

    Would love to see the very first one remade like this. Only thing I wish was slightly more brightness and contrast. COULD HARDLY SEE SOME PARTS OF THE GAMEPLAY. It's no good releasing video footage if you can't see shit!

    'Not to preempt anything, but surely sooner or later a bigger studio is going to give Nicobass a job.'

    Or a cease and desist order lol

    This will probably never see the light of day in any consumable form.

    Say it with me, everyone: Don't announce projects based on copyrighted intellectual property until it's completed! Dude is just asking for a DMCA.

      Since I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. Tomb Raider's developers let the fans make fan games as long as they do not profit in anyway. It's generally always been that way with the series.

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