Tell Us Dammit: What Games Will You Get This Month?

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Snipperclips. Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Nier: Automata. Danganronpa. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5. Super Bomberman R. That Star Trek VR game. And just yesterday, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

March is a little bit crazy.

Apart from the quirk of a new console launch, March is also home to the first tranche of AAA blockbusters. Horizon is a solid 30 to 60 hours of game time. I'd be surprised if Ghost Recon: Wildlands was any smaller than The Division was at launch. Andromeda could have up to 150 hours of content, according to Hayley's chat with one of the producers. Breath of the Wild is wholeheartedly a Zelda game, so you can imagine how much time there is to blow exploring Hyrule. And Nier is no pushover, either.

There's clearly enough enough time to play all of them, and I haven't even mentioned the litany of indies that pop up that always fly under the radar. Question is: what games will you be getting?

Andromeda and Breath of the Wild were the two big ones on my bucket list, and I'm still keen to muck around in Wildlands when it drops next week. Super Bomberman should be a lot of fun if enough of my friends actually have a Switch, and Nier seems like the kind of thing Mark should be playing.

What games are you getting, or looking at getting, this month?


    Andromeda, already pre ordered

    I tried the Wildlands beta, didn't really enjoy it and sadly I don't own a console... although I'm super tempted to get a PS4 just for Horizon haha

      Horizon + Andromeda!

      Do it!

      (That's probably it for me this month, but tempted to get Nier Automata)

        haha I'm not sure my partner would react positively to me spending $500+ on a console + game(s)

    Breath of the wild, and other things

    Ghost Recon Wildlands.

    Torment: Tides of Numenera when it finally arrives for PS4, then Mass Effect Andromeda.

    Stacked month, then after this I have a long drought until, I dunno, Destiny 2 maybe? will give me time to catch up on my other games.

    Just Andromeda. Not getting a Switch, not interested in Wildlands, and while HZD looks great I doubt I will find time for it alongside Mass Effect this month, so it can wait.

    Zelda. Zelda. Zelda. Zelda.

    And if I end up getting a Switch, then probably Bomberman. And 1-2 Switch if I can nab that Big W bundle. Ain't much out for me.

    Breath of the Wild, Nier Automata, Mass Effect. Also probably Atelier Firis though I'll have no time to play it until later in the year. April's pretty packed time-wise too - spill-over from March plus Persona 5.

    If I am correct the new Shadow of Mordor game comes out on the 9th??

    Might be picking that up, not sure which version though...

      That's August 25 I believe

      We get a gameplay reveal trailer then. Not quite the same thing :)

        aww well thats shitty, i was actually thinking about re-installing the game and then saw the announcement for the new game.

        Guess its back to overwatch

    Zelda, then I'll see how much time that takes up.

    Mass Effect will be next on my list though.

    Just got Horizon Zero Dawn and a PS4 Pro. Won't be getting anything else this month even though Andromeda looks cool.

    Zelda. Horizon. Snipperclips.

    I've never tried Mass Effect before but would give it a shot perhaps. That said with Zelda and Horizon that's plenty to do.

    The kingdom hearts game i think, never had a console that ran one before and this seems like the perfect way to enter the series.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda & Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 as my partner would enjoy these & Horizon: Zero Dawn for the both of us.

    I would love Zelda: Breath of the Wild but cant justify the cost of a new console (and I don't really want to play on a Wii: U)

    Just Andromeda as far as new games go, but there's the BF1 DLC too. I'm trying to clear my plate of anything else I'm currently playing so I can focus entirely on Andromeda, but awesome-guy EA wants to release the BF1 DLC around the same bloody time :(

    I would forgive them if they were two entirely different companies who might be trying to compete with each other, but what they're doing to me with these two is just mean.

    Andromeda on release day, and maybbbbeeee Horizon Zero Dawn next month...

    I'm still playing competitive Overwatch and Ark Survival Evolved without even touching FF15 and REIV... I need to quit my job and become a full time gamer to catch up it seems.

    I just grabbed the humble monthly so I'm getting total warhammer and whatever else they include. Don't think i'll be getting anything else this month.

    Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Neir, Mass Effect, Snipper Clips, 1-2 Switch. I'm going to be very busy.

    None. Working off a backlog dating to PSX-era. Everything else can wait.

    Res 7 in PSVR, Horizon Zero Dawn and For Honor

    Most likely mass effect. Only half hearted with ghost recon, played both betas and enjoyed it with co-op but found it boring single player. And only have one mate who is interested in it and cant rely on him wanting to play when i do

    Zelda (with a Switch) and Mass Effect: Andromeda when they come out. I'm planning on getting Horizon: Zero Dawn when I've finished with those two.

    One handy thing about playing Zelda on the Switch is that I'm planning to take it with me to work and play it on my lunch breaks. That way I can a) dedicate a bit more time to it and b) play Zelda at lunch and Mass Effect at home in the evening (once Mass Effect comes out).

    I already have Torment Tides of Numenera so nuthin(?).

    I do want to grab Dragon quest 8, but I promised myself Id complete Bravely Second first.

    Picked up Horizon yesterday, but was preoccupied with Nioh last night, so didn't get to start. Will probably pick up Mass Effect at some point, but not really in any hurry atm.

    finishing Nioh
    already have Horizon Zero Dawn
    Mass Effect Andromeda and Neir are also preordered.
    was going to finish off the month with South Park but who knows when that'll come out

    I have never felt so stressed by my leisure activities!

    I still haven't finished Nioh, although I do enjoy it. It's a little repetitive though and... is a leisure activity that can be really stressful, so that's on hold.

    Last Guardian and Hitman I bought during the holidays and haven't even touched because Ark Survival Evolved obsession happened. And the stress of having to feed my dinos across two servers every few days is an added annoyance.

    I bought Horizon Zero Dawn on day one, played the tutorial, set it aside for when I have more time.

    To answer the question, Mass Effect is a definite purchase but who knows when I'll get around to that. I want Nier Automata, but it might have to wait. I also want Planescape, but will wait for it to be budget. Dark Souls DLC is prebought on season pass so that's a go.

    What's more, while I had no internet while NBN was installed, I started playing Skyrim remastered. So now that's the only thing I can play because I had to get destruction and enchanting to 100, and I haven't even got round to the DLC bits yet and not sure I want to stop playing it.

    I need to put myself in time stasis for a bit, but thank goodness April is quietish, until the end of May, where mastering Tekken is gonna be a month long endeavour too.

    Probably nothing... :(
    I want Horizon Zero Dawn in my life as well as Zelda and Andromeda buy they will have to wait a few months until i finish Dishonored 2, FFXV and Last Guardian...

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