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    been playing around with overclocking my new GPU. Got it to almost 2100MHz on the GPU & 4200MHz on the memory.

    Also strange transaction on my bank acc yesterday, for a payment to something call "Schokman King, Tweed Heads" was a visa debit, which was Hungry Jacks now I think about it, hat just seems dodgy, right?.

      I can only guess that's the name of the franchisee, and that his primary store is in Tweed? I've had a similar thing at the cafe where my sister works, it's a small chain cafe and the card transactions are always labelled Gosford.

        If it is still owned by the same bloke who owns the other one, it's a National Party member, he's a total tool. I Googled the name, but got nothing other than the local Storage King lol.

      I get a few of those SUCH AND SUCH USA CORP. They usually end up being vending machines.

      One chemist I go to has a setup like that. The store is called Chemist King, but the transactions always show IPG. It was a bit concerning the first time I saw it, but then I figured it out.

    Ah, the storm of Zelda articles should be winding down in time for the flurry of Mass Effect ones..

      I'm still waiting for the end of the Horizon Dawn ones lol.

    TAY everyone. Well, back at Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii for the second time and enjoying it far better than Xenoblade Chronicles X (plenty of promise only to eventually sink faster than the Titanic after 20 hours).

    My first run, I accidentally wiped my save file when I migrated my Wii to my Wii U; I honestly though I had been playing the game on the Wii but I was mistaken.

    But this is a testament to how good the game is; I didn't mind loosing the file. It meant I could enjoy the whole experience again! I was only up to the forest (wherever that is on the Bionis).

    And so far so good. Though admittedly I am slow because I'm running about doing every little quest I can find (getting money, armour and in some cases even experience) but at least I'm becoming a tank when I'm just steam rolling anything along the way, :-P

    Who knows, maybe I'll give Chronicles X another try after this game but given the sour taste it has left in my mouth, I don't see myself coming back to it any time soon.

      Xenoblade is so good. X is a pale shadow of it, they doubled down on the wrong parts of the game IMO. Really hopeful that Xenoblade 2 is more Xenoblade and less X. Fixed main character, actual story focus. Ideally dual audio again as well since Nintendo's treehouse dubs are fucking atrocious.

        This will make you laugh.

        My last play session the other night (work has been busy since) I spent about three hours just refining gems and cleaning out my inventory.

        Even if it was only one or two EXP, as I move back and forth I just wipe out any foal along the way and seem to grow faster with the achivements from griding that the actual battles themselves.

        Haven't gotten up to where I was before but I'm at level 31 now at a much earlier stage.

        Then again, when it comes to doing quests for the Noppo one soon learns those buggers are very high maintenance!

          Do you have the whole cast yet? Because you should learn how to play Melia. She's got easily the most fun gameplay system and is also pretty OP.

            Double post due to trapped moderation.

            Last edited 16/03/17 9:25 am

            ((New post, old one trapped because of edit.))

            Nah, just got Dunban back. In my last play through I was up to the point where I had Melia and the Noppo; I forget the little clowns name.

            In my last play through I think I was approaching level 40 but at the rate I'm going doing everything from killing monsters to doing Sharla's laundry I will be level 404 by the time I get there, :-P.

              You can't remember Heropon's name?

                I only had him for less than an hour before I put the game down for work purposes; didn't even battle with him.

                The following year I migrated my Wii data to the Wii U and overwrote the file.

                But I'm actually happy. I'm enjoying the progress and really do hope to finish the game this time.

                  It took me a while to remember (it's Riki btw), mainly because I never used him as I always found him to be the inferior party member. He's a debuff / bleed DPS character and off-tank. He doesn't tank anywhere near as well as Reyn (mitigation tank) or Dunban (avoidance tank), doesn't DPS as well as Shulk (melee DPS) or Melia (ranged DPS / off-healer) and can't off-tank as well as the other character you won't have yet, and unlike Carna (or whatever her name is in the dub) he's not an effective healer either. Just a bit of a blergh character overall.

                  His dialogues with Reyn are great though the translation loses a lot of nuance.

    Hey does anyone here know what the deal is with being hooked up to the NBN, a mate of mine who is also a neighbours was telling me his ISP (Dodo) told him that once you sign up for the NBN legally you can wait no longer than 3 weeks to be connected without the ISP getting in trouble. So apparently the 6 weeks Telstra told me is a big no no.. Anyone know how true this is?

      That doesn't sound like a thing. Aren't the ISPs merely booking the appointments with NBNCo? They would have no control over the availability of appointments or delays caused by infrastructure issues.

        Well i'm honestly not sure. I was told by Telstra their tech comes out & switches it over. So who knows. I can't find anything out online about this honestly.

      It is technically a thing, but the NBN installers are so far behind that it's rare you'll get it in a reasonable time frame (depends a lot on where you live too.)
      If you live in a not so populated area, it's hit and miss. Either you'll get hooked up quickly cos the installers in your area aren't busy, or you'll have to wait because there's none in your area to do it.
      The initial plan was to get people connected within 12 working days I think (for a standard install) but they also have higher priority jobs which take precedence. (Like if you have a health monitor or one of those things where you press a button to call for help if you fall and can't get up.)
      I looked in to all the actual SLA's for NBN during my initial month long wait to see if I could get it escalated, but if the ISP's try to book an appointment, and there's none available within that SLA period, there are allowances to compensate. My first appointment was actually cancelled without me even being notified, which is apparently a big no-no. They're supposed to let you know at least 24 hours ahead, but I only found out when I called my ISP a couple of hours prior to the install. It actually got pushed back another month because NBN didn't have a part they needed, and there wasn't a damn thing anyone could do about it :\
      In my case, NBN would have missed their SLA, and likely had to compensate my ISP for the fail. I'm not certain about those details, but both NBN co and the ISP's do have SLA's they must adhere to, but they're not a guarantee by any means.

        As an added extra, if you are looking for this kind of info, it is buried in the NBN Co website somewhere.

    When did these fuckin video ads start showing up everywhere? I'm getting rather discouraged from even coming here anymore

      I haven't seen any mid-page ads since they started those footer videos, so I guess they've just swapped one for the other. If that's the case I prefer this way where it doesn't split the article in half.

      Same here. Getting to be a bit much on mobile at least. Video mid article, video/gif at the bottom, banner ad at the bottom of the page while scrolling, partner "articles" in the feed and then the everywhere else ads on the bottom of each article. Going to far?

    On the weekend I did a thing.

    Recommended for fans of Kass. Which should be everyone.



        Watching it back now I'm annoyed at how bad I played it when I know I can do much better. Why did I think that was acceptable.

      Oh nice.

      I gotta laugh at your stare toward though, Mr Serious :P

      Music is good but it's hard to concentrate on it when the video features your fabulous facial hair.

      Or fans of the piano accordian. Which I am, because they are awesome!

    Had a real RTS kick lately. I decided to finally play Starcraft 2. I was always kinda put off since it seemed like Blizzard had been designing the game specifically for Korean pro-players. While that did turn out to be true to some degree, I found myself really enjoying the game in general. I was really impressed with how they designed the missions to needing aggression to win. Normally in RTS games I was always just sitting in my base until I had upgraded everything and maxed out my population, then just steamroll the map. The way they designed the missions in SC2 required regularly leaving and pushing with forces while upgrading and reinforcing them. Made a lot of missions challenging without feeling hard.

    One thing that bugged me was that the units in general were too weak. I can send 30 marines to attack and barely come out with 10 alive, even if I do steamroll the A.I. Also, Blizzard always does a fantastic job with silhouette design, but here they dropped the ball. Too many units seem too similar to each other. Made organising forces a hassle, especially when I accidentally grab a couple of SCVs. Plus, some of the controls felt a bit dated.

    I really loved the ship upgrades, cause it's pretty much impossible to buy each upgrade. I think I only managed to get half. Really made my choices meaningful with the advantages they bring.

    In the end I really enjoyed the game and would like to buy the next two if I currently wasn't starved for money.

    Although whoever designed the final mission deserves a punch to the head. Took me all day to finally beat it. Wasn't consistent either, sometimes you get rushed and sometimes you didn't. Sometimes you'd get rushed twice at the same time.

    After owning the series for 10 years I finally decided to play through Dawn of War. The first game was pretty standard, had no trouble with it. Winter Assault was a bit better, got a chance to play with other races. Although the level where you could switch races was really weird. You could switch to your friendly race, but was also your enemy. So you could attack yourself, with yourself. Also that level was really unfair for the Orks, for some reason you barely get any resources. Funny enough, the Orks final mission was the easiest of the 4.

    Dark Crusade does something very different. Rather than a campaign it's a conquest game where you fight and claim territory. It can get a bit tiring to defend the same areas time and time, but then I discover that any buildings you create remain if you win a match, so you can organise it so that any defense missions end within a couple of minutes of rushing. The final mission for each races stronghold is the highlight, each ones is different and has its own stories elements. You claim the planet and then get your races ending, but I don't know why most people would play this more than once due to how long it can take. I think most people would just pick their favourite, or one of the two new races and play it once.

    Currently doing Soulstorm and this game feels like a small step back. Mostly in terms of design. I started on Hard mode like I've always done and I discover that it's mostly broken. The A.I. gets double the amount of health and they start each map with multiple forces. Even while doing everything perfect I get zerg rushed within minutes. Even if I hold them off they then start rushing me with the next tier.

    The main problem is that the A.I. can't attack other planets for some reason. So they eventually reach a stalemate where they're attacking each other at max offense and defense without making any progress. Or they kill their opposing race and just sit at their location building up defenses. The race on your planet pretty much sit at top rank and can't be budged. So I had to start again at Normal.

    In Dark Crusade everybody was surrounded by everybody and were constantly losing and gaining footing. Spending its resources everywhere. But on Soulstorm they just spend it all in one location and save the rest. Really annoying. Kinda want to get done with it and move on to Dawn of War 2.

      I found doing the achievements in StarCraft 2 to be pretty entertaining. I'm not great at RTS games so they were hard, but for some reason they weren't frustrating. When I screwed up it felt like my mistake not the game being unfair. Although I'm terrible at taking care of attacks on multiple fronts, so those missions stung.

      As for Dawn of War II I wouldn't rush on to it. It's a very different game. If you're on a RTS kick it might not satisfy. That said I definitely recommend it.

        I like the achievements, although it did annoy me that you couldn't discover what they were until the mission ended or by looking them up. Would be nice if you could look them up on the objectives tab.

        I know that Dawn of War 2 is less building macro which is kinda why I want to get into it. It's kinda annoying in Dawn of War 1 how all the squads get in each others way.

          Cool. As long as you understand less = none. It's almost like an RPG built on a RTS engine. Now I think about it I probably love it because it's like Warhammer 40,000 meets Syndicate.

    Ugh they're doing that annoying thing now where if you copy highlighted text they insert a link back to the article. Hate when people fuck with my clipboard.

    Kotaku pls.

      Things like this will eventually strangle the site. :(

        At least it helped me discover that dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled is a thing, so now I can kill it everywhere :P

    There's​ some very curious interpretations of "answer in 25 words or less" on that Gizmodo comp.

      It bugs me when comps like that end up with winners who breach the word count with some lavish gigantic epic tale of wonder. Bit of a slap in the face to everyone who followed the rules tried to chip their answer down so it would fit within the constraints.

        Flashbacks of high school English. Cut down an assignment to the word limit in order to submit a (worse) version that follows the instructions, see other students get high marks for their assignments that were double the word "limit".

          Opposite for me. Struggle to get to even half the word limit, pad things out so it's still under but "close enough", then submit it and never think about it again til the (low) marks come back again :P

        Feeling a bit salty are we??? ;)

          No? I just think that rules should be adhered to in a competition. Usually breaking them is called cheating.

            I like to think of them more as "guidelines" :P

            I'm just teasing anyways buddy, all in good humour, I do apologies if I offended you though. Wasn't my intention.

              Oh, I didn't see your comment below. It makes a little more sense under that context now :P

      Lol I went over the limit and won two tickets :)

    Not sure if I'm going to bother waiting for a price drop of the 1070 - it looks like when it does arrive, it'll only be $50 or so. @virus__ how's the 1070 going for you?

      It's awesome mate. Got it overclocked to 2100MHz on the GPU & the memory to 4400MHz.

      I'm not virus, but do have a 1070 and can vouch for it. Great card for the price, even playing at 1440p like I am.

      Now I'm inspired to overclock mine...

    It's hot. Send help. Or rain.

      I'll try to send rain. We have lots here at the moment.

        Melbourne has stagnated to between 25-35 degrees, everyday. This is not Melbourne weather! What happened to the craziness?!

          Send craziness here. I miss the warm.

            No, you have the craziness. You send it back.

        Please... I've barely slept since Christmas.

          Hot sticky nights are the worst D=

    So PCCG don't want to take my money for a 1070, they only accept PayPal or money orders because of either low stock or high risk of CC fraud. I'm not even sure how money orders work? I always either pay by CC or transfer cash to people, like a normal person. Called them and the dude on the phone was all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (my interpretation) "your problem, buddy".
    I much prefer to deal with Australian retailers, anyone have some good recommendations?

      If they have an online store that goes to paypal you should just be able to enter your CC details without signing up for an account or anything. Just like any online payment gateway

        It can be a little hard to see it. If I remember correctly when you go to pay there should be an option underneath the login form to pay via credit card. It sort of hides in plain sight.

      They won't accept a bank transfer? That's odd. They used to offer direct deposit as an option.

        They still do, but not on this graphics card, apparently.

        Oh wait... now I can.
        Either I'm nuts, blind, or that's changed in the last 6 hours.

          How about, all of the above?

            I wouldn't write that off as a possibility.

    I found yet another distraction before exploring Ruta, taking my flameblade on a trip through Mount Lanayru to keep me warm while I explored that whole area. Though now I'm up to the boss in Ruta and ugh I wish I had never gone inside. Nintendo didn't learn a damn thing from the complaints about Skyward Sword, holy hand-holdy over-exposition. SHUT THE HELL UP MIPHA. Her VA's terrible, really wishing I could switch over to one of the other languages but keep the English subtitles. Or just disable voice lines altogether, and make the whole game have the "traditional" voices.

      Yeah I was excited that they finally went voiced, but the English dub is high school play level of acting quality. It's just fucking atrocious.

      Heh. I keep going to cold places with a weak fire wand and then getting to the boss or whatever and realising I need to equip a proper weapon.

    Got my 6600k overclocked to 4.4GHz, turns out there was an automatic overclocking tool in the bios, which was pretty neat. Even though I was gonna have an attempt at manual overclocking. But eh, whatever. Improved my GTA V frame rate so i'm happy.

    Woo, using Power Rangers as an excuse to catch up with a friend I haven't seen/spoken to since 2015 according to my messaging history. Also saw a thing that Fast and Furious 8 is coming out soon, which means I should probably message my friend I saw 7 with about catching that. Kinda joked back then about not seeing each other til the next movie came out. Looks like it came true. Oops >_>

    I am bad at friends.

    Get to work last night and there's this new girl in online with us, and I keep getting this feeling I know her from somewhere. We get chatting & just hitting it off, having a laugh about any & everything. Then she's all "Do you live in such & such street & know a David?" I'm all "Yeah.. But you're gonna have to elaborate" and she's "I thought it was you!" then it clicks.. It's someone I knew & last saw about 10 years ago. In my defence, I suck at remembering people. Plus she also changed her hair, from long hair in a strawberry blonde colour, to short & red. Also she's still cute :P

    Last edited 17/03/17 9:25 am

      Virus and new girl sitting in a tree........

        Naw. She works at the other store in town. Which I sometimes work at :P Tbh, there was something back when we knew each other. Would be nice to stay in touch honestly lol.


        *takes some* ugh over salted, you monster!

          Here, try some of mine.

          [Wait for Virus to eat some]

          It's Vegemite flavour.


    *taps glass*
    *looks around nervously*
    *Bangs glass*

      It's a bit like that these days.. Kinda sad.

      I'm sorry /o\ it's been too hot to be online!
      I can take some photos of Techie's cosplay progress if it pleases you?

        That will sate me.


        (Discussed it with him a couple weeks back, are you doing more in foam, or all in pepakura/fibreglass? I thought the shin pieces especially might be a bit more flexible in foam?)

          Pepakura. The shins don't need to be flexible, unlike the cod piece which does need the softness and flexibility

    So the long weekend has we well and truly back on the civilization band wagon.
    Finished off my learning game and started a new one. Currently playing as Russia aiming for religious victory. Mostly trying to work out how the religion mechanics work as I never really played much of Civ 5 after gods and kings was released.
    So far all I've manged to do is piss ghandi off

    Can we please get rid of those video ads? They consume a fair amount of bandwidth (which sucks over mobile) and stop Spotify from playing whenever you hit a page.

      He does know and he's looking into feedback

        Yeah, we're passing all the feedback along.

          Cheers. Also kudos to listening to the community and taking part in the conversations! :)

    Almost time for a night of black and death metal. Sydney, you've done something right for once.

      Caught the end of Departe. They're still Departe.
      Ulcerate played a mean set, albeit short.
      Mgła were surprisingly good and their drummer nailed hitting things well. Their fans were not so good.
      Gorguts was phenomenal. Entire sections of Pleiades' Dust were rolling swells of ambience connecting the conventional metal portions. Haven't enjoyed that kind of thing since early The Mars Volta.
      Marduk was, well, I walked out and drove home less than a minute into their set.

    Ugh. 6 day work weeks are catching up with me, i'm pretty crook at the moment & i'm rostered on until Sunday :( I'd take them off if I wasn't a casual :/

    Well, I just bought a Sunday ticket to PAX Aus.
    I know it's 7 months away, but I wanted to have time to modify my Link cosplay.

    @scree my Mum has started getting into hidden object games but she's playing horrible free to play ones with phone-style energy mechanics and stuff. I think you mentioned a while back that your mother also enjoys these sorts of games? If so, any recommendations for decent ones that aren't built to suck away money a dollar at a time would be awesome.

      My mum would definitely take a crack at some good ones if you've got them. I don't know what she's playing now but I'm sure it's garbage.

    Anything by artifex mundi is great. They create the highest quality HOGs I've seen.
    Avoid anything by big fish. They often have game breaking bugs and charge $20 a game.

      Avoid anything by big fish

      Big Fish is more of a publisher though. Through them I have played and enjoyed the Empress of the Deep trilogy by Silverback Games.

      Often it is taboo to like a hidden object game but those like the Empress trilogy put a lot of focus and effort into their story to offset the stigma of their mechanic.

        Yeah, I know they're a publisher, but I really meant avoid their website. Overpriced and awful, awful customer service.
        If you have game breaking issues, they don't even respond in their forums

          OK. Things have changed since I last used them. They were a bit pricy but when I add issues with the final game they did their best to try and resolve the issue and even offered me a refund.

          This was about four years ago though and pretty much I just grab those games on Steam later.

          My issue was simple; Empress 3 wouldn't see itself as paid for and activated after I had the main board in my Mac laptop replaced.

          Then gain, I didn't use their forums; I emailed them.

          But thanks for the heads up. It always is sad how some things with good in them just wear out over time.

            This was maybe a year or two ago. I'd try to trouble shoot things, find the same issue on the forums and after reading the whole thread would end up with no solution as no one had responded to the issue.
            A few people had suggestions which would work occasionally, but a lot of the time it was dead loss. Even through steam. I have about 5 games in my steam library that can't be played. Most of them published by big fish.

            Artifex, on the other hand, allow you to sign up for beta testing. They ask if you like the story, the difficulty, what would you change, etc. and then ask for operating system and such. I've just never had an issue with any of their games

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