Sure, What Woman Wouldn't Love The Joker's Face On Her Crotch? 

Comic artist Mark Simpson, known by his pen name, Jock, recently shared the results of a Google search to check how his famous Joker print was being used. Turns out it had been made available for any woman to lovingly adorn her private parts in bats and teeth.

Credit: Geek Skin (technically)

That's right, on Geek Skin, there was a pair of face-hugging Joker Panties. Where do I even begin with this? First off, it was most likely not even official. The "Joker: Black Mirror" was a cover for Detective Comics #880, commissioned by DC Comics in 2011. However, the Spain-based company says it's a pair of underwear inspired by Deadpool that's "printed with original designs" and "AVAILABLE IN PRE-ORDER aT SPECIAL PRICE." Something seems a little off with, like, all of that. We reached out to Geek Skin for comment, but didn't receive a response, however the panties have since been removed from the site.

More importantly, though, it's the Joker's face on your crotch. Like, right there. In the heart of the battlefield. I can't think of anything less sexy or appealing than having Joker's chompy, red-stained teeth inches away from my no-no zone. And don't even bother starting with that "Harley would wear it" bullshit. Suicide Squad's version might have considered it, for like five seconds, but today's Harley wouldn't be caught dead near that beaver deathtrap. She goes commando.

However, there is one bonus feature: Any womenfolk who give their lady bushes room to roam and have a bit of green hair dye can give him an extended haircut. You're welcome!

There was also a (sort of) male version (also now removed), but instead of Joker's blood-soaked grin staring you in the face, it was his famous Dark Knight quote "Why So Serious?" So, I have permission to laugh at that guy's dick, then? OK, good to know.

[Twitter via Bleeding Cool]


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