Splatoon 2’s Snipers Are Pulling Off Incredible Shots

Splatoon 2’s Snipers Are Pulling Off Incredible Shots

Image credit: Nintendo

The weekend’s global testfire for Splatoon 2 saw players pick apart the new changes in the squid-shooter sequel. A new change to the Charger is letting snipers hold their charges while squid-swimming, which lead to some spectacular highlight reels.

Splatoon‘s gameplay revolves around winning a turf war by inking the most territory with your shots, while also blasting the other team’s squid-kids with a variety of Super Soaker-style weaponry.

The Charger is Splatoon‘s version of a sniper rifle — long-range and a one-hit splat, its major drawback is having to build up a charge for each shot. In the past, you would lose your charge if you switched into squid mode (the squid-kids of Splatoon can morph like Animorphs, putting away their ink-guns to swim in their team’s ink at high speed).

In the testfire, Charger users can retain their charge while in squid form. This has led to some Call of Duty-esque highlight reels popping up of some of the better players zipping around maps, popping out to blast opponents with a stored-up charge shot.

If the next craze is sick Splatoon sniper montages, I think I can live with that. The global testfire for Splatoon 2 continues today for all Switch users, with hour-long windows open at 3 p.m. EDT and 11 p.m. EDT, and last-call at 7:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning.


  • Pretty sure they glow when they have charge in squid form which makes tracking them a little easier. As someone who does not play with a sniper I hope the maps are worked a little better to have more cover. Mahi Mahi Resort and an amazing sniper on the other team sucked.

    • I usually take a range blaster to that map, to shotgun them from below.

      Also excellent for clearing out arrowana mall.

      • I usually just hide from them since they don’t like to come down from their perch 😛

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