Super Mario Run Is Now Available On Android

Better late than... never?

Despite coming out on iOS in December, it's taken until today for Android owners to get their hands on Mario's side-scrolling mobile adventure.

But hey, despite the long wait, it's here now. The game's pretty good, even if it does have some very weird ideas about how mobile users should pay for stuff.

You can download it here.


    Better late than... never?

    Just like this article.


    very wierd ideas about how mobile users should pay for stuff
    Please explain that opinion?
    I knew rhey got some heat for not gouging people with microtransactions, but their reasoning seemed sound.

    Came to see the complaints about the price and there are none....?

    I personally love the way they handle payments. Let's you try out the game, then "Here is the ONE TIME payment to unlock the rest of it. Here is all the stuff you get. There are no further payments".

      But it's 10 dollars!!!!! Everybody knows that paying 1 dollar a million times in microtransactions still doesn't amount to such an absurd amount!

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