Sony Is Killing Off The PS3 In Japan, It Seems

Sony Is Killing Off The PS3 In Japan, It Seems

In Japan, currently there is only one model of PlayStation 3: The charcoal black 500GB version. That console’s days are numbered.

[Image: Sony]

As Inside points out, Sony recently announced on the console’s official Japanese product page that “shipments are scheduled to conclude soon” (近日出荷完了予定 or kinjitsu shukka kanryou yotei).

The model number for this particular PS3 hardware is CECH-4300C, and it went on sale in 2014. There does not appear to be a replacement for this in the hardware line up.

Former Sony exec Ken Kutaragi previously said that the console would have a 10-year life cycle. The PS3 launched in November 2006, and now that it’s 2017, you could say the PlayStation 3 has held on longer than expected. Thank revamped console iterations and an impressive game library for that!

No word how this impacts North America or Australia. Kotaku followed up with Sony, but did not hear back in time for publication.


  • No word on how it affects Australia?? Have you tried to buy a PS3 lately? You can’t! EB has no stock, Target, BigW, no stock.. I was at Target last night and the only game they have is Fifa16. It’s dead. It’s been dead for a year. Second hand stores are selling them for $30 each – they have too many and noone wants them.

    • I might grab one for $30. It’d be good to have a spare. Where have you seen this price?

  • It’s so ugly. The fat one was the best one.

    Mine still works! I rue the day when it doesn’t. Sooooooo many good experiences on that bad boy. And blu-rays. How good were blu-rays when we first started watching them!

      • They’re really cool man! If you’ve only watched DVDs, you’ll be really impressed with the image quality.

        I was honestly surprised when they announced 4K blu-rays. How sharp does the image quality have to get?

        Take it from me, do yourself a favour and watch your fave film on blu-ray. Extra points for a 5.1 system. It’s a really nice experience.

        • I was briefly shown one back when they were fairly new, it’s my go-to story of being at a friend’s place and he showed us the DVD and Bluray versions of Dark Knight on his huge TV (probably around 50″ give or take) and I couldn’t see a difference 😛

          But yeah, that was all of a couple of minutes. I would say I’m notoriously oblivious to image quality, yet right now I’m pumping Zelda through my CRT because it apparently looks better than on the LCD…

  • For blu rays the bigger the screen the better the resolution & clarity, blu Ray players upscale DVDs , on a none up scaler you’lled be blind if you didn’t notice the difference, also quality TV’s matter as well cause that’s what blu Ray and these days of course uhd 4k bly ray are quality, you go the cheap way Foxtel, hisense tvs, itunes, you get a cheap experience. Some blu rays also have an exclusive transfer that cant be matched for quality on any other format, Aliens, Total Recall, Bad Boys II, The Terminator ect

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