Sounds Like Amazon’s Switch Shipments Are A Bit Of A Mess

Sounds Like Amazon’s Switch Shipments Are A Bit Of A Mess

Online retailer Amazon offered preorders for the Switch several times following the console’s release date announcement, promising day one delivery of Nintendo’s latest console. But day one came, and many preorder customers are still waiting.

All it takes is searching Twitter for “Amazon” and “Switch” to see that many customers are regretting their choice of pre-purchase retailers. Complaints include customers stuck in “Shipping Now” status while orders still promise delivery this evening by 8 AM . . .

Sounds Like Amazon’s Switch Shipments Are A Bit Of A Mess

. . . to customers being informed their consoles will be arriving over the weekend or into next week.

Sounds Like Amazon’s Switch Shipments Are A Bit Of A Mess

Adding insult to injury, Amazon is still sporadically selling the Switch online. A small batch of Neon consoles went up for sale on the site earlier today, quickly selling out. Meanwhile, the Amazon Games Twitter account is tweeting about consoles being available for purchase at Amazon book store locations in the Northwest U.S.

And while many customers who preordered the console via Amazon when they first went up in mid-January are still waiting for their units, customers who ordered units that were made available for purchase last night in select cities via Amazon’s Prime Now two-hour delivery program are reporting successful receipt of their hardware.

Sounds Like Amazon’s Switch Shipments Are A Bit Of A Mess

Multiple attempts to contact Amazon throughout the day regarding the Switch situation have been unanswered, but we don’t need an official comment to see that the retailer has bumbled this hardware launch badly.


  • Amazon shipped my console at least, a shame I couldn’t get confirmation on the eshop swapping before it shipped as I would have picked one up locally.

  • Why would you pre order something online when you want it day one? Never have, never will. If it’s not urgent, I will get something at a good price, but a brand new console? No.

    • In the US, Amazon usually does release-day delivery. The US postal services are generally leaps and bounds ahead of Australia Post, and Amazon runs their own logistics as well. Some stuff and some areas you can order and have it shipped to your home same-day.

      Every now and then stuff goes awry though. I got my Switch on launch day from them, but Zelda didn’t ship until 5pm day before (albeit from the same state) and there was some kind of delay and it arrived Saturday morning instead.

      • Yes, but I would still rather get it myself and *know* that I will have it early on launch day.

  • I would have to say that would be a total rip off pre ordering the Nintendo Switch at Amazon online because then you would have to wait for days weeks or even months for the Nintendo Switch to arrive.

    • You’d be surprised I think. A few years back I ordered my PS4 from the US and had it shipped to Australia (it was cheaper at launch to import a US system than buy local) and had it shipped via UPS. Arrived in 3 days.

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