The Big Question: The Nintendo Switch

So now you've seen the first impressions, what the hardware looks like, how big it is, what games are shipping at launch and in the first few weeks, and what the guts of the console are like.

The question is: are you going to buy it?

We received a review unit of the Switch this week - me being in San Francisco for AMD's Ryzen shenanigans didn't help - and having spent some time with it in the office, as well as the preview event in January, hasn't really changed my view. I still think it's better viewed as a tablet, or a portable device, than something you play at home and then take on the go.

By that I don't mean you can't or shouldn't play it at home, but it's something that you play at home in bed, at the dinner table, on the toilet - basically wherever you are, rather than being tethered to the TV. I think Breath of the Wild looks a lot better in tablet mode too, but I'll have some broader thoughts on that later.

But what about yourselves? Priced around $469, will you be buying the Nintendo Switch at launch, later this year, or not at all?


    I'm a Zelda fanboy and while I could play it on my WiiU I'm picking it up on Switch so I basically have an excuse to buy one really.
    I'm hoping Nintendo do some interesting things with the Switch regarding party games (a new Mario Party, multiplayer Warioware maybe), and I still have my fingers crossed for a new Metroid entry.

    Buy one now? A large resounding no! At the end of the year or after? Possibly, it will depend on how it actually pans out in terms of console problems and what sort of game line up is actually out, not whats promised to come sometime.

    Yep, yep, yep!

    I have it pre-ordered and fully paid. Will be attending a midnight launch to pick it up (not my first choice, but will be busy Saturday).

    I have the limited edition Zelda on the way (fingers crossed it gets here for Friday).

    I have been waiting for BotW since its 2014 reveal and I absolutely want to play the definitive version.

    Plenty of other games on the way to justify it for me, too. (Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, etc).

    Plus, I love getting new toys and this will be my first console at launch.

    Should be awesome.

      Is your Zelda preorder with EB?
      I missed on the first shipment of Zelda special ed's and now EB are saying I can't pick my copy up with my Switch - instead they are telling me it will be express posted on launch day.
      Problem is, they can't confirm if it will *arrive* or be *despatched* on friday...

        My order was through JB Hi-Fi, and I'm quite surprised it's already been sent.

        I'm in regional NSW, though, so I'm not holding my for it to arrive Friday.

        I don't think EB ever allowed in-store pick up for it (I almost ordered through them, but was waiting for them to show correct LE, by then it was gone)

      (not my first choice, but will be busy Saturday)
      That's okay, because it comes out on Friday. ^_^
      (As in, the midnight launch is tomorrow night...)

        I know, but I'll be working Friday, so was going to go Saturday.

        My nearest EB is an hour away, so I'll do midnight launch, crash at my sisters and then leave really early to get to work.

        Not ideal.

    I won't get it until a next mainline Monster Hunter comes out for it. I can get Zelda for my Wii U.

    I've got mine pre ordered for (hopefully) friday delivery. Super excited fot zelda

    I'll be one of those who will line up for the midnight launch. But, if Zelda was not a launch title I would be waiting it out.

    My first Nintendo home console preordered. I eman, ive only ever had a gameboy, wii (about 2 years late), and just got a wii u like 3 months ago on a whim.

    Picking it up at the midnight launch in Epping, VIC. Hit me up on twitter if anyones there!

    Also going to be twitch streaming the launch event at midnight for our site, and will resume the stream at 1am for yet another unboxing and gameplay.

    Im still unsure if i should bother picking up that pro controller though... any thoughts?

      The 'controller' that comes with it looks like ergonomic pain, for what it's worth.

    Sure will, after the first hardware revision & a price drop.

    I stopped buying consoles day one many years ago, but The Switch almost, almost had me changing my mind.

    I Definitely want one, but being on a budget & needing to use it as a portable, after reading more & more I realised, I personally, needed to wait.

    I think the better "big question" is: will anyone outside the Nintendo faithful buy it? There's seems to be a lot of hype for it but is that coming from a vocal minority or has Nintendo cracked in to a broader market?

      Many shops have sold out all preorders. I've heard people say it will be their fist Nintendo console since SNES or 64.

        "Sold out preorders" means squat when you don't have stats like: number of preorders available; percent of gaming community ordering.

        All I see are Nintendo hardcore fainboys lapping it up. Anyone at the point of "I like Nintendo games, their exclusives are worth it" and below isn't getting it at launch.

    Waiting for Pokemon and/or Fire Emblem before considering getting one.

    Very tempted simply cos I like new tech but ultimately decided against it. Too expensive, only real launch game of note is Zelda. Not really interested in anything coming besides Mario. Already have a Wii U. They need to do much better before I jump in. Also, I would be very surprised if the system gets any meaningful third party support. The big companies (EA, Ubi, Acti) all seem very tentative.

    As I spend over 3 hours a day on buses this is a day 1 purchase for me (already pre-ordered and paid for).

    Target Au has removed Nintendo Switch off the website??????????I hope that my pre order is safe:(

    Not a chance in hell.

    I have NEVER ended a game session and thought, "I wish I could take this game with me to work/family BBQ/grocery store/weekend outing" etc.

    I keep remembering a famous quote from Amy Wong:
    'fool me 7 times, shame on you'
    'fool me 8 or more times, shame on me'

    i just don't know how many times i have been fooled by nintendo to know if this falls under the 7 mark or not.

    WiiU is still full price today, at $429. I have a WiiU. I'd never pay $429. I paid $220. Switch has one game, and renders at (likely) 720p, vs the current 480-560p. It costs >$100-150 more than the class-leading PS4.

    Mario and friends is worth it to me for $220, but it sure as shit ain't worth it for $470.

    Getting one of Friday.

    Am looking forward to it but know it want be anything industry breaking. Still have a PS4, 3DS and Vita and will probably end up with a Xbone at some point (more so with all the price drops on it lately).

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