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    Oh god, an empty TAY.
    I have nothing to talk about.
    oh wait! Techie's leg is almost fibre glassed.
    That's it.

      If I didn't know exactly what you were talking about this would be a weird sentence

        I could guess, but it's still a weird sentence.

          Techie's leg at armour is almost fibre glassed

      Oh cool, his new exoskeleton was delivered?

        Slowly building it from the ground up =P

        No that's his actual replacement leg. He is a robot after all.

          Yeah but considering scree mentioned his leg was being fibre glassed, I took that to mean his interior structure was functioning, this was a layer of armour or external protection to protect his internal workings.


    Had some friends come up from Melbourne last week for Green Day's American Idiot Live at QPAC. Was the first time i'd been to a musical. Was pretty good, especially Chris Cheney from The Living End as St. Jimmy. He was awesome.

      I don't know whether I feel happy or sad that Phil Jamieson is now pretending to be a member of another band. His own band was way better ;)

        He's just playing the alter ego to the main character, just an acting gig with some singing & guitar playing (assuming he is playing it the same way Chris did).

          Still, I just find it kind of funny (and sad) that this is where his career has taken him. I mean, it's great in one sense that he's got work in a big production, but I can't help but think he's been 'reduced' to portraying the life of one of his peers ;)

            I guess. But a gig is a gig & it keeps him relevant. I forgot Grinspoon were even a thing honestly lol.

              heh yeah they haven't been round for a while. Shame really. They were great!

    NBN map turned green! Oh wait, "additional work is still required to to make your address ready..."
    Talking to a guy at the Optus shop, he explained that there are "islands" in which there will be a "service shortfall" but, since the exchange will be shut down sometime in the next "18-24 months", there'll have to be a solution before then.
    Come on, I just want ADSL-speed NBN to replace my dialup-speed ADSL.

      On NBN now and last night I couldn't watch a Youtube clip.

      Big fail, don't get excited.

      So they hooked up my street in March 2016. Service available "Jul-Dec 2018".


      Been "Planned sometime before we finish the rollout" for the past few months (which is more info than I had previously. Checked this morning - HFC, sometime between April and June this year. Not sure I dare believe them...

        Checked my parents place. They're on Telstra HFC and have been since my Mum moved in there about five years ago.

        NBN HFC availability between April and June.

        My assumption is that some time around then is when NBN will subsume Telstra cable, and the people suddenly getting "NBN" during that period are actually just getting the same service they already could have gotten from Telstra, just from a different retailer?

        NBN is such a joke. :(

    Ok so I've been working on my backlog and started on Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Holy hell this is a good game, I had heard it was good but living up to all expectations.

    Although I have just hit a roadblock last night but considering that was an hour after I was meant to be in bed I'll try again tonight.
    For those who have played it is In the mech thing escaping the forced labour camp.

    I'm liking the way the perk system works, giving you bonus based on your play style which makes how you play easier. So if you use lots of grenades for example getting X grenade kills lets you carry another grenade

      TNP was a blast - loved charging around dual-wielding automatic shotguns XD Unexpectedly good story, too.

      *TNO. Stupid fingers.

      Last edited 27/02/17 2:53 pm

      I played that game last year. It was indeed a nice surprise! I recall the bit you're up to, but I didn't really have any problem with it. I think I stumbled a few times before getting in to the mech, but I didn't have any problems with the actual escaping inside it. Just have to keep an eye out for the cheeky buggers up on the walls etc.

        It is the finale of the level I think. Defending the garage as the prisoners escape. Prob going to be ok, think I just need to work out where and when the rocket launcher guys come from. Worst case I've taken too much damage on the way down and I'll just restart the chapter

          mm yeah I think I was lucky enough to spot the rocket guys as soon as they appeared. I wouldn't say that section was super easy, but I didn't have any major issues either. I'm sure you'll get there eventually :)

          I remember having some issues with that sequence the first time. Answer is simply kill everything that moves.

            Yeah, got through it without an issue once I was playing before midnight
            I think part of why I struggled was not understanding that if you walk a mech over scrap metal of course it is going to be repaired. So was prob much more damaged going into finale than I needed to be

            Answer is simply kill everything that moves.

            I find that's the answer to most questions.

            - Hatred dev.

      New Order was such a fantastic game. The biggest surprise for me was the quality of the writing. They took a game about a square-jawed jewish dude murdering Nazis and managed to give the main character layers and the story a ton of depth - the game even has a meta-narrative where it wonders what the place is for a man who's only thing is killing Nazis, decades after that stopped being relevant, i.e. the game is simultaneously speculating about its own place in the modern video game world by putting its protagonist in the same position.

      IMO we'll look back on the writing in it down the track in the same way we look at stuff like Spec Ops: The Line.

      Did you ever play The Darkness? The first one, not the sequel. Machine Games are all ex-Starbreeze guys that worked on The Darkness and the Riddick games, and especially The Darkness has a similar writing style and feel to it. Hard to put your finger on what it is, but it works amazingly well.

    Got through the final mission in Nioh yesterday... wow. Loved everything about the second-last main mission - except that the final boss was a bit of a slog without any ammo for my bow/rifle. The last mission (an epilogue of sorts) was a really cool way to wrap up the story, too. Debating whether I want to continue with NG+, as the gear grind looks like it'll be a long (and expensive) one.

    Will definitely be dropping it if their planned PvP has DS-style invasion mechanics, tho... faced a revenant that used low-stance dual swords with heavy armour - only beat it because it was AI (and thus had exploitable behaviours) and I had a bunch of healing items.

    Had more Splatoonin' over the weekend. Jumped in another tournament, this time just online. Six rounds, best of five matches each, and we were getting stomped hardcore. Hadn't posted a single win, save for one round where the other guys forfeited. And after the first match of the final round, one of our guys just fell off the face of the internet. Fortunately, he was seemingly our weakest member (B- rank, while the rest of us were in S) and we were able to find another dude to jump in his place. Next match, we only *just* lost. And after that I think I must have finally woken up because I was starting to play ok instead of garbage. AND WE WON ONE. Staved off complete and utter defeat. From there on it didn't matter, but we'd won via knockout and all up I think it was the morale boost we needed. And/or enough to rattle the other team. Because we then took the following two matches and won the round, woo :P

    Went out for dinner Saturday night, to NOLA at Barangaroo. Pretty nice place, and daaamn can they cook meat good. The brisket and pork neck, didn't even need knives for it. Also had seared scallops, tuna sashimi, kingfish and yabbies. All round sharing of everything for everyone :P Oh and the dessert I had had smoked yoghurt with it, which was really good especially with the dark chocolate "jelly" (almost more like a cocoa kind of mousse/ganache type thing). Good eats.

    I went to my brothers engagement party. It was alright.

    As for games I've played I decided to just leave my Overwatch competitive rank at Master. No point in killing myself to get to top 500, especially with that matchmaking system.

    I finished Dishonored 2. Pretty good game, although it doesn't feel that much different from Dishonored 1. I also thought the writing was a bit weak. Normally I save and load every step in those kind of games, but after Ironman mode in X-Com 2 I decided to just keep playing even after being discovered. Makes the game less of a drag.

    Managed to reach max rank in Titanfall 2. Don't know when they're going to patch in more numbers.

    Been looking through my backlog to figure out a game to play next. I decided to finally start Starcraft 2. Couldn't get it to work due to my profile not working. Eventually had to call support in US. They discovered that my account was so old that it kept redirecting to non-existent web pages. They had to take some time to transfer it to the new system. Started up the campaign and have been enjoying it quite a lot. Although I do find that everything dies way too fast, doesn't really feel like I can have much impact in battle aside from having all my units dance back and forth.

    Last edited 27/02/17 8:04 pm

      I'm like silver rank in overwatch. I have no idea how you get to Master. I guess it has something to do with being good =P

    Hey, guys.
    Long time no talk.
    Got Foxtel installed a bit over a week ago, so we can watch the footy and Dad can watch Game of Thrones, and I've been watching Star Vs The Forces of Evil as well.
    Oh, and Breath of the Wild comes out on Friday, so I'm picking it up after I finish work. \o/

      Are you getting BotW for WiiU or have you jumped on the switch?

        Wii U.
        Could never bring myself to be interested in the Switch, honestly.

    So I lashed out a bit and made a special dinner for Tiglet last night
    When I put it down in front of her she said "I don't like it" which I think means "It looks very nice Daddy. Thank you for going to all that extra effort to make something special"

      Apparently if you make a child eat something they don't like for 11 days, they will end up liking it

        I'm not sure on the science of that one but based on observation Wallykazam is much more important than eating

          I have no idea what a wallykazam is?

            He is an ordinary boy
            What else?
            He's a magical troll
            Can you believe it?

          Wallykazam is pretty good, I understand her point.

          Last night, Operation Ouch was more important than dinner.

        There's "like" and there's "tolerate". There's no magic number, and there are definitely lots of foods that can take *years* of trying to appreciate. That's not even taking into account genetic factors, like the people who can't stand coriander.

        After 6 years, my son still won't eat fresh tomato or tomato sauce. He will tolerate canned tomatoes cooked with other foods. It's the acidity. He also tends to dislike citrus and pineapple and won't touch salad dressing or condiments at all.

        It's a tricky balance. You want them to try lots of things, you don't want to force them to eat things they genuinely don't like (and kids have much more sensitive taste than adults), and you want meal time to be a happy time, so picking your battles is really important.

          The coriander thing is an interesting case. When I was a kid I couldn't stand it, it tasted like soap to me. At some point in my later teens though, that disappeared and now I really like it. Your palate changes over time I guess. I also flipped around completely on olives - love them now, couldn't stand them before.

          Also have weird taste / texture aversions to both fish (esp cooked) and fresh Tomato, both of which can be traced back to really bad experiences with them as a kid. The fish thing was when I was in England when I was three years old, we went to a fish farm and fished up a trout which my Dad then had me kill by clobbering it with a stick and then we cooked and ate and it tasted muddy and horrible and I still basically have to force myself to eat fish nowadays, and when I do it's like my brain is fighting with itself, one part is like "this is actually pretty tasty" and the other part is "OH MY GOD THAT'S FISH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

          The tomato one was the day after I'd been home from school sick when I was around five. Mum didn't re-make my tomato sandwich in my lunch, just sent me to school with the same one she'd made the day before, and it had sat out for a whole day on a warm bench so the tomato had gone soggy and started to turn. One bite and blergh. Especially after being sick for a day, it put me off anything that was "tomato" but weirdly never tomato sauce, tomato soup etc. Eventually managed to get over that and I actually really like them, but I can't eat tomato on its own. It has to be something with tomato in it. Even if it's slices of it in a salad, that's fine. I haven't gotten over it to the point I can pick one up and take a bite.

            I agree with you 100% - *how* a food is presented makes an enormous difference to how palatable it is. Coriander on its own might taste horrible, but if it's been cooked into a green curry, blended and balanced with other strong flavours, it's still present, but no longer dominates the meal.

            It's the same for lots of other vegetables. Overcooked, boiled broccoli, cabbage brussel sprouts or zucchini are mushy, smelly and horrible. But if they're gently steamed, or stir fried, raw in a salad (fresh coleslaw), they're absolutely delicious. I try to never boil vegetables, it's too easy to ruin them.

            As a kid, I did not like cucumber, blue cheese or olives. Now those things are all fine. Certainly, bitterness is very unpalatable to kids, but adults tolerate it much better (gin&tonic).Maybe there is some evoulutionary adaptation here to help protect kids from eating poisonous plants by accident.

              Brussels Sprouts are unappetizing no matter how you cook them IMO. Have had them many different ways including cooked by people who really know what they're doing. They're not oh my god pig disgusting etc but they're just cabbages that taste worse. BS.

              EDIT: Also I think that the idea is that children have much stronger sense of taste than adults, so they experience bitter flavours much more intensely.

              Last edited 02/03/17 12:18 pm

                It's ok, you're allowed to not like brussels sprouts. I like them best if they're steamed alongside other green things (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini) and garlicky cheese sauce over the top. But they're not as good as cabbage. Cabbage is far superior.

              Cucumber was Tiglet's first favourite food. She has moved on to other things but there was a stage we would order salad with extra cucumber when we went out to keep her happy.
              She still likes it although we give her baby quakes to snack on these days.

              As for *how* it was presented I don't know what else I could do

      kids..... One day she'll truly appreciate your efforts!

        I have photos of it on my phone and think she is going to get all excited about it when she sees the picture. Oh well, at least I have pancakes for lunch on shrove tuesday

      Heh. I do this to my mum all the time. She'll spend days making something and I'm just like 'it looks ugly, I hate it, I'll just get McDonalds on the way home'.

        One day you are going to miss your mum's cooking, even the most boring spag bol. Maybe you should cook her dinner sometimes?

    Ha, was all hyped for Oculus 1.12 update then super disappointed that my tracking was still just as shit as in 1.11. But then thought to actually check my software version and it seems whatever update I got this afternoon was not that, so there's hope yet :P More awesome than tracking fixes though, they've finally fixed audio mirroring and you no longer have to get to the desktop to finish installation of titles. Hell yeah, time to start playing Elite with subwoofer/transducer again!

    Also went digging around in my old laptop that I forgot I used to use through to early 2013 when I built this PC. Found a whole bunch of interesting stuff in there, but most excitingly I found a bookmark to an article about the Soul Calibur V preview night I went to. Could never remember the name of the site it was on and it seemed to have disappeared from the internet entirely, and while now redirects to Games Radar, there was a snapshot of it saved on the wayback machine! That was the night I met and hung out with a random cool dude who then showed up in a small-fucking-world moment when we started college a couple of weeks later winding up in the same class, where we were then bestest buds. But he lives in Canada now and I miss him :P

    Note to self: bookmarks aren't enough, save everything.

    Last edited 01/03/17 2:29 am

    Bought an EVGA GTX 1070 SC last night. $520 from Newegg. Wanted the 1080, but that was a good $230 more, couldn't really justify it. I should've really waited a day or 2 for the 1080Ti announcement & the 1080 price drop (probably 1070 too), but ah well.

      Depends on the resolution you're running too. If you're using 1440p or less, a 1070 will demolish pretty much anything you throw at it. Got one myself, and it drives my 1440p monitor perfectly.

        Yeah only running 1080P atm. Planning on 1440P later this year. No want/need for 4K, esp at the prices they are at currently D=

          And it's nowhere near practical at this point. The hardware has a lot of catching up to do before 4K is viable from a cost standpoint. Even a stock 1080 won't manage 60fps on high settings at 4K for most games. Probably looking at 30-40fps on average, on a high end system with one 1080.

          1440p is the sweet spot right now, and it looks amazing.

          That 1070 is going to murder anything you throw at it on 1080p.

            Yeah I really wanna go 1440P. Since the plan is either a really nice 27" 1440P with GSync, or i'll just go for a Dell 27" Ultrasharp 1440P since there's a fair few going 2nd hand atm for quite reasonable prices.

              I picked up a nice Asus 27" PLS paneled 1440p (PB278Q) monitor a couple of years back for around $700. One of the best purchases I've made in recent years. The resolution, plus the color reproduction on PLS (or IPS) is just fantastic.

                That's a nice looking monitor, seems to be holding its price well too.

                  The only thing to remember is it doesn't do freesync/gsync or any of that fancy stuff, it's just a straight 59hz monitor iirc.

                Gsync is nice, but I don't see it as a necessity. Especially given it doubles a monitors price it seems.

                  Yeah, and honestly I'd prefer a spiffy IPS/PLS panel. I can't live without those poppin' colors since I got one. I got back to a regular LED monitor and feel sad and depressed.

      Still sucks majorly that the Step Up program isn't available in Australia... That 1070 could have been a 1080ti this week :D

        Oh damn it lol. But it's all good. I don't need a 1080Ti or even a 1080 lol.

          See I got a 1080 FTW in September, so I was feverishly checking to find my purchase date, and see if it was eligible... Unfortunately it's 3 months, so I've missed out by 2 months.

            Ouch :( that sucks. But hey a 1080 is still baller as fuck :P

    Oh. I can connect to the NBN. Still 14 months left on my current contract with Telstra. Bleh. Anyone know how Telstra deal with you breaking contract? @welbot, any experience?

      Not so familiar with breaking them with Telstra, but you could be looking at paying possibly the full cost of the contract. (Like what you would have paid them during that period.) Some places cap it off at a certain point, but others don't. It's really the kind of thing you'll need to call them to find out. Sometimes they're willing to negotiate down a little, but unless you stick with them as your ISP for NBN, you'll likely be looking at having to pay some amount to get out of the contract.
      My guess is, with 14 months left on the contract, you're probably going to be looking at at least several hundred $ to break it.

      Last edited 01/03/17 5:40 pm

        Yeah I figured it would be that. Might go over & chat with them about it. Would rather pay $60 a month to my republic & potentially get max speed than pay Telstra $100 a month & get 25/5 & 1tb of data..

        Cheers anyway dude!

          See my reply fail below, but in addition, it's actually cheaper to go with Belong. They only charge 95/mth for 100/40 unlimited data, and given they're a sub of Telstra, they MAY allow you to switch to them without charging for the contract breakage. Still $30 more than MyRepublic per month, but if they won't let you break the contract without paying it out, it might actually save you money in the long run.

          Last edited 01/03/17 6:28 pm

            Oh I forgot about Belong, might have a gander at them. I'll be keeping my mobile with Telstra, but really wanna get away from their internet side of things. It's just so lacking..

              My mate in melb works for Telstra. He's been on their high speed cable for a year or so. When he found out he got NBN access a couple of weeks ago, he switched to Belong, and sounds like everything is peachy so far. Hopefully you'll be able to cut costs by going with them if they wanna charge too much for breaking the contract to go elsewhere.

                Yeah will look in to them for sure. Thanks man!

    Elite Dangerous... 2.3 Beta is out and the patch notes are as huge as ever...


    •Added some new challenge scenarios
    •4 new Incursion scenarios
    •Speed docking
    •Driver challenge
    •Ship launched fighter challenge

    Also, Dolphin small passenger liner, pilot avatars, asteroid bases and a bunch of other stuff. Nice. :)


      Ah yes - •Added a dockable megaship called 'Fisher's Rest' to the Aldebaran system

      Was surprised to see the Dolphin's in there now, looking forward to trying that out :P

      Disappointing to see the Keelback isn't up for multicrew for some fighter action.

    /shit... reply fail to @virus
    heh yeah. $100/mth (or 95.95 I think they have on their website) is for 25/1. You can pay an extra $20 a month to get 50/20, or an extra $20 on top of that to get 100/40. Bloody ridiculous.

    Last edited 01/03/17 6:22 pm

    Switch hype gaining momentum. Got tomorrow off, and going to pick mine up at midnight launch tonight.

    Waiting for the GTX1070 price drop next week. Upgrade from a 760 and 8GB RAM to the 1070 and 16GB RAM. Pretty sure I'm going to get the MSI Gaming X card:
    My current card is MSI, I've had no issues with it and the reviews seem pretty positive, but I'm well and truly out of the loop as far as PC hardware goes.

      I went from a 670 to a 1080 and lordy lordy, I didn't know games got that pretty!

        Also did the 670 to 1080 jump and oh boy was that a performance improvement.

          Mhmm, I went from BF4 being a stuttering blurry mess (1440p screen, but could only manage the game getting to 60fps on medium @ 1080p, so it was stretched to fit the screen/resolution) to running supersampled res at the native screen res on ultra.

          BF1 and Titanfall 2 run flawlessly as well, and anything older than those is smooth as butter.

            It was Doom that made me realize I needed the upgrade. 25 fps dropping to below 20 in some areas. Upgrading to the 1080 pushed that to something like a 100fps average.

            Shame it didn't make the game any better.

            Last edited 02/03/17 12:20 pm

    @welbot need some advice on thermal pads/tape for a gpu. Gonna give my GTX 760 to a mate once my 1070 gets here. Was gonna give it a clean & replace the thermal paste & the pads just to ensure it stays cool for him, just wondering what thickness should I go for 0.5mm or 1mm thick pads?

      Let us know how that upgrade goes, I'm about to do the same (hopefully after a price drop next week...)

        Should be good, especially with the 6600k. My 760 is great & all, but I need more than a 2GB frame buffer, like GTA V whilst I can run it at high 60 FPS, it maxes out the memory which sucks. Having to have population density & diversity turned down or off to reach that heh.

      @welbot might have a different opinion but I've never used pads and prefer paste. Arctic Silver's my preferred poison.

        This is for the ram modules, was gonna use paste on the GPU itself. I use Noctua NT-H1, love that stuff even gets decent temps on a stock intel cooler.

        I'd have to agree with you there. Paste tends to be the better option for the processors themselves (cpu or gpu). I have seen pads used a bit on chipsets and other small components, but generally in laptops. I believe they tend to use them more in the cramped spaces so it acts as a barrier between the chipset and other nearby metal components, which sometimes to touch the other side of the pad. I've never seen anyone use pads on a cpu/gpu though. Intel graphics chipsets yes, but not full blown AMD/nVidia ones.
        Curious to know where these pads might be places on the GPU @virus is referring to. Only place I've really seen them before is often on top of the ferrite chokes (they look like little cubes - see here

          Thermal pads for the memory modules man, I wasn't even thinking to mention that it was for the memory lol, I wouldn't use them on the actual processor, heat transfer wouldn't be good enough and it'd thermal throttle way too fast.

    Your Weekly reminder that Hitman is the Best Thing.

    I don't usually trophy hunt in games but I'm going to 100% Hitman.


    New Division update is rad as hell. Goddamn I've sunk some time into that game.

      Good to hear, haven't played in a while, but Last Stand looks very cool.

    Woo, whirlwind trip. Went out to Marrickville to meet with a band and play a bit though mostly listen to them play and it actually went kinda alright. Didn't get hit with an "oh we mostly just improvise" this time so I guess maybe there will be a next time :P

    Then zoomed up to Newtown to meet friends for Logan, and damn that was brutal. Don't think it would've happened without Deapool, thanks guy :P Pretty good, and Laura was great. Also Chuck.

    Movie got out later than I was hoping, so raced off to Penshurst as fast as possible (and of course OF COURSE it had to be a muggy awful night that kept fogging up my fucking windshield), to try and get to Gamesmen on the way home to save myself a trip tomorrow. Got there and the rollerdoor was half down, couldn't tell if they were closed or not but the lights outside were still on. Got a little closer and saw it was actually a mesh on the doors, so knocked and offered a shruggie and good guy gamemen, they opened up for me. Nabbed myself Zelda for Wii U, awwyis :P Then had a brief look at some of the Switch stuff (god damn that thing is TINY) and headed home.

    Now to sleep for a tiny amount of time and hopefully not sleep through my alarm when I attempt to take on Big W. RIP in advance.

      It looks tiny, but put it next to a XL 3DS or the Wii U game pad. It's actually sort of huge for what it is. Guessing you've already been, but good luck at Big Dub.

        Great success!

        Surprisingly small crowd there, way less than for the NES mini. Also ran into a dude I got chatting with on previous amiibo raids, so that was good to pass the time.

          I was surprised that the midnight launch in the city was smaller than Pokemon Sun and Moon. Still lots of people though.

        This console is small. Those consoles are far away.

      Sorry but if you're not a fan of "oh we mostly just improvise" then your ambition is wrong, how else will you become a member of Australia's greatest improv-jazz band?

        Oh I'm a great admirer of those who can do it. Unfortunately my only improvisation skills fall more under the Macgyver banner :P

    Hmm. So dat Ryzen. Seems impressive, especially for its price point $1000 less than the 6900k heh.

    Argh, just packed up my PS4 in prep for the move tomorrow. Won't be able to unpack it until at least Wednesday next week... Do I sit here on my last day at work watching twitch streams, or go in blind?

    I feel like I recognise the taste of Switch carts, but I can't place where from.

      Let's just hope whatever it is leaving that taste isn't effective on your health :P

        I am sure there are plenty of aspects of my Nintendo addiction that are far more unhealthy :P

      It is bitter, like the finest of team-losing-match-in-multiplayer-game tears.

    Four hours til I pick up my copy of Breath of The Wild on Wii U.
    And I might just pick the amiibo and game guide whilst I'm at it.

      I had a look at the amiibos in big w this morning and they're pretty cool.

    Guys. I am in love with the new pro controller. It feels so much better than the Wii U one. Also the joycons. Sorry lil dudes you're cute but into the bin you go.

    Last edited 03/03/17 11:44 am

      By "bin" you mean into the second drawer down, where they will hide until you get invited to one of those trendy rooftop parties where you play the switch...


        We call that the Player Two Drawer. Mad Catz lives there.

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