Tell Us Dammit: The Best Game Of Your Life

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Yesterday we did a quick whip around the office asking people what their favourite game was for every year they've been alive. For me, it started from 1987 with a DOS version of Operation Wolf that I'm pretty sure was pirated from Singapore somewhere; that's where my Dad used to buy games whenever the ship had to go into drydock.

But to go in depth a little deeper: out of that list, what's your favourite game of them all?

The fun with the "favourite game for every year you've been alive" list is all the memories it brings up. And whenever something like this comes around, that's what I tend to go for: the games that imprinted themselves on me the most, the games that I simply couldn't forget.

That's kind of why I'll always have Counter-Strike as one of my favourite games. And it's why I'll always have Heroes of Might of Magic 3 there, because I remember plowing through that demo, day after day, night after night, until I got the full version for my birthday.

But the best game?

Well, it's maybe not the best game. But it's one that I've never beaten, and it's one that I've never forgotten. It's a game that I've made sure is on the hard drive of every computer I've ever owned, every laptop I've ever carried, even if I have to do some DOSBox magic to get it working.

Heaven & Earth. One of the strongest gaming memories I had as a little kid, and something that still puts a smile on my face to this day.

Even though those fucking cursor puzzles can die in a fire.

What's been the best game of your life?


    Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
    The time I sunk into that game were some of the best.

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Been gaming for 30 years......this is the best game I've played. Such wonder.......

    Final Fantasy VII is also up there.

    Halo CE. I was 19 when it came out and living with a couple mates in a 2 story townhouse. One mate would bring a projector from work home on weekends and we'd get truckloads of people over to get drunk and play splitscreen before hitting the town. Some of the best memories of my life.

    It's a 3-way tie between:
    Xargon - first game I ever played
    Sonic 2 - first console game and first game I ever finished as a kid
    And Final Fantasy X - it was the game that introduced me to the world of FF. I've bought multiple copies of the game and played through it so many times I've lost count.

    damn, this is difficult.
    if i go by sheer hours ive played (which is an indication for how much ive enjoyed a game) then all pretty equal would be Team Fortress 2, GTA5, Skyrim and Lord of the Rings Online.
    all of these i enjoyed very very much and hold dear.
    other stand outs for me would have to be Assassin's Creed 2, Assassins Creed Unity, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect Trilogy, Need for Speed Underground, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Tales of Symphonia and Grandia.

    trying to pick one of these, fark thats too hard. each one holds some very fond memories of gaming for me.

    Tough call, but I'd have to go with Dark Reign. Hate to think how many hours I poured into the online multiplayer. Gaming was so much easier when I was a student! Also had a soft spot for it because it was developed locally.

    It has to be SOCOM 2 and 3 and 3-Combined assault
    BEST game ever for multiplayer, community and memorys

    In terms of pure joy it brought me, and how attached I got to the game:

    FF VII, WoW and Eve Online tie.

    Portal 2. No other game has consistently made me laugh out loud throughout. Brilliant writing and Stephen Merchant is fantastic as Wheatley. A close 2nd would be Metal Gear Solid 3.

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    I have honestly never played a game that has evoked so much emotion. I really do feel like I am having my own personal journey when I play this game.

    Morrowind - When this came out it was pretty much everything I had wanted from a game

    Close Runner Up:
    Link to the Past / Ocarina of Time / Secret of Mana

    WOW Vanila, XCOM2, fallout 2 (not even going to try the best one)

    Tempting to say BotW, it is pretty damn fantastic. Though I don't think I've pumped as many hours into anything as I have Splatoon. And my usual go-to would probably be Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

    But I think F-Zero X + Expansion Kit might possibly be king. At least until the wind changes.

    I met my wife playing World of Warcraft so I have to say Morrowind. :P

    Morrowind was the first game I played that properly immersed me in a grand adventure. Limited fast travel, no map markers, and confusing/hidden trails all led to me exploring the crap out of the huge world.

    I appreciated the fact that you could kill anyone in the game world, even characters vital to quest chains. That I could walk into a dungeon 10 levels above me and either die, or get ridiculously kitted out.

    No hand holding, no scaling world, and no idiot proofing getting in the way of a proper immersive experience.

    I'm going to have to say Duke Nukem 3D.

    When I was 8 or 9 my parents dragged me into a computer shop to buy our first family computer. While they were talking to the salesman I noticed they had a demo of it set up on a display machine which I instantly thought was the best game ever. It took a good couple of years (on account of the MA15 rating) but I finally managed to talk my parents into buying me a copy, which I still have.... and still play occasionally with the HRP mod.

    Runners up:
    Morrowind, Z, Fallout 2, Warcraft series (including WoW)

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    Counter Strike I still dabble and have played since beta 1. It's easy to get hooked if you can become a part of a team or community.

    World of Warcraft is up there, same as Quake.

    Bloodborne, although being new the 2 weeks I savored slowly enjoying every tiny animation, symbol, mechanic and piece of lore has championed Ocarina of Time as a child.
    I still enjoy the taste of eucalyptus strepsils as I had a cold when I got my ps4 and poppped the disc in on my birthday July 2015. I could have got a 1tb Ps4 with Gta 5 for 30 extra dollars but I wanted Bloodborne and it came with a 500 gb model (stupid in retrospect but now I have a pro anyway). I can remember each night of those 2 weeks, what I had for dinner and breakfast as well as what I watched in bed. Defeating that fucking flame dog was so hard, I got the platnium trophy and put it away till the DLC rolled around which is just as if not more nostalgic now.

    Going by number of hours played, I believe it would be Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Dota 1/2. The fact that I have played it almost constantly for more than 10 years and I'm still terrible but still enjoy the hell out of it speaks volumes about the level of complexity and balancing that goes into it. Icefrog is a damn genius.

    Honorable mentions have to go to Half Life (and probably Hl2), Diablo (original=best) and Master of Orion 2 (still the best 4x of all time, although the reboot is also pretty rad).

    I'm also pretty sure that Witcher 3 should get a mention somewhere, although I think you need to give it about 10 years before including it in the hall of fame.

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    I think I'm going to go with Halo. I can't really choose one game in particular but it's the series that got me into video games, at least seriously.
    Then 6 or so years after that first christmas with my xbox I joined xbox live on Halo 3 and it introduced me to online multiplayer outside of browser games like Runescape.

    Notable mentions are Grabbed by the Ghoulies, the Gears of War series and the Oddworld games (really only Munch and Stranger)

    Resident Evil 4
    Castlevania SOTN
    Dark Souls 2

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