Sonic Forces Looks Like A Promising Modern Sonic Game 

It is important, in 2017, to stay sceptical of any and all Sonic the Hedgehog video games. But Sonic Forces, which will be out later this year, looks promising for people who miss old-school speeding from the coolest hot-dog-devouring hedgehog on the planet.

Then again, Sonic was never good. Don't @ me.


    Then again, Sonic was never good. Don't @ me.

    Nah, Sonic 1 was ok, Sonic 2 was the absolute tits. After that, yeh, Sonic was never any good after that.

      I think most decent 2D Sonic games are about as good as each other when it's all said and done, it's just when we start playing and our tolerance for the style of game that determines which games we like. The concept isn't bad it's just a bit of a one trick pony. Adding to the game disrupts and ruins the core gameplay, but sticking with the same core gameplay is just more of the same. You can only play so much Tetris after all.

      @neo_kaiser Great video though.

      I played more Sonic 2 on my Mega Drive than any other game I had (I owned Mortal Kombat, Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down and yes that's not the blood code it's the hidden menu code which also allowed me to turn on blood). But I still think Sonic 3 was a far superior game. The fact that it had a save system and the new shields really made the game for me. I also admit that Sonic 2 was a far more challenging game.

      Also Sonic loved Chilli Dogs not Hot Dogs. Kids these days am I right?

    sonic on dreamcast was good.... so was generations.....

    mario su X

    That 'Sonic was never good' was a nice little jab at this classic IGN revisionist history goof:

    (watch at your own discretion, it's like a car-wreck in slow motion)

    Sonic modern games were hit and miss, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the older games. I dug Adventure, Colors and Generations, and if Forces follows suit, then we're in for a good time, I reckon.

    Still, I'm personally waiting on Mania. Mania looks like the game I've been waiting years for :)

    i never liked the sonic games where you play from a third person view, i thouroughly enjoy the the traditional style sonics, never finished generations because i got sick of modern sonic (never liked his look either)

    Say it with me now Sonic devs: 2D good, 3D bad.

      There have been good 3D Sonic games though (Adventure, Generations) and there's also been bad 2D games (Sonic 4), so I don't think swearing off 3D altogether is the right way to go, just need to find a team that can do it right.

      Third person sonic games are traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash. Stick with 2d side scrolling old-school sonic. We want fast scrolling screens and quick reaction times, not warped depth perception and quicktime events.

      I just want to play more side scrollers. That is it.

      I just finished Super Metroid and am working my way through Yoshi's Island now.


    Well I guess as long as it is as good as Generations then it should be fine.

    I insist that it is foolish to try to reproduce the Sonic Formula in 3D. Games in a 3D environment are either too spacious and nonlinear to allow for the fast-paced, non-stop gameplay that Sonic demands or too "on-rails" (like the one showed here) as to feel like one of those mobile infinite runners.

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