The Best Cosplay From PAX East

PAX East went down in Boston over the weekend, and where there are crowds playing video games, there are cool people wearing cool costumes.

Photographer Dave Yang was there taking shots from the show floor, and was kind enough to share some of the photos he took.

If you know/are any of the cosplayers below, let me know and I can add a credit!

Cosplay by Maul

Cosplay by Brent Merkel

Cosplay by Silver Ice Dragon

Cosplay by Snorlaxqueen

Cosplay by Gurl With Red Hair & Vivid Vision

Cosplay by Division Ten

Cosplay by Sunrise

Cosplay by Highmaharajah

Cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu

Cosplay by That Wonder Woman

Cosplay by Neocoolstar

Cosplay by Pizoobie

Cosplay by Chibi Kitsune & Morgul

Cosplay by Burning Sarcasm

Cosplay by Lodaim

All photos: Dave Lang

Cosplay by


    Master Roshi wins.

    I'm gonna have nightmares about that Switch costume.

    What is that character in the 10th photo? The robotic one.

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