Sony's Australian PlayStation Store Sale Is Very, Very Good

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But especially if you're a PlayStation Plus member. Then it gets a little bit ridiculous.

How ridiculous?

How about Fallout 4 for 72% off at $27.97?

How about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for 80% off at $4.99?

How about 60% off No Man's Sky at $21.97

(Actually, considering the awesome updates Hello Games have made to No Man's Sky, now is actually a phenomenal time to buy that game.)

There's more, a lot more...

40% off The Witcher 3 at $28.77. That game rules.

Also, as you might expect, a large number of Telltale games are also involved in this sale. Figures, since they're part of every video game sale ever and always.

This isn't part of the sale page for some reason, but I also stumbled across this.

Yep, that's Final Fantasy XV at 80% off for some reason. Only $19.99.

That's uh... insane.


    Ok totally getting Final Fantasy XV at that price

      Mate, even though I'm not a huge fan of the game, it's definitely worth it at that price.

        its only 40% off

          Agreed, must have been a pricing error and it's been removed now.

          Yeah, I went straight to the web page to buy it. $20 is an amazing price. But alas, it's $60 :-(

          I actually bought the game at launch, but I was just saying, dispite it's flaws, it's definitely worth it at $20. $60? Maybe...if you like final fantasy/open world games with tedious fetch quests/the backstreet boys, then it might be worth it.

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    I kinda feel as though Hello Games should have just pushed back the release date for No Mans Sky to release the game they have now. It may have been a more welcome reception I think. I guess people would still complain about "no multiplayer" though.

      If 'no multiplayer' would've been the only ting they could truly complain about the impact would have been nowhere near as bad. The patches now are great but I agree they shoulda pushed it back. Oh well. Lesson learnt for them hopefully.

        No I agree, what I was saying was that because there is still no "multiplayer" even though they have made ground breaking changes to the game people would still find something to complain about.

          If you look around, MP was fairly far down the list, it was the one many focused on though.

            I do look forward to the day they implement at least a co-op function? I'd like to see some adversarial badguys on the planet surface too maybe, more than just drones?

              So many gamers are only interested in multiplayer. They fixate on it like it's the only way to have fun.

                Personally, I like co-op, but not really adversarial. That's my cup of tea.

      yeah I've jumped back on to try my hand at Hardcore mode, I've nearly died more times than I can count and now knowing that its perma death it gets my heart racing more. finding resources is absolutely ridiculous now too. I risk suffocating finding the resources that stop me from suffocating.

      "No multiplayer" would have been fine if the developer didn't plain lie to us. I remember him saying in one of the first videos shown that some ships flying above "these could be NPCs or other players, it's up to you to find out" ....they are NPCs. Every time.

    Uncharted 4 is $27 odd, yo.

      Is the DLC worth getting? I finished it last week and would like to try and plat the game, but need the DLC to do so.

    FFXV shows as $59 for me? Maybe it was a mistake and they fixed it.

    FF XV showing $19.99 for me, logged in as PS+ member

    Fallout is showing more too. $64 - 36% if you have PSN Plus.

      Oh I see. PS+ has the extra discount on the full price. Nice.

    I've been debating No Man's Sky for a week or so now. I quite liked it as it was, but played it through a game rental so don't own it right now. Its tempting with all the new stuff.

    Sale ends tomorrow, so I guess I better make up my mind!

      I bought it last week in this sale.

      I'm pretty happy with it so far. Easily worth the $22.

      Where the hell did u manage to rent a game from in 2016? I can't even remember the last video store I saw...

        Getgaming. They reopened last year.

    Hmm. Maybe I can finally get rid of that $16 I've had on my PSN account since Xmas.

    But I'm already struggling with my first PS backlog. D:

    Life Is Strange is a bit older but worth $7.77.

    Thank for making my wallet cry Mark
    But for $19.95, I wasn't missing FF XV at that price!

    Fallout 4 is 20 bucks for a brand new physical copy at afew ebay stores already

    Well, isn't that interesting. As of 6 hours past this story going up, FF XV is now unavailable for purchase on the PSN. There's no way to purchase the game itself on the storefront and all links to the game itself have been removed. You can still get DLC, just no actual game for sale.

    Cheeky, Sony. Very cheeky.

    Cant see FFXV at all in the duscounts page

    FF is back to regular $99 on the PS store website.

    Im looking at Firewatch and Inside, maybe Resogun, anyone have other suggestions? Only concerned with PS excluaives ATM.

      I LOVED every moment of Firewatch. Fantastic game.

      The Bloodborne GOTY is part of this sale. Couldn't possibly recommend this game more highly. Possibly my most treasured platinum trophy to date.

      Also the Uncharted games are on sale, I believe, as is The Last of Us. All of them are brilliant.

      Last edited 23/03/17 9:53 am

        I've got TLOU on PS3, and already have physical copies of Uncharted 1-4 & Bloodborne. Ended up grabbing Journey, Flow, Flower, Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Helldivers.

        Missed the sale on Firewatch :-(

    What a great price. Picked up FFXV and Fahrenheit for a total of $28. Stoked.

    Persuade a mate picking up Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil edition for $23.00, pure co-op awesomeness awaits!

      Just in time for the new seasons feature, too!

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