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    Impressed with the Switch, I tells ya.

    Honestly didn't give any thought to it's impact on the 3DS until now. Figured it couldn't compete as a pure handheld, but now I've had it for a day - damn - if they ever release a Switch Pokemon game, it could almost single-handedly kill the 3DS, whether Nintendo wants it to or not.

    The 3DS is a pure handheld - closable, fits in your pocket, battery life is generally better - but the Switch feels that good in portable mode.

    I love my 3DS and never thought I'd say this. Not sure if this is intentional on Nintendo's part, but going to assume it is.

      I think there's a lot of potential in the idea of getting a second dock. I'll leave one at my girlfriends place and my office, so I can just zip from TV to TV. I'd actually consider getting a TV and dock for my bedroom.

        I bought a second AC adapter at launch, because I realised connecting/disconnecting the AC adapter from the dock could get annoying. So I've left one attached to the dock, and the second is my on-tho-go charger.

        It's really making me think about how many different ways it can be used in general, though. It's such a simple concept, but it's potentially a big game-changer. It hasn't been until I've had it in my hands I'm really thinking about it.

        Although to this point it's spent 5 minutes up on my TV. Otherwise it's been in my hands in portable mode, or in the dock charging. Pretty sure this is going to live as a handheld in my life for the most part.

          I thought I had it figured out already. I used the Wii U gamepad all the time, but this takes the concept to the next level.

            Yes! It always seemed like a simple (but cool) concept, and now I have it, I don't know what's real anymore.

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    Been all day and so far only played through the Snipperclips demo with Mum.

    Job applications are the devil.

      You writing them to find work for yourself or did you draw the short straw and have to assess the applicants?

        Applying myself. I'd be terrible at assessing them, I'd probably pick all the bad ones out of sympathy :P

          Hope you get a good job then. I was having a hard time finding work here in Aus so it was a god send that my former co-worker now based in the states asked for a programmer in social media and I put my hand up.

          And why not; if the Australian workforce doesn't want to pay for my expertise (learned my PhD is more damaging than helpful), I'm more than happy to export my services to the states.

            For me it's probably more that I've put myself in a bad situation, too many huge gaps and not enough experience and feeling like I've let most of what knowledge I had lapse so it's like constant having to start over again.

            Oh god they've responded, asking for a number to call. Gonna die.

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    Ha, six hours of Zelda and I've done fuck all. This is gonna take forever.

      I just keep climbing mountains and shit. Good lord this game is pretty.

        The cooking is ADORABLE!

          I did spend a good 30 minutes throwing random food into the pot to see what came out. I love how you can actually see the individual ingredients in his arms as you're choosing them from the menu, then you see them all go into the pot. I love it. It's the little things that get me in games these days.

          I also love knocking shields/clubs out of Bokoblin hands, and then picking them up off the ground before they can get to them. Then when they see you steal their weapons, they look shocked and point at you! Then sometimes they start throwing rocks at you once they realise their weapon is gone!


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    It was a joy to wake up this morning and see a bunch of people lamenting their decision to cancel pre-orders for the Switch.

      I'm a little cold on it tbh. Especially going with Zelda on Wii U instead, I'm not entirely sold on Bomberman (controls feel like they have weird lag to them, and I don't mean from the left joycon) so it feels like there's not much reason for it to exist. Also not a huge fan of the sticks on it, chances are I'll be using the pro controller for the majority of its life.

        Sorry to hear. I'd be down about having to play Bomberman too.

        I'm still a bit tingly about the prospect about Zelda on the loo, Fast RMX in the shower (with a plastic bag, of course), and Shovel Knight in bed.

          I've got Zelda on the loo and Shovel Knight in bed though :P

            Wii U means it has to be your loo and bed. Switch is any loo and bed. Any.

      Don't enjoy it too much. Some who have the console are starting to feel less lucky because of the random and annoying manufacturing faults.

      Your number might suddenly pop up.

      Last edited 06/03/17 9:02 am

        Does my number popping up include someone buying me a Switch and Zelda? I'd happily deal with shoddy bluetooth for that.

    TAY everyone. Given the madness of the Switch I dug out my Wii U. The plan was to have it ready when my copy of Zelda arrived but I decided to try Xenoblade Chronicles X again.

    Trust me, game suffers the same faults as the newer Star Ocean and Tales games; good story and well written characters buried under 10 metric tons of extra mechanics.

    Despite the bloat though I think I've finally gotten over the hurdle and am enjoying it. Might actually finish it this time. Then I might return to Xenoblade on the Wii.

    Accidentally overwrote my save file on the Wii U when I migrated my Wii. Strange thing is, I actually liked that it happened; it mean I could start Xenoblade again with a clean slate and I was doing better on the second run.

      Nah, if anything Xenoblade X suffers from not having the developed characters and plot of the previous game. I'd take a Tales or Star Ocean instead any day.

        I played Too Human so understandably I'm still damaged from the experience, :-P

        And I will admit, I'm up to the 20 hour mark and still have kept mostly to around NLA, doing various side quests.

        Basically a habit developed from Xenobalde Chronicles where I spent 15 hours virtually note leaving Colony 9 but did so many side questions and farming that when I finally left I was steam rolling anything in my way.

        At the same time though, it seems to be the only way to keep the difficult curve from getting ahead of me.

          I also played Too Human. And while it had horribad controls and some very questionable design decisions, I really liked the story and thought the whole concept was intriguing. Wish that the IP had been picked up by someone that actually knew how to make a fun game and didn't reinvent the wheel for the sake of it then masturbate in public about how great they were for doing that.

          Funny side note: my 360 red ringed in protest the first time I played Too Human.

            It must have been trying to warn you, :-P

            Jokes aside, I actually liked the demo and couldn't wait for the full game. Imagine my disappointment when I got the full game and it glitched out in an area where the demo worked flawlessly in.

            At first, I thought it a freak occurence and it was.

            But over time, despite the concept and soundtrack showing promise. The game just became frustrating and repetitive.

            Dyack also expected the game to run as a trilogy and had Too Human simply stop rather than have an actual ending.

            And look where we are now; my copy is basically a rare collectable now because of a court case loss. Go figure.

              Someone (might have been the Giant Bomb guys) when commenting on that case said that Epic should have taken the rights to the IP and then remade the game with proper controls and everything just to spite Dennis.

                Then Epic would have been no better than Dyack. Also, given the stigmatism the first game created the effort to get away from it would have far out weighed the return.

    I preparation for Andromeda, I bought the Mass Effect Trilogy on PC (having previously played through each game and a fair portion of the DLC on X360). Rolled a femShep Sentinal, because why not? Completed the first three main missions and have just landed on Virmire, and here are my thoughts, having not played the original game in 8-9 years -
    As with all games of this age, I totally don't remember the rough graphics. It's amazing how incremental graphics improvements have been over the last decade.
    Bioware's model for DLC is well fucked. I picked up ME2 for free on Origin, ME1 for $5 and ME3 for $10. The DLC, however, require Bioware points which very rarely go on special, and the point cost for the DLC hasn't moved much since release - still asking $8 for a character and a handful of missions. It's a shame I'm not going to get Stolen Memory, Arrival or Lair of the Shadow Broker for ME2 - they're all fantastic, but I can't justify the cost on a game this old.
    I enjoyed the heavy RPG elements in ME1 when I was younger, even the Mako exploration. Coming back now, with less free time and far less patience for filler - I do not want to do that level of inventory management. It was fantastic foresight to tweak these elements for the sequel, as they're the things that seem worse for the time since release.
    It's a really obvious port of a console game - the 1-8 quick key slots are well done, but there's no quick save button. Curiously, despite having achievements, they're in-game only and not integrated with Origin.
    Overall, beside all of the sifting through inventory, ME1 is a fantastic game. Looking forward to getting into the newer games.

      I remember thinking ME1 looked horrible. There's a lot of great looking stuff in the game but when you get face to face everyone is ugly. I think the filter made it worse too. Outstanding game though.

      Yeah the way they're handling ME2 on Origin is fucked. At least offer me a way to buy all the DLC at a discount. At one point I think I totaled it up and if I wanted all of ME2's DLC it was going to cost more than $60.

      When I last re-played ME2 I also found that it got very tedious around the whole planet scanning mechanic. You need to do so much of that to get enough resources to buy all the upgrades and stuff. It was probably just as much of a waste of time as exploring in the Mako, but the Mako was a bit more active and interesting IMO. I'm hoping the claims that Andromeda brings back the uncharted world exploration stuff is true as it was a big part of what made that first game stick with me. The galaxy was still mysterious and everything, you didn't know what you might encounter at random. I appreciated the more Star Trek feel it had.

    So, i've never been much of an AMD fan. But Ryzen has piqued my interest, especially with the upcoming R3 & R5 cpu's. The R7 1800X, 1700X & 1700 all seem like awesome CPU's, but obviously nothing is perfect at launch. Also the straight up comparing it to a 5960x or a 6900k in reviews is stupid, especially when reviewers are acting surprised that a $1000 (USD) CPU is beating the $500 (USD) CPU.. Well you kinda hoped it would.

    But what annoys me most is (& JayzTwoCents pointed this out in his weekly livestream with Barnacules) that AMD were emailing reviewers telling them to disable certain shell commands & such on their Intel CPU's so the AMD CPU pulled ahead in testing. Which to me is unethical & misleading.

      I'm not at all surprised by any of the dodgy shit that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to cpu tests etc.
      As for the comparing to intel cpu's, while it is a bit apples to oranges (given the architecture differences etc.,) I do understand why they do it. It's kind of hard not to, especially when there's only 2 players in the scene.
      Some of the results were impressive given the price point of s couple of them, but i think the 1700 was a bit of a letdown for them. The fact it's only like $20 cheaper than an i7-1770k, has twice as many physical cores, and yet failed to beat it in almost every category must be a bit of a disappointment for them. Even I expected that it would maybe JUST be a little faster, and I was quite shocked when I saw the results. If it was like $100 cheaper, I think they'd have a winner on their hands, but my guess is, unless they're diehard AMD fans, people will choose the 1770K every time.

        Yeah. Let us hope the R5 is gonna be the sweet spot for the Ryzen CPU's since they should have more time to fine tune them so they perform better.

      Sounds to me AMD is going back to making RISC style chips and are trying to hide the disadvantage of such by having the complex/hardware accelerated operations disabled so the Intel chip has the same instruction set.

      Which in itself is an unfair comparison as due to their complex architecture some operations are slower on a CISC chip and a RISC.

      But it has been a long time since I looked closely at CPU architectures. Any insight on this, @welbot?

        I haven't looked too deeply in to the architecture of the new AMD chips, but they have said that they were aiming for a 40% improvement in Instructions per cycle, but I think this mostly comes from SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading - 2 instructions per core)
        My understanding is, that neither Intel nor AMD are using strict RISC/CISC architecture any more, and they're both using hybrids of both, but each is rooted differently in core functionality. (ie Intel built upon a core of CISC and AMD built upon a core of RISC.) I don't think either of them is anything close to what they used to be though.
        If i recall correctly, the next lot of Intel chips may even be using some new hybrid of CISC/RISC/VLIW/EPIC. It's really difficult to nail modern cpu's down to just one type, as different bits within the cpu's can run on different architecture types. (Like SSE/MMX can be both CISC or VLIW)

        Um, no. As long as they're executing the x86/amd64 instruction set, they're CISC machines. CISC is better for higher-power architectures. You're getting confused with the fact that AMD are also making a play for the ARM market, releasing the K12 processor some time this year with is AMD's first internally-designed ARM64 core (their previous ARM processor used ARM-designed Cortex A57s). The ARM architecture is RISC.

        The big improvement for Ryzen is that they have full SMT support, which is an edge that Intel has had on them since it was introduced on high-end Pentium 4s.

    Wanting to get a dual monitor stand, something that will comfortably support 27 inch monitors. I found this one, which as cheap as $70, it seems pretty good. I don't need independent up & down for monitors, since my two don't move, at most just pivot & swivel is needed. Plus this one can be had for under $100 & seems to have good reviews online.

    Last edited 06/03/17 1:43 pm

      Link doesn't work

        Of course it doesn't cause I fucked up, my bad >.< it should be there now..

          hahah I know how you feel ;)

          Looks like a solid arm to me. Do you have an account with Anyware? Just curious where you got your price from considering they're a wholesaler. (If you don't, I have an account with them if you want me to check how much i could get ya one for)

            Not sure where I saw $70, but PCCG & Kogan/Dicksmith both have it for $89/$86 before shipping. With shipping would come to $107 from PCCG & $105 from Kogan.

            I was only using anywhere because I came across them a while back when looking at this one, which is nice & all, but cheapest i've seen it is about $170 (was $140 a few months ago..)

    Horizon: Zero Dawn's a weird game... the first 15 hours or so feels exactly like Far Cry 3 took Bioware's conversation mechanics, changed to third person, and replaced "you have technical superiority over your foes" to "your foes are robot dinosaurs and you just have a bow and tripwires." Overall, it was pretty darn dull - I never got around to finishing FC4 because it felt like there had been very little to differentiate it from FC3, and was about to stop playing. Then I found a thunderjaw (the robot t-rex they showed off in the previews), and thought - "Screw it, let's see what you got."

    I managed to get it down to about half health, but ran out of resources to make arrows and was low on medicines, so I retreated. A little later, I picked up a rope-launcher and went through its tutorials - the last part of which required me to tie down three large machines (eg. a thunderjaw), so I went off looking for a rematch. Found two in a small crater, and against my better judgement, gave it a shot. Many failed attempts later, I managed to knock the artillery off their backs, and tie them both down long enough to pick up said artillery and blow them to hell with it. And it kinda added a little bit of Monster Hunter to the FC3+Bioweare mix - right down to scrounging for materials and hunting smaller machines for parts to make ammo in preparation to fight something larger.

    If the game has more fights like that, I'm sold on it - and I hope Redmaw has some tricks to set it apart from the other thunderjaws, who don't seem too dangerous now I know how to deal with them...

    I feel like I should to apologise to @beeawwb and to Bobs in general, I have been using the name Bobgoblins all weekend, mostly because it annoys @batguy.

    Sorry B-ob.

    hehe. bobgoblin

    Last edited 06/03/17 1:00 pm

      *guy at batguy's work*
      "Hey batguy! What'd you get up to this weekend?"

      "Hobnobbin with the bobgoblin!"

      * Bobgoblin *

      Oh and Tiglet has just started pretending to use a magic stick
      Wallykazam, wallykazeek, make a cheesecake for daddy

      Isn't quite there yet but so cute

      Last edited 07/03/17 9:44 am

        I knew you'd get the reference :)

        And that is very cute!

    Holy smokes, I used to frequent this lovely community some years ago before moving abroad, 2 pages at the end of the week..where did everybody go?

      That's not even the worst of it. This is week 2 of this particular thread heh.

        Daaamn. Do you now if mark serrels is still around here?

          Yep Mark is still here, he is the chief editor for Kotaku, Gizmodo & Life Hacker now! He moved up and left us all behind :'( Haha

            Good to hear! Thanks for the update :)

      Lots of it moved to twitter. Site redesign screwed access on mobile so lots of random little discussion and thoughts moved to twitter

        Oh right. Fair enough then. Are you talking about kotaku aus twitter?

          More peoples personal twitter accounts. A lot of questions that were asked directly here now move to twitter and mentions.

            Oh okay cool. Thank you for letting me know the happenings :)

          Also, I think as people started meeting IRL more often (at PAX and other small meats) it was easier/faster to organise via twitter than tagging here.

    Chances are many have seen this video already but for those who haven't, it looks like Jim Sterling is on the receiving end again and this time it's a trademark take down.

    Yeah... A trade mark take down.

    Can't say developers are not creative; it's just a bitty they waste it on this kind of sh*t.

    Short version of the video; again a developer got his/her glass jaw broken and is trying to suppress criticism on copyright grounds but are using the trademark avenue in hopes of success.

    Last edited 07/03/17 8:15 am

      hahaha probably helps if they actually had a registered trademark :)

        Since when has facts stopped YouTube's system from being hijacked?

        EDIT: typo.

        Last edited 07/03/17 11:14 am

          Yeah bit dodgy the way they're tried to tackle this one. Sounds like a serious bunch of douchebags

            It all just boils down to basically more people (these days) having a glass jaw than those who do not.

            We're seeing more and more people having no tolerance to critisim. From YouTube reviews to even just forum comments.

            Everyone is just acting like, "Free speech == don't question me!"

              Is Jim doing serious criticism or is he still wholly reliant on being an arsehole for entertainment?

                Looks like it. I have seen his Slaughter Grounds video so as far as that situation goes had did make a valid assessment which lead to the circus afterwards.

                But I'm not dense; I've only seen a handful of his videos so there is the chance he has some that are off the mark.

    \o/ just signed up for the NBN (with Telstra x.x) I was able to migrate across with the same plan same price with the remaining 14 months of my contract, which is the easiest no fuss solution.

    So found out how The witness was screwing us over somewhat
    Spoiling for mechanics
    Since we are normally playing when Tiglet has just gone down we normally have the sound very low. Which wasn't a big issue, we could just turn it up when we found a thumb drive or whatever. Right up until last night we worked out that there is a sound based puzzle type, no wonder I couldn't work anything out with that bloody thing
    Status update (descriptions of areas and puzzle types)
    Working through the different areas and seem to be getting through most of it. Numerous lasers fired and not too many full roadblocks at the moment. The lasers I know of that we still need to fire are: The bell tower, the jungle tree and the desert hexagonal ones. We currently have no idea at all about the hexagonal things but haven't been back to try again so sure something will click. Stuck opening a door (colour star puzzle) with the bell tower as well as what we now know is a sound based puzzle. Just worked out the jungle tree one so will hopefully progress through there soon.

    @cffndncr - I finally got through The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - absolutely loved it. I'm sad that HPL never properly finished it - would have been cool to know if Lovecraft had anyone specific in mind behind the bearded bloke Willet unwittingly summoned... and no less interestingly, who Curwen thought he was actually getting that he considered so dangerous...

    So here's what's been happening for me
    One of Techie's legs is 95% fibreglassed
    The other is 35% done.
    Sid got a $50 bath, spoilt bugger.
    I started using twine, thank @welbot
    Mum's health has been up and down
    The hospital rescheduled our appointment so we showed up for no reason.
    I drove all the way to Frankston and back. (longest distance I've driven)
    Nob and I discussed our cosplays.
    Games wise, I've started playing terraria again with Nob, lobster and numbers.
    Overwatch as usual. Random heroes. Overwatch seems to lo e giving me Sombra, widow hanzo and mccree. I'm terrible at all these characters.
    Last but not least picross e7 and Loz picross. I love picross.

      I want a $50 bath.

      I'd feel so pampered.

        If you pay me $50 I'll put you in a trailer and squirt you with a hose

          Please. Sid does not just get the hose. He gets a message in the form of a strip out which removes the dead undercoat.
          Then, he gets a warm bath inside the grooming salon. He gets high quality shampoo and conditioner because he suffers from itchy skin. This would normally cost extra, but Sid is good at conning people.
          Then, the pedicure.
          After that is the Blow dry and brush. Once that's finished, a spray of cologne.
          Then the groomer will play with him a bit if she has time.

          This is definitely not trailer and hose stuff. =P

            All Chilli gets is in the middle of the yard with a cold hose & some fancy smelling shampoo & conditioner :P

              Not good enough for Sid. As I said, spoilt

                I used to take Chilli to Petbarn & give her a hydrobath etc.. But I didn't like the shampoo they used, stank like the stuff all old ladies seemed to wear lol.

                I'd take her to get pampered like you get Sid done, but there's one place that I know of here & they're like $80 or closer to $100 for a dog her size, which is a rort.

                So garden hose + expensive-ish shampoo & conditioner. She stays clean for almost a month when I bath her at home too, which is nice. I also do the claws & brush her, I so wish she didn't have that Border Collie coat so much hair D=

                  Ah yes. There is a special $90 brush that is really good but I don't remember the name.
                  It removes the dead undercoat but you can only use it once a week as it can make your dog bald if you use it too much.

                  Last edited 09/03/17 10:27 am

                  Dog shampoo smells the way it does because they're quite limited in the ingredients they can use. Dogs often have allergies to the fragrances in human shampoo, especially certain breeds. Our Golden Retrievers would get quite itchy if we didn't use proper dog shampoo.

                  Our last dog used to be pretty amusing. Hated every minute of getting a bath. Took forever to dry him off due to the thick coat. But once he was clean he'd run around like a lunatic with a big grin because everyone would be petting him more and telling him how much nicer he smelled.

                  @negativezero that's fair enough. The stuff I use is awesome smelling, coconut & something.

                  Chilli is the same, hates the bath, but loves the attention from it.. She also loves being towel dried haha.

                  @scree holy shit.. Here's me thinking spending $20 on a brush was a lot of money haha. If you do remember can you let me know, I wouldn't mind looking into such a thing.

                  Okay. So my comment didn't post before. It's called a mars coat king and It's what professional groomers use

                  No problem. Hope it helps

    WOO MY GTX 1070 TURNED UP TODAY. It's awesome. Though I maxed out the memory in GTA V and managed to go over by 200mb and that's only at 1080P hahaha.

    Also selling my old card to a mate went to replace the thermal paste, and it was so dried up it wasn't funny D= also turns out the memory modules have their own little heatsinks, so I couldn't be bothered replacing the thermal pads on them. Plus they looked all good.

    Has anybody done any phone app development?
    What software did you use? Have a request for a basic app but I haven't done App dev so not sure where to start.
    Any advice, solutions or recommendations appreciated

      I haven't built one myself, but I found this a while back, and it looks like it might be a good place for you to start.

      It's a Microsoft app builder, but it can make apps for ios and android as well. Looks like it's designed in a way that makes it much easier for non coders to build something, and there's guides on there and stuff too.

      There's also a ton of other sites/programs which can help you easily make apps, but you probably want to look in to the details of licencing and stuff for each one. I haven't looked in detail at most of these, but given some of them are cloud based, it's possible they may try to retain some rights to the apps you make, or perhaps have a paid option that leaves you free to do what you will. It's possible some are just totally free of any little traps, but you'll need to look in to each to find out.
      Anyway, there's a list of 10 different ones here.

    43 hours in, and finally saw my first lightning storm in Zelda.

    That shit's scary :P

    Ha. Five Wii U friends online, and four of them are playing BotW.

    @cubits you and your Netflix are letting the team down :P

      Watching netflix on wii u, playing botw on switch.

        My wiiU is used everyday for either Netflix or Youtube.

    Well, after about 20 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X, I find myself corrected.

    Despite the promise of the story and the concept, the growing frustration over the past 20 hours has finally gotten to the point where the game is just no longer fun anymore.

    And most of it goes around how the difficulty curve is not challenging like in a fun way with Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Getting my team wiped out in a few hits by an ape that is only a few levels higher than me is just unfair, the combat system (while I get the idea) is just a cluttered mess and I'm no trapped in an affinity mission with no way to get the two tubes needed to complete said quest within a reasonable time frame.

    Usually I'd like to see these things through but no; there is little to no sense of accomplishment with farming in this game so this is one game I'm not regretful for not finishing.

    At least the prior game had a sense of reward even after the bosses owned my hide.

      Yep. It felt like being trapped in a bad single player version of a Korean grind-based MMO to me. Very disappointing after the first game.

      I hope Xenoblade 2 is better.

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