Tell Us About Your Video Game Pets

We often get attached to animals in video games. Yesterday I wrote about my sweetest, most darling friend: Raincloud, my horse in Breath of the Wild. She's precious, I love her, and if anything bad ever happens to her I will murder everyone in Hyrule.

You all seem just as obsessed with your horses as I am. In fact, many of you couldn't wait to tell me about them.

While I love hearing about all these pretty ponies, plenty of other video games have fuzzy friends to love, too. What are the other video game animals you've gotten irrationally attached to? Sound off in the comments.


    Oh man, I had such a collection of Nightopians in NiGHTS. Their happiness remixed the music and I had this super funky tune banging out in the Mystic Forest. I used to spend hours carefully thrusting enemies at the Nightopians to create Mepians which in turn would breed other hybrids. I loved those things, monitored them with Christmas NiGHTS and would get that deep anguish if any were destroyed, lest I never hear my carefully curated soundtrack again.

    The obly pet i really got attached to was dogmeat in fallout 4. Half way through the playthrough i lost him, couldnt find him anywhere. Still hurts today.

      Go to each of your settlements and build dog houses.
      He will eventually show up.

      Can't have our little guy wandering the wasteland alone!

    I'd have to say my favorite pet horse would have to be Epona since I first boarded her in Ocarina of Time I believe she was a beautiful horse to ride on since I did horseback archery in scoring a bullseye not to mention she was also in Majora's Mask in beating the Gorman brothers at the Gorman ranch for me to score a hooded mask in order to climb up the canyon to save the land of termina with just three days left and 72 hours remaining to try and get the Majora's Mask back to the mask salesman before time was running out until the end of the world.

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