System Shock 3 Gets Almost $16 Million In Investment

System Shock 3 Gets Almost $16 Million In Investment

In another nice bit of news today, Starbreeze (makers of Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena) has announced they will be publishing the upcoming System Shock sequel, injecting nearly $16 million into the project.

According to the release, the deal allows Starbreeze to “recoup 120% of its full investment including marketing costs”. They’ll also get a 50% revenue share with Otherside Entertainment once their investment is recouped, although Otherside retains full control of the IP going forward.

There’s not much else to say about System Shock 3 at this point, other than Warren Spector being the game’s director. That was announced last year, however, and not much has been said about the game since then.

But more investment is a good thing, especially if you’re a fan of the original games. Night Dive Studios are still working on a remake of the original System Shock as well, although that isn’t due out until next year. Some new pre-alpha footage of the game popped up earlier this month though, and if you missed that you can check it out here.


    • But why?

      Aren’t Starbreeze the guys who did Payday? At least you can guarantee the gunplay will be good.

      • The only thing you can guarantee is that they will work out a way to fuck the monetization to the point where it is almost hostile to play. Payday? Good gunplay? You are kidding right? The game has horrible gameplay, every gun feels like it an old spud gun, the aim feels weightless and at no point do you even have to hard correct for aiming, no matter how much you fire. Heck even the gatling gun is pretty manageable.

        • Well to be fair, IRL mini guns are easy to handle due to the rotating barrel system.

          PD2 I thought had great gameplay overall. Everything sounded good and it all felt right. Weapon grip was correct animations were tight.

          To each their own I suppose.

          • Errrr what? The rotating barrel has nothing to do with control, but instead more to do with keeping them from becoming damaged by heat and keeping the barrels in a constant state of “charge and discharge”, thus increasing reliability when firing that many rounds.

            They do not handle easily, which is why they are always pintle mounted to make sure you don’t get knocked on your buttocks.

            You said gunplay, there is a difference between gameplay and gunplay. Gameplay would be something along the lines of content having a nice flow, systems that are both fulfilling short term and engaging long term. Gunplay is how the guns feel, look and sound. The former may almost apply (at least for the short term and certain people definitely gravitated towards it long term), but the latter is not true at all.

            Guns feel too light, have just about zero recoil and sound like they were recorded in a tin shed. The easiest way to explain the issues with PD2 is that everything gunplay wise feels cheap. Like you are not firing a gun, but instead a light airsoft rifle, it feels really wrong.

            Just as an afterthought it doesn’t matter any way as they are only the publisher which hopefully means they will keep their mits off the game.

          • Well firstly mini guns are usually pintle mounted because they tend to be bloody heavy. The rotating barrels are there to mitigate heat, yes but a side effect is the movement of the barrels has a dampening effect on muzzle climb and recoil overall. *edit* the recoil forces are compensated somewhat by the weight and they don’t have a bolt assembly that reciprocated every shot. Thus the relatively small calibre compared to the gun’s heft results in a weapon that is surprisingly easy to control. *edit finished*

            I think your speakers may be on the way out because I thought the sound effects were great. I’ll agree that a few of the weapons sounded a bit weak but overall they were much better than games with 2x the budget or more. Also they did an awesome job of keeping the game frantic with the music.

            As to the feel of the guns, only a couple of the real life versions would have a lot of recoil. If you hold a standard assault rifle correctly, it’s fairly easy to get automatic rounds on target at less than 50m. 5.56mm machine guns aren’t too bad, mostly just heavy.

      • Payday 2 has a better Rpg leveling up system with it’s skills/Perks & infamy points then Fallout 4 & Skyrim combined.

        • Add to that all the customisation you can do!

          I lost many many hours to it. Five times what I lost to Skyrim and Fallout combined 🙂

    • Everyone in this chain realises that Starbreeze aren’t developing SS3, right? That would be Otherwise Entertainment.

    • Give credit where it’s due, If you don’t like Payday 2 fine but understand that it’s a fps trying to break the fps mold, Not everyone wants fps to be call of duty.

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