The Big Question: Your Most Hated Game

The Big Question: Your Most Hated Game

We often talk about the games we love and the games that get better over time here on the Kotaku Video Game Website. But what we don’t mention as often are the ones that are really, really bad.

Obviously the first thing that most people will think of recently is No Man’s Sky, but the one that comes to my mind from the current generation of consoles/PC games is The Order: 1886. It wasn’t bad from a technical aspect – the models were quite nice at points – but for the most part, the game committed the worst crime of all: it was boring.

I’d prefer games that were a total mess than ones that worked, but did nothing interesting. On the flipside, a game that I absolutely hated because it didn’t work for over a fortnight after launch was X-Rebirth. Rebirth was actually one of the games cited in the ACCC’s lawsuit against Valve, funnily enough, so I can sympathise with the bloke there when he tried to get a refund. (And when it did work, Christ it was awful. I hear it’s better now, but I’m not particularly inspired to give it another go.)

What’s your most hated game of all time?


  • I tried to play The Order: 1886 but the quick time events really annoyed me and I couldn’t get past certain part of the game early on.

    • I had the chance to play it at EB Expo just before it launched. I’d been previously hyped for it, but the short stint I played left me bored and actually felt more like a chore. Run through a hallway, take cover and shoot, move to next area.

      Maybe I’ll pick it up when it drops to a value it deserves – Not a AAA price-tag.

    • I actually liked The Order. Except fighting werewolves, that was awful. It was pretty, had an interesting world and everyone had steely eyed gravitas.

      I dunno what I’d pick. I generally don’t buy games bad enough to hate. I was very disappointed that in Just Cause 3 once you get to the big island the game has such a poor frame rate that it becomes unplayable.

      I’ve gone through my purchase history. Remember Me was bad enough for me to stop playing it 10 minutes in? Oh, and Beyond Two Souls annoying control issues is one of the few games to make me angry. I guess I sort of hate it even though I really wanted to like it.

      • I actually liked The Order. Except fighting werewolves, that was awful. It was pretty, had an interesting world and everyone had steely eyed gravitas.

        I think that kind of praise actually highlights The Order’s big problem; the underlying game wasn’t very good. A decent aesthetic/story/setting can do something for a game, but as an interactive experience, it carried itself terribly.

        The whole thing kinda plays like an excuse to show you the visuals and tell you the story, but neither one is really good enough to salvage what is ultimately a terribly boring game. I’m sure that’s fine for people who are super into the visuals/story anyway and only really want that part of it, but I also think it’s fair to say that most of the gaming audience was looking for somewhat more robust, well-rounded experience.

  • I don’t know if I passionately hate something.

    Star Fox Zero was just meh. Got rid of it quick. The guard game was also very bland.

    Buck Bumble or something on the N64 (you are a bee with a gun) was crap after looking pretty awesome in all the game magazines.

  • My most hated game of all time? like “This is a bad game, and you should feel bad for playing it” would be… probably No Man’s Sky, it was the only game I have ever asked for a refund for, totally overpromised and under delivered.

    And I am fairly forgiving of shit games.

  • There was a game that came out around 10-12 years ago that let you create your own Superhero, and I didn’t hate it because I played it… I hated it because each time I tried to install there was an installation error, and as a youngster I had no idea how to hotfix or check the internet for error messages; so I just gave up and returned it.

    The only game I’ve really disliked after playing it was Resident Evil Raccoon City, I was hitting headshots and there was no registering I had done anything; where if I shot in the body the shot counted which for some reason I found pretty annoying :@

    • Game where you create your own super hero? Do you mean City of Heroes/Villains, or maybe Champions: Online?

      I bought Champions: Online but sadly, the game ran like absolute crap on my laptop. Despite the fact my laptop (bought in 2009) could run Fallout 3 and Skyrim at ultra settings, 60 FPS, Champions: Online looked like a PS1 game and would crash if I tried to adjust the settings.

      It turns out that Champions: Online didn’t like Radeon graphics cards, which is what I had. I e-mailed the support team of Champions: Online and many others reached out to them too via e-mail and their forums. Their response, in my opinion, was just outright arrogant and rude… no plans to support Radeon and essentially their answer was “get a new graphics card that’s not Radeon”.

      • It turns out it was Freedom Force, kind of like X-Com but for Superhero’s?

        That sucks about Champions: Online.

      • I don’t think you can create your own hero in that, think you are fixed into playing minut man as the main character

        • I honestly don’t remember. Been so long since I played it. Possible story mode limited you, but elsewhere you could use your own? Could be thinking of a totally different game of course. That’s just the first super hero game that came to mind based on his description (that wasn’t online only)

          • I have an inkling you could use the character you created in the story mode too, as long as there was a space free that wasn’t filled by story necessary characters.

            It’s still pretty decent. Showing its age and slightly ropey from the beginning, but an enjoyable game with some impressive support from modders, even today.

  • Too Human, what a piece of over-hyped junk that was. I was genuinely excited for it, followed it through development and then first ten mins of gameplay… just ugh.

  • I don’t really hate games, the only things I think I’m that passionate about are certain international conflicts.

    But games I wish never existed? The only ones that come to mind are The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Bureau seriously risked burying the XCOM franchise altogether and we’re so lucky that Firaxis stepped up with a worthy alternative. And Colonial Marines speaks for itself.

  • I don’t know that I really hate a game, but one that basically made me drop it after an hours play was Vampire Rain. Not worth the $4 I paid for it.

  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy.

    Looked so cool in the trailers with all the skills you could use, fired it up and it was clunky and weird.

    40 mins total playtime.

  • I don’t really hate any game, if I don’t like it I don’t play it
    Also playing with a release lag means I miss most of the major clunkers like Colonial Marines or TW:Rome 2

  • Virginia. I was so keen to play that. And then I played it. It made me mad. It’s the first game that really made me angry. I don’t know if it was expectations or the mood I was in but the second half of that game made me so mad. It was just so wanky up its it’s own self. It’s the only game that has ever really pissed me off.

    The Last Guardian made me angry too I guess but I love that game with all my soul.

  • I wanted to like Brutal Legend… and it started out well… and then it became a boring core to play.

    I really, really, really wanted to like it – so it sucks that I don’t.

    • Good point. Can’t glide on humour alone. Once you’d heard the whole soundtrack and drove around for hours it got sooooo old.

      Also, the RTS sections were total bollocks.

  • By far, my most hated game is Witcher 3.

    This was a game that I bought because I had a new PC and I wanted to push it’s graphics processing capabilities. Witcher 3 did that exceptionally well. It’s a really beautiful game even though the style isn’t my first choice but it remains the only game I’ve ever regretted purchasing.

    Witcher 3 was a buggy mess.

    Witcher 3 sold itself as a mature game that was realistic and dealt with racism and difficult themes. There is very little that is mature about this game. Maturity isn’t screaming swearwords constantly. “Dealing with Racism” isn’t having every race in your game be the same shade of white. Neither is it oppressing the white elves, and the white dwarves. At every attempt to be mature, or deal with difficult themes, or racism or whatever, the writers of the game defaulted to a teenager’s version of difficult themes. Everything was so shallow and poorly reasoned it grated on me constantly.

    And the thing that makes me angriest about it? Practically nobody agrees with me. Everyone says “The bloody baron storyline was thought provoking and nuanced.” No it wasn’t. It was a game writer’s soapbox about how beating women isn’t necessarily the wrong thing to do and how sometimes it’s the women’s fault.
    Everyone says “The Witcher 3 is an amazing game, 10/10” and then goes on to talk about all the buggy combat, buggy horses, buggy movement etc.

    The game is garbage and you’re all garbage for liking it.

    • hahaha! Well said. I am happy to be garbage. I really enjoyed the witcher 3. Can’t disagree with anything you said except for the red baron. I didn’t think they were saying that beating a woman is sometimes okay. I didn’t see that at all.

      I did start to cringe in the romance scenes. Some of them were just… really? Who wrote this, a 14 year old?

    • I’m with you 100%. I really disliked The Witcher 3. Some people are confused as I’ve since gone on to absolutely love HZD.

      The Witcher 3 to me was a bloated bit of over hyped software that gave me a headache if I played it for anything longer than about an hour. Boring.

    • I’m only just getting to Witcher 3 now, but I don’t feel it’s as bad as you’re making it out to be – at least from what I’ve played. However, your criticisms of it being juvenile and poorly delivered apply perfectly with the original Witcher game. It had some great ideas, but it was hideously executed – from writing to gameplay to quests. On the flip side, I really enjoyed Witcher 2.

      Of course, for a game that everyone can agree is complete and utter trash, there’s Assassin’s Creed 3.

    • “Dealing with Racism” isn’t having every race in your game be the same shade of white.

      Welcome to Poland! Enjoy your stay! 😉

      It was a game writer’s soapbox about how beating women isn’t necessarily the wrong thing to do and how sometimes it’s the women’s fault.

      See above.
      It’s a beautiful country, don’t get me wrong. They’ve come a long way for a country which has been continually stomped into the ground over its history, but there’s still a ways to go socially.

  • I don’t really hate any games – if I don’t think I’ll like a game I won’t buy it. At worst I tend to just be disappointed by some of them.

    Right now, my biggest disappointment is Fallout 4. Started it about 2 weeks ago but it’s just doing nothing for me so far. I loved Fallout 3, Oblivion and Skyrim, but so far Fallout 4 just is not grabbing my interest even one tenth of what those other games did. Not sure if it’s the game itself or if I’m just getting over the whole Bethesda RPG thing.

    • your getting over the Whole Bethesda RPG thing because other developers have done shown you what is now possible, while bethesda has just pushed out more of the same

    • I loved Oblivion but ever since then no bethesda RPG has done it for me. Too much to do, not enough fun, too many bugs.

      • I just loved exploring those games, finding obscure little dungeons to explore and quests to undertake, etc. Fallout 4 just isn’t giving me that same urge to explore. Doesn’t help that I hate what I’ve seen of the settlement building and weapon modding stuff, too.

        • It’s just rote gameplay, over and over. But then so were the others. like they sucked out all the charm from back in the Interplay days.

  • So are we hanging shit on objectively sub-par games (Alien Colonial Marines) or gaming experiences we’ve had with particular software or hardware (Ziggurat on iOS was a game lauded at the time, but good god it was crap).

    I’ll come out and say I hate a game, but that’s because I actively tried to learn it, love it, and came out loathing the time I wasted spending on it. As opposed to the good type of grind I’ll spend in a game like Tetris or something.

    I don’t want to say I hate Alien Isolation, but the final bits of that game ruined a superb 75% I had with it.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution – a chore from beginning to end, and I actively hate that game now – but at the time I was giving it the benefit of the doubt.

    DayZ – not even a real game but a mod for a game. I spent months with it. It’s now a horror story of a different kind and I am supremely disappointed and saddened about what was lost. It was a lightning strike, and it was never bottled.

    Bioshock Infinite – great marketing, great pre-release ‘hype’ train. I let myself get drunk on that kool-aid real bad. The overall experience I had with it was absolutely horrible. You think it’s you, but it’s one of those games that people seemed to collectively look back and say ‘what were we thinking when we championed this game’.

      • It’s just a REALLY different game. Almost a bioshock ‘lite’ if you will. I really enjoyed it, but yeah, not a patch on the others. That old school doom gunplay is NOT what I’m looking for.

        • And when you put Bioshock up against System Shock 2….

          I hate Bioshock, a repetitive and terrible “floaty” fps dumbed down System Shock

          • Wonderful atmosphere and varied environments though…

            I thought setting up for Big Daddy encounters and then the battles were tense and quite thrilling…

          • I still have SS2 on my PC. STILL really, really creepy. Too old for a serious playthrough though but great to boot up every now and then for the memories. Music so great as well.

        • You’re right….

          However, I find his perspective entertaining nonetheless. I’m always intrigued about what he’ll tear apart next.

    • Oooh Alien Isolation. Yeah I did hate that. I went back and played it again a year later and liked it more, but still, not a great game. So much tension, so much linearity so much “SERIOUSLY IS THAT DAMN THING ON A LEASH? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!”

      You’ve lost me on HR though. Fucking loved that game. I wish its graphics still stood up. Brilliant story.

    • Yeah, if I’m honest, Bioshock: Infinite might be mine too. It was a strange mess of ideas that didn’t quite gel built around a lot of weirdly unengaging combat that wasn’t nearly as fun to play as it seemed like it should have been.

      Feels like a game that was badly mangled in production.

    • I disliked the combat in Bioshock infinite. If it had been less repetitive and if the enemies hadn’t been so bullet spongey…

  • I don’t know that there’s any game I actively hate. The opposite of liking something isn’t hate, it’s complete indifference. Stuff that I don’t enjoy, I simply don’t play.

    That said if we want to talk about games I most regret buying: Lunar: Dragon Song on DS. Irredeemably awful game.

    • Came here to say pretty much this – everyone praised it for being so unique and the ideas behind it being so clever but beyond an interesting locale everything was either pretty standard or well below it and after maybe 3 hours it was just a grind.

      I kept playing because everyone said that the end was really fantastic (I assume they meant the part with Ryan) but even the Ryan sequence was underwhelming, all of the good ideas were so tired by that point that seeing another one felt like a necessity, rather than something exciting.

  • So, um, I got Duke Nukem SPECIAL edition thinking it would be awesome and was holding off playing it until I finished my Uni Exams.

    Yeah, I have made better decisions. I also decided it would be great to get it on console…..

    • I’m with you on 4. Shallow characters, the only memorable one was Bruno. The ending was pointless; fade to black, roll credits. What annoyed me more was that for being such an “open” game, it was so heavily scripted. Cars you chase would always be faster than you, and invulnerable until they reached “that point” where the story was to continue. I was chasing a motorbike one time when it went onto the train tracks. It drove through the oncoming train because it hadn’t reached the destination the script wanted it to yet. At least the Saints and other open world series rewarded you thinking outside the box. The 60 or so hours I spent in GTA4 to see the story through and find all the rubbish was amongst my worst.

      GTA5 on the other hand I really enjoyed, it felt fresh, great characters and story.

      • Agree totally with your take on 4, Niko was such an unlikable and boring character.
        I found 5 to have the same bugs and control issues and Michael felt like Niko, but Trevor was good and the world was better i suppose.

  • Dragon Fin Soup – described by Gaming Age as “So bad, certainly, that it’s not worth the precious space it takes up on your memory card, let alone the time it takes you to download. In short, Dragon Fin Soup is a lousy game that manages the impressive feat of not being worth a price tag of zero dollars and zero cents.”

    Goat Simulator – specifically due to the Flappy Goat mini-game preventing me from getting 100% completion.

  • being 100% serious here and not trolling, for me it was Half Life 2.
    Reasons why:
    * first time steam was used and everyone remembers how shit it was back in 04
    * the game was extremely empty and bland. (fuck that Boring as all hell buggy section)
    * Spent more time fighting ants
    * I hate Alex Vance

    • Yep, same for me too. I frigging loved Half Life, but HL2 was such a massive disappointment.
      Empty areas, belt around in a boat. Hi, I’m Alex, oh, bye I have to piss off now for no reason, I’ll meet you at the end of a pointless boring journey.

      The story, AI and OMFG moments in HL made it feel real. HL2 was just… dull.

      • HL2 felt like a tech demo showing off the large open areas and the gravity gun (well, gravity in general). It even came out with that free addon.. er, tech demo for HDR. Lost Coast I think it was?

        And yeah, Steam in 2004, in Australia, on dial-up. I remember those days.

        • @poita @mushaconvoy @thyco

          Sure, you guys are entitled to your opinions… but you’re wrong, and I hate you.


          But seriously, my counterpoints:

          Ravenholme was a better horror experience than Doom 3

          The Gravity Gun is still one of the best things to happen in video games.

          The upgraded Gravity Gun is the actual best.

          Some of the set pieces were fantastic. I’ve already mentioned Ravenholme, but the assault on Nova Prospekt, running street battles with Striders… sploosh!

          • I hate you too <3
            I’m only just getting to Doom 3 for the first time and its such a disappointment (spoiled by 2016). Its far from horror (but I didn’t find Ravenholm that scary either). Dead Space did a much better job, but that was later.

            To me, Nova Prospekt felt like a copy and paste of concrete walls and bars. The Half-Life 2 engine was never really good at indoor environments. The better set pieces were the open ones, like the bridge.

          • Ah yeah, the indoor bit wasn’t that great… i was more thinking the original siege where you lead the ant lions in. That’ll always be up on my list of best gaming memories from my youth!

          • i never got the love for the gravity gun, infact i absolutely hated that i was forced to use it exclusivily for the final levels because game took away all the others i had collected. it was just one giant novelty weapon that i used a few times for fun before i went back to the rest of the arsenal.

            fun fact on those last few levels i even tried to cheat my other weapons back in to no avail

          • Aww man I loved it, being able to pick up this baddie and shoot him into that baddie never got old XD

  • Warhammer 40K Fire Warrior. Such a clunky mess. It’s my benchmark game for bad games…even NMS doesn’t get close to this.

  • Halo. I think it helped weaken the FPS genre as a whole with it’s bullshit regenerating HP/shields and limited weapon capacity. I don’t know if it was the first game to have these features but it was the first major one that picked up real notice. After this, every game needed these features and it wasn’t until Doom last year I felt like a game had arrived in line with pre-2001 FPS titles.

  • There’s no game that I’ve really hated because boy howdy do I play some garbage. The only ting that really comes to mind as something that I just couldn’t get into is Ocarina of Time. combination of incredibly poor controls on the 64 plus the majority of combat was basically waiting ludicrously long times for an opening on an otherwise indestructable enemy. Just didn’t do anything for me.

  • Funny how many posts start with, “I don’t actively hate any games, but…” and then proceeding to trash some game.

    For me, this kind of falls into that category of, “Games Everyone Else Likes That I Hate”. And for me, that’s Final Fantasy 7. WTH that game makes no sense.

  • I was horribly disappointed by Tomb Raider. I was hoping for a game with a great kick-arse female protagonist, but it turned out to be more weird torture porn where the female protagonist screams a lot while she’s constantly attacked by creepy guys.

  • Everyone loves it, it got a heap of awards, but I was severely disappointed with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    I absolutely loved the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. I was incredibly excited and hyped up for its sequel, especially since I have a PS4 and not an X-Box One, meaning I waited one more year to get my grubby hands all over it.

    I was really disappointed. For me, the story was incredibly weak, I didn’t like any of the characters, the game play felt repetitive and more linear than the previous one, I hated the collecting/crafting system, overall I just didn’t have nearly as much fun as the first game.

    I would say “No Man’s Sky” but I’m pretty sure almost everyone was disappointed with that. 😛

    Another big time disappointment was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Again, the hype train got me. Linear and incredibly repetitive game play, frustratingly difficult and lengthy boss battles, a short (under six hours) campaign with absolutely no replayability. This one sucked. The best thing about the game was the title screen’s main theme music.

  • The uncharted series. The constant stream of enemies with god-like health was just lazy design. Combat was simultaneously dull and frustrating. Finished 1-3. cant be bothered with 4.

  • Oh boi…where do I start

    Pretty much EVERY Sonic game, after Sonic Adventure 2 and before Sonic Generations.
    It’s like watching one of your best friends hit the bottle and refuses to get help.

    Thief Reboot, take one of my favorite series, with my favorite power fantasy that I’m yet to find an alternative for.
    Lets take a look at the shit list, shall we?
    Replace one of the greatest voice actors, with a guy they clearly grabbed off the street and offered a meatball sub to read lines
    “Super Cool Take Downs” <— Sarcasm
    The most useless map I’ve seen in games ever. I DARE YOU TO FIND A WORSE MAP
    A terrible plot. Seriously, look at the plots for the other games and then look at the plot for the thief the reboot.

    Dungeon Keeper Mobile – How dare this game exist with bearing, the legendary title

    Mass Effect 3 – That ending just left a sour taste in my mouth, years of build up to a meh
    I love RPGs and love seeing different routes in story, but that ending was the first RPG that I didn’t want to start again. That ending just made me angry and feel robbed of my time.

    I can keep going but I feel I’ve already wrote a novel

    Oh and Steel Battalion on Xbox Kinect can go f**k itself, how dare it ruin a great series.

    Now I’m done…also Godus

    • Oh yeah, Mass Effect 3. I was pretty disappointed on all levels.

      I knew it was going to be bad when Eve got the sexy robot body. Like, for realz guys?

      Loved ME2 though.

      • Worst part, I was liking ME3…but that ending.
        It’s like riding a rollercoaster that’s awesome, then getting a slap at the end.

        • yeah i loved 3 until the final 10 minutes. it really is amazing just how badly Bioware botched the ending, i mean i loved the fighting in london, but that final 10mins after Harbringer shows up is just awful

        • But it’s fine! They “fixed” the endings with the extended edition… if where “fixed” means “slapped in a whole bunch of retcons and lore breaking hand-waving to give you a crappy explicitly spelled out ending that anyone with half a brain or the smallest amount of imagination could have worked out that’s what they were suggesting”.

          But yeah, that ending destroyed what should have been a masterpiece of a game series.

  • I kind of liked No Man’s Sky and really just find its shortcomings a bit… sad. It’s nowhere near as diverse or varied as I thought it’d be, and the key to a great, immersive gaming experience is using the smoke and mirrors to keep you from seeing the machinery behind the curtain. And unfortunately, zooming over a planet, watching it procedurally generate and then pop in textures and objects, struggling to render them until you’d already flown over them just brought that whole suspension of disbelief crashing down.

    But hate? Hate’s a very strong word.

    I think I reserve actual hatred for MOBAs as a genre, which I hold responsible for many of the world’s evils.
    That, and the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, and all of the other ‘designed to give youtubers jump-scares’ games which are less ‘games’ than they are components in a weird new wave of popular performance art.

    But for individual game title… Destiny. The more I tried to enjoy it, the more I fought the disappointment, and the more problems I encountered that required non-existent support, the more I realized I have a lot of bitterness towards both that title and the Icarus-like studio who spawned it.

    • I think I reserve actual hatred for MOBAs as a genre, which I hold responsible for many of the world’s evils.

      I knew I was forgetting a source of pure gaming evil but now I remember!

  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

    Had me by the fanboy balls and delivered the most crushing experience, so much so that I have no faith left in Capcom.

  • Cutscenes and scripted events to gameplay ratio is more art than science for me. Some games I revel in it like the absurdity of the MGS franchise but others it can be a deal breaker.

    The last game I remember really getting under my skin was The Last of Us. I loathed the opening hours of that game to the detriment of the entire experience. I know most were invested from the beginning but I found that scripted hand holding maddening.

  • If I’m not feeling a game at the start, I’ll generally stop before feelings of hate develop, there is one major exception, and that is Assassin’s Creed II.

    Despite enjoying it when it worked, I had a real issue with both ledge detection (sticking to the wrong wall made we want to snap my controller), and found the combat really clunky (I liked assassinating people with stealth, any time they pushed a mission that forced one-on-one combat, it would turn into a slog).

    I managed to push past all of those and keep on going, I was still having fun overall. Unfortunately, I purchased the GOTY edition, which stops the story dead in its tracks for a few hours for missions that had a good reason to have been cut for the original game. By the time I got through it, any interest in ever touching that series again had flown out the window.

  • Maybe hate too strong a word, but severely and angrily disappointed…Halo 2. I think that was one of the first games of modern times where the hype train was an all consuming force of anticipation…billboards everywhere, cinema ads (back before they were a “thing”), ads on trains, trams,cabs etc.
    It launched and from what i can remember….1 level set on Earth only (Save Earth!), play half the game NOT as master chief, some talking giant plant thingy straight out of mario bros. It was classic Microsoft Bait n Switch.

    • I loved the Command and Conquer story lines for both the Tib universe and Red Alert universe. But wtf was with C&C4… The total change of gameplay was just meh and then ending for both campaigns, we were finally meant to find out Kane’s master plan and for what? The ending for that series still pisses me off. Kane was such a seriously cool villian and he’ll always be that one character that I thought was simply amazing but jesus…

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – looked great in preview, was a boring mess in reality.

    Oh and every MOBA in existence

  • Hate is a strong word but I guess I would say I hated hotline miami. Just didn’t really like it at all.

    Also wouldn’t say I hated it but Metal Gear Solid 5 would be one of the biggest disappointments I have ever played as a fan of the series. Especially because I stayed spoiler free and saw all the 10/10’s it was getting to start playing it and be left wondering 2 hours in how the hell anyone could give it a 10/10 was something I couldn’t understand. Also really hated how you basically needed to follow a guide on what to do in order to get all the story content and endings.

    • MGS5 has been horribly disappointing for me as well, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to finish it. Every great moment is undercut by some form of bullshit immediately beforehand or afterwards and the story so far has been terrible (when it’s there) and largely absent the rest of the time.

      Also screw the decision to ditch David Hayter for a guy who seemingly charged them too much to be able to record any real dialogue. Snake is absolutely not supposed to be a silent protagonist.

  • GTA V but only the online portion, the story mode is great but the online multiplayer is the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen in my entire life.

    It takes an eternity to load and when it does it puts you in a match with people from all over the world so latency is terrible.

    Everything is so crazy expensive because they want to sell you in game cash for real money.

    If the host leaves it will just sit on the vote for next mission screen for 5-10 minutes.

    If someone who gives a crap had made the online it would have many dedicated lobbies in each region that you could just drop in and out of on a whim and when you finished a mission with your friends it would put you in THE SAME lobby with each other.

    It still blows my mind that after a mission with friends it can dump you into seperate lobbies.

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity. Not because of the bugs, I really didn’t care about that. It was the game itself, bland story, no French accents, no background music.Worst of all, all those bloody icons on the map. Elise was the only memorable character, the rest I didn’t feel for. I was so excited after Black Flag( Loved that game!) I preordered Unity and for me it was the biggest disappointment. Maybe others liked it?

    • I don’t think many people liked it, it was a definite step in the wrong direction after Black Flag. If you get a chance to pick up Syndicate cheaply I’d consider it, no sailing in this one but the movement mechanics have been streamlined (zipline makes getting around super quick) and it’s a better story with better characters than Unity. Although Unity was so bland that may be faint praise.

  • I’m usually pretty easily impressed when it comes to games and “hate” is a fairly strong word so it’s hard to say what my most hated game of all time is.

    There is one game/series from fairly recent memory on my shit-list though … Sniper: Ghost Warrior – I only barely managed to drag myself through the first mission of that turd before promptly scouring it from my hard drive. Main grievance was the entire map aggroing to me the moment I fired my first shot and then literally out-sniping me with shotguns at long range, while I cowered behind a thick wad of bushes the AI could somehow easily see me through with their bionic eyeballs.

    There are definitely genres I hate and absolutely refuse to play though … MOBAs and JRPGs

    • I got a refund on the first Ghost Warrior and a free gift that I haven’t been able to offload to anyone.

      Ghost Warrior 3 looks bloody amazing, though.

  • I had to think about this one, usually if I don’t like a game I push it into the furthest recesses of my mind.
    The one that screams out the most is probably Assassin’s Creed Unity. I was already a bit down on the franchise when it came out seeing as it didn’t ever do much to fix its messy combat. But Unity took away a bunch of features I liked and shoved in some new ones I hated. It was also a buggy mess.

  • Can’t say I have an all time most hated game in mind but at the moment its For Honour, I’m done with ubisoft this time.

  • The worst game I have ever picked up was Brink. I got sucked into the hype and it was so bland and so boring I tried to take it back to dick smith 45 minutes after it came out. Biggest bait and switch has to go out to brutal legend.

    • I pre-ordered Brink. It had so much potential, I know a few of my friends through Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory were hoping it was going to be an awesome replacement/new version.

      Oh how it was not. My God it was not even close. It was just a disgusting mess of… well, everything.

  • Aliens Colonial Marines – slugged all the way to the last level of that piece of junk – just so the stupid game could corrupt my save game just before the end. I contacted customer support and they said to start the game again….

  • Metal Gear Rising. From the unlikable, 2-dimensional characters to the grating, generic soundtrack that makes me want to gouge out my ears wine a corkscrew, everything about that game makes me physically angry. And I refuse to call it by its moronic “real” name.

    And to think this comes from what is arguably the greatest franchise of all time! Never has a sequel/spin-off so thoroughly taken a dump on its forbears.

  • P.T. Fuck I hate P.T.

    Don’t get me wrong though…….it was brilliant.

    But it has pretty much had me play no horror games since. Scared the crap out of me. BIG TIME!!

  • Right now I have three on my list. There not hated per se but they left me with a shit taste in my mouth.

    First of all

    Evolve, ugh I drank the kool aid bad with this one, after turtle rock did such an amazing job with L4D I was convinced they could make lightning strike twice, but they fucked it so bad, the game is so boring and I’m so pissed that I bought the digital collectors edition of the Xbox store and can’t get a refund >_< if I had bought bricks and mortar you can bet your ass that game was going back.


    For Honour, fuck be Ubisoft screwed the pooch bad with this one, fantastic game with brilliant combat but FFS who used P2P severs in this day and age…. wtf were they thinking. Once again digital collectors edition, $145 on Xbox store and can’t get a refund and Ubisoft never gave me my collectors edition shit, even after I opened a ticket with support. Atleast I know bricks and mortar get collectors editions right.

    Finally another Ubisoft title.

    The Division SPECIFICALLY PATCH 1.6

    The dumb cunts broke the fucking game. I have season pass and I download patch and can’t access any content, despite multiple deleting sprees and clearing system cache still no fix. I have to open a ticket to Ubisoft and provide proof of purchase to get a fix. FML and I can’t buy it from the store as a fix because it says I already own it. Really getting sick of Ubisoft shit, vivendi can take them over for all the fucks I give.

    Rant over

  • Hate is a strong word. But when I think back through recent games, there are a couple that had me quite disappointed:

    Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Black Flag was awesome and provided the perfect context for the ship to ship combat. In Rogue it felt entirely tacked on, I hated the main character and the story, and by the end of the game I was forcing myself to play to see the end even though I knew it would be stupid.

    Bloodborne. The gameplay itself was fun but the story was so filled with horrible happenings and despair that after the Father Gascoigne fight I couldn’t continue. After a while I started the game again, remembered the stuff around Iosefka, the Oedon Chapel, and the little girl’s subquest, and quit immediately.

  • This is annoying because I feel like there should be some obvious ones but I just can’t think of any. For the most part I seem to do the opposite – I love the games that everyone else hates. Federation Force, Star Fox Zero, Skyward Sword, Other M, a few others I can’t remember now.

    I hate Majora’s Mask 3D for existing. Would have far preferred the game to get the full “HD” makeover treatment on console, particularly working over the entire soundscape. But that’ll probably never happen now.

    Gears of Wars used to be my go-to for “what is this overrated trash”, though I dunno that I actually hate it. It was just thoroughly unenjoyable (and yet I sat there and played through the whole thing anyway).

  • Tricky.
    See, I would go with Colonial Marines (the core game) but I had one of the best one line experiences of my life with a group of strangers surviving Hadleys Hope in one of the DLC. Took about and hour and a half and required excellent team work. But yea, the core game sucked slightly more than Prometheus (I am an Alien fan boy, that movie blew).

    No Mans Sky was actually chill. I think it is very dependent on what mind set you went with. I enjoyed it.

    Eve Valkyrie came close… no local servers makes it impossible to hit anyone with a shitty aus internet connection (soooooooo, not totally the games fault? I really like the game, just vs bots is all I can manage).

    So, Aliens: Colonial Marines.
    I still have it in my collection, a testament to the folly of Gearbox. Man they rooted that pooch.

  • I hated Max Payne 3 for its constant and annoying cutscene interruptions, poor design, and for generally not feeling anything like a Max Payne game.

    I hate Dota2 for being generally not fun. It compelling and exciting when you’re on the winning team (or the game is super close), but otherwise it just makes people angry and sweary. I prefer multiplayer games that are at least fun to play, even if you’re on the losing side.

  • Spent a few minutes thinking about any game that I’ve ever outright hated. Feeling disappointed is a thing that happens, but hate’s usually a bit much. Then I remembered the demo I played of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. My god, I hate that game. I hate every single aspect about it. The theme, the setting, the writing, the voice acting, the gameplay itself. All of it. It’s awful. That’s the only game I’d ever say that I actually hate.

    I also felt like saying Mass Effect (just the first one). I don’t think I hate it though, I just really don’t like it.

  • Assassins Creed Unity. One of the only games i have bought and never finished. Completely disappointing. Burned me on the franchise and is played all of the assassins creed games over the years until that one.

  • Kingdom Hearts II. I was such a Squenix fanboy for so long but this game just broke me. The first one was decent, the second one took everything good about it and squished it in between endless cutscenes telling a story nobody could possibly give a shit about, and badly at that. Hate is a strong word, but I HATE Kingdom Hearts II.

  • Jak 2. The original Jak and Daxter was wonderful but when they changed the formula I don’t think it worked out that well. Jak 3 was fine, but 2 (at least the PS3 remaster) was glitchy, less fun and had far too many sharp difficulty spikes. I had to use a glitch to beat the final boss and go out of bounds where the boss couldn’t hit me because I couldn’t be bothered anymore. I regret going through to beat the story, but at least Jak 3 was more fun. I’ll take Ratchet and Clank any day.

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