The Big Question: Your Most Hated Game

We often talk about the games we love and the games that get better over time here on the Kotaku Video Game Website. But what we don't mention as often are the ones that are really, really bad.

Obviously the first thing that most people will think of recently is No Man's Sky, but the one that comes to my mind from the current generation of consoles/PC games is The Order: 1886. It wasn't bad from a technical aspect - the models were quite nice at points - but for the most part, the game committed the worst crime of all: it was boring.

I'd prefer games that were a total mess than ones that worked, but did nothing interesting. On the flipside, a game that I absolutely hated because it didn't work for over a fortnight after launch was X-Rebirth. Rebirth was actually one of the games cited in the ACCC's lawsuit against Valve, funnily enough, so I can sympathise with the bloke there when he tried to get a refund. (And when it did work, Christ it was awful. I hear it's better now, but I'm not particularly inspired to give it another go.)

What's your most hated game of all time?


    Aliens Colonial Marines - slugged all the way to the last level of that piece of junk - just so the stupid game could corrupt my save game just before the end. I contacted customer support and they said to start the game again....

    Metal Gear Rising. From the unlikable, 2-dimensional characters to the grating, generic soundtrack that makes me want to gouge out my ears wine a corkscrew, everything about that game makes me physically angry. And I refuse to call it by its moronic "real" name.

    And to think this comes from what is arguably the greatest franchise of all time! Never has a sequel/spin-off so thoroughly taken a dump on its forbears.

    P.T. Fuck I hate P.T.

    Don't get me wrong was brilliant.

    But it has pretty much had me play no horror games since. Scared the crap out of me. BIG TIME!!

    Right now I have three on my list. There not hated per se but they left me with a shit taste in my mouth.

    First of all

    Evolve, ugh I drank the kool aid bad with this one, after turtle rock did such an amazing job with L4D I was convinced they could make lightning strike twice, but they fucked it so bad, the game is so boring and I'm so pissed that I bought the digital collectors edition of the Xbox store and can't get a refund >_< if I had bought bricks and mortar you can bet your ass that game was going back.


    For Honour, fuck be Ubisoft screwed the pooch bad with this one, fantastic game with brilliant combat but FFS who used P2P severs in this day and age.... wtf were they thinking. Once again digital collectors edition, $145 on Xbox store and can't get a refund and Ubisoft never gave me my collectors edition shit, even after I opened a ticket with support. Atleast I know bricks and mortar get collectors editions right.

    Finally another Ubisoft title.

    The Division SPECIFICALLY PATCH 1.6

    The dumb cunts broke the fucking game. I have season pass and I download patch and can't access any content, despite multiple deleting sprees and clearing system cache still no fix. I have to open a ticket to Ubisoft and provide proof of purchase to get a fix. FML and I can't buy it from the store as a fix because it says I already own it. Really getting sick of Ubisoft shit, vivendi can take them over for all the fucks I give.

    Rant over

    Hate is a strong word. But when I think back through recent games, there are a couple that had me quite disappointed:

    Assassin's Creed Rogue. Black Flag was awesome and provided the perfect context for the ship to ship combat. In Rogue it felt entirely tacked on, I hated the main character and the story, and by the end of the game I was forcing myself to play to see the end even though I knew it would be stupid.

    Bloodborne. The gameplay itself was fun but the story was so filled with horrible happenings and despair that after the Father Gascoigne fight I couldn't continue. After a while I started the game again, remembered the stuff around Iosefka, the Oedon Chapel, and the little girl's subquest, and quit immediately.

    This is annoying because I feel like there should be some obvious ones but I just can't think of any. For the most part I seem to do the opposite - I love the games that everyone else hates. Federation Force, Star Fox Zero, Skyward Sword, Other M, a few others I can't remember now.

    I hate Majora's Mask 3D for existing. Would have far preferred the game to get the full "HD" makeover treatment on console, particularly working over the entire soundscape. But that'll probably never happen now.

    Gears of Wars used to be my go-to for "what is this overrated trash", though I dunno that I actually hate it. It was just thoroughly unenjoyable (and yet I sat there and played through the whole thing anyway).

    See, I would go with Colonial Marines (the core game) but I had one of the best one line experiences of my life with a group of strangers surviving Hadleys Hope in one of the DLC. Took about and hour and a half and required excellent team work. But yea, the core game sucked slightly more than Prometheus (I am an Alien fan boy, that movie blew).

    No Mans Sky was actually chill. I think it is very dependent on what mind set you went with. I enjoyed it.

    Eve Valkyrie came close... no local servers makes it impossible to hit anyone with a shitty aus internet connection (soooooooo, not totally the games fault? I really like the game, just vs bots is all I can manage).

    So, Aliens: Colonial Marines.
    I still have it in my collection, a testament to the folly of Gearbox. Man they rooted that pooch.

    I hated Max Payne 3 for its constant and annoying cutscene interruptions, poor design, and for generally not feeling anything like a Max Payne game.

    I hate Dota2 for being generally not fun. It compelling and exciting when you're on the winning team (or the game is super close), but otherwise it just makes people angry and sweary. I prefer multiplayer games that are at least fun to play, even if you're on the losing side.

    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. It was a movie tie-in game dressed up as a WfC/FoC sequel.

    Spent a few minutes thinking about any game that I've ever outright hated. Feeling disappointed is a thing that happens, but hate's usually a bit much. Then I remembered the demo I played of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. My god, I hate that game. I hate every single aspect about it. The theme, the setting, the writing, the voice acting, the gameplay itself. All of it. It's awful. That's the only game I'd ever say that I actually hate.

    I also felt like saying Mass Effect (just the first one). I don't think I hate it though, I just really don't like it.

    - Beyond two souls is the worst game I've played in recent memory. Re6 was most disappointing.

    Assassins Creed Unity. One of the only games i have bought and never finished. Completely disappointing. Burned me on the franchise and is played all of the assassins creed games over the years until that one.

    Kingdom Hearts II. I was such a Squenix fanboy for so long but this game just broke me. The first one was decent, the second one took everything good about it and squished it in between endless cutscenes telling a story nobody could possibly give a shit about, and badly at that. Hate is a strong word, but I HATE Kingdom Hearts II.

    Jak 2. The original Jak and Daxter was wonderful but when they changed the formula I don't think it worked out that well. Jak 3 was fine, but 2 (at least the PS3 remaster) was glitchy, less fun and had far too many sharp difficulty spikes. I had to use a glitch to beat the final boss and go out of bounds where the boss couldn't hit me because I couldn't be bothered anymore. I regret going through to beat the story, but at least Jak 3 was more fun. I'll take Ratchet and Clank any day.

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