Splatoon 2 Lobby 'Easter Egg' Lets You DJ While You Wait

If you played one of the "global testfire" demos for Splatoon 2 this weekend, I hope you remembered to jam and create some tunes on the match-making screen.

As many people have discovered on Youtube, the game has an easter egg that lets players mess with the pitch of the lobby music and also add their own warbly sounds by rolling the Joy-Con analogue sticks and punching the D-pad buttons. You can find one of the more expertly crafted jam sessions posted over at Polygon.

The right Joy-Con's Y, X, B, and A even add hauntingly modulated voice samples, in case you wanted to channel DJ Octavio, the first game's main antagonist, by lacing your melody with the cries of respawning Inkling kids. And if you're anything like me, you'll be respawning a lot as you attempt to navigate the game's unintuitive motion controls

The musicwas more of a fun distraction than anything else, like stretching Mario's face in Super Mario 64. Then again, given humanity's collective creativity and industriousness, it's possible a modern day musical genius will compose something astounding before the weekend is over. If Mozart was able to write symphonies when he was eight, I'm sure someone can create a chilling remix of the Splatoon 2 menu music in the minute's time it takes to find the next match.


    Hope they add in the minigames or something to do while waiting like in the first game. Although I eventually grew tired of them and just listened to tracks in the music game.

      Although superior Switch networking meant I was waiting far less time to matchmake than the first game.
      Much less time, often half a minute instead of 2 minutes.

        It was worse for me. Splatoon 1 was way quicker for me. If I hit 20 seconds, that was long. Noticeably longer during this time.

    Only played two games on Sunday morning, but was impressed - never played Splatoon, but heard great things about it. Looking forward to Splatoon 2 even more now. Like the idea of it.

    No I didn't get to play . Would have been nice if I could actually get on instead of getting error codes ... and Nintendo wanna charge for there online service ... on a similar topic has anyone noticed how Weak the switches wifi signal is nearly all the time I only get one bar when everything else around house i.e. iPad gets atleast 3 sometimes 4 ...

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