The Iron Controller Begins Right Here, Right Now

Iron Fist is out this week — March 17 to be precise — and we've partnered up with Netflix to bring your our very own interactive story... The Iron Controller. A story about video games, intrigue and a coup d'etat of Kotaku Australia itself!

We're also giving away $5000 over the next month. There's that as well.

Kotaku's Iron Controller series is brought to you by Netflix and Marvel's Iron Fist. Danny Rand is an orphan, Monk, billionaire and living weapon. After a 15 year absence he returns to NYC to reclaim his family legacy. Marvel's Iron Fist premieres March 17th only on Netflix.

How does it all work? Well first you have to read The Iron Controller, a five chapter long Twine Game we've been working on with John Kane, the Australian developer behind Killing Time at Lightspeed and Mallow Drops. With artwork by Jón Kristinsson.

Based on that story we're going to ask you a question. And in the comments you must answer that question in less than 500 words.

But first, please enjoy...


Now for...

The Competition

In association with Netflix and Iron Fist, we're giving away a total of $5000 across five separate posts — $1000 for every chapter of The Iron Controller.

After each chapter we'll ask a question. The person with the best answer wins $1000 to help upgrade their home entertainment units!

The first question:

In 500 words or less, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Once all five chapters are complete, we'll announce all the winners of each individual competition!

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Want to jump to the next chapters? Here you go!

Win $1000 With The Iron Controller: Chapter 2

Last week The Iron Controller finished with high drama — a prophetic dream... a plane crash?

Now stranded in the mountains of Tibet, ravaged by a fierce Blizzard, how will our hero (me) survive?

All these questions are answered and more in The Iron Controller. Chapter 2.

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Win $1000 With Chapter 3 Of... The Iron Controller

Living in a weird cave in tibet with a team of pro gamers. Check.

Found The Iron Controller. Check.

Now what do we do with the damn thing?

Now the training begins...

Welcome to Chapter 3 of... The Iron Controller.

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Chapter 4 Of The Iron Controller (And Win $1000!)

When we last left The Iron Controller things were getting complicated. Mark was deep in training, while Alex was scheming, bending Kotaku Australia to his own, insane will.

Today, in chapter 4, Mark will finally unlock the true secrets of The Iron Controller. And prepare for the ULTIMATE BATTLE.

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Win $1000 In The Final Chapter Of... The Iron Controller

It has finally come to this. The ultimate showdown. Mark versus Alex.

Who will prevail?

(It's also your last chance to win cash-money to upgrade your home entertainment. There's also that.)

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    i can buy garlic bread for like $4 a loaf and a carton of coke zero for $7
    im gonna be honest super powers wouldn't improve my already perfect life.

    Wait no
    I want the ability to hurl 90kg over 300m

    Last edited 15/03/17 10:58 am

      I'd vote for this. Seems a kind of down-to-earth superpower to have.

        Like being able to fix a pen that just won't flow with the ink already.

        One can dream..

      I can see it now, the next big Netflix superhero series is 'The Trebuchet Man'

    Honestly, I would probably, right now, take a lame power that I feel would help humanity - I would be able to give people perfect empathy and compassion at will so they can understand the feelings of others. Take that, rich bank executive! Take that, criminal about to ruin someone's life!

    Because otherwise I'd go with something silly that would result in violence or something.

    The power to understand.

    I often have no idea what anyone's on about & it's frustrating.

      LOL, you need the power of "Heavy Drinking". After downing a few bevvies, everything becomes crystal clear :-)

        But for non-leisure time.

          Just bring some vodka in a flask and you can wipe the slate clean.

    I would have the power called "Education Nova" where I can cause an explosion of understanding and tolerance over the entire Earth, ending wars in one fell swoop, destroying racism faster than a speeding bullet, and eliminating bigotry like I was some kind of electro-Dalai Lama. Also, the nova would be rainbow-coloured and would sparkle. It would be fabulous.

    If I had a super power?

    It would be to itch that spot on my back.

    You know, that one.

    The one that itches at random times but you can't reach no matter how you contort, and it's just out of the reach of your fingertips, but to get it properly you have to rub up against a door and you look like a damn bear when you do that and your boss walks in and looks at you funny while you're doing it and then you try to explain but you can tell he's just humouring you.

    So that would be my power. Like two inches of reach so I could get it every time.

    I was actually talking about this with my housemate last night. Number one priority is something to keep people safe. Kinetic shielding is the way I'd go. Basically a forcefield that I can throw up at will to either negate or absorb kinetic energy. Leaning towards absorbing the energy because then the shield gets stronger and can take bigger hits. Basically anything that physically moves and could hurt someone could be stopped, even if it's just for an instant so they can get safe.

    Last edited 15/03/17 1:35 pm

    I generally suck at explaining this power but it’s kind of like that movie butterfly effect maybe? Except that the power only activates whenever you come to a fork in the road or have to make a choice. Basically you can follow a choice down to its very end and see where it leads, if you’re happy with it you can decide to make it so or you can return to the original fork and try the alternative option.

    it was basic when I first thought the power up but then I started thinking about forks within forks that would eventually create a Tree of alternative lives one person could live by simply changing their choices, and ultimately that those lives would all come back to a single starting point and probably overwhelm an individual so much so that they’d probably go insane. The power of 100 lives is a lot of knowledge and experiences, and so it’s still a power I’d like to have.

    The ability to create portals between two points. Traffic? No problem. Holiday? Just go to the local portal hub. No more cattle class. No need for cargo ships. Get help to natural disaster areas almost immediately etc.

    You could have highways full of off ramps to major cities, just drive through the portal and you are there. Differences in air pressure between places could be interesting. Maybe you'd have to keep it smaller scale in pressure sealed rooms?

    Also, charge a small fee so I'd make a nice bit on the side. Filthy rich, but give most to charities that do cool stuff.

      you could also make a killing smuggling people across borders with that. hmmm... good thinking...

    Porridge manipulation
    Become porridge at will and change anything to porridge at will.

    To Give the Gift of Porridge...

    It was an evening in the cold of August where thunderstorms and lightning constantly clapped in the sky. I had been birthed many years before on this day, twenty one to be exact. For this momentous occasion I had planned a trip to a special place. A place where all the youth of my day wanted to go - Carrbridge. Not many flights were charted to arrive at this true heart of the world. Bizarre... I know, however a small jet was set aside for this voyage. I was brimming to the cusp awaiting for the plane to be ready while the weather loomed as a hurdle the day might not be able to overcome.

    As I stood on the tarmac with great trepidation the wind shook the aircraft from side to side. The attendant waved me over and informed me I could board. Thankyou I squinted my eyes to see her faded badges name Carmen.I climbed up the stairs and looked to the back of the aircraft where the seats sat 2 by 2 from the tail to nose. 'Empty... I must be early' I whispered to myself. The pilot had heard before yelling out 'Nope. You're the only one here lad. Well, besides me and Carmen of course. Ha-ha, We'll be finely cutting it getting through this storm. Have a seat and it'll be alright mate, she'll be ready in 90 seconds.' He motioned to Carmen for conversation as I sat down 'Get the lad something to eat. He'll receive comfort from cold porridge in these elements.' The flight took off shortly after and the porridge arrived in my lap where it would stay untouched in disgust. I remember thinking, Porridge? Am I a peasant?

    They were not the last of my negative thoughts for the day as not long into the trip disaster came.
    The sky disagreed with us as a force in its space. With a bellow and a howl we were struck by a bolt which tore us apart. Goodbye pilot, as the nose broken begun its own path. Goodbye Carmen, unbuckled and scared. I closed my eyes as I couldn't bear to see her golden locks disappear into a cloud before me. With them gone, I waited until the ground would hit me out of the air. But on the way down a flash appeared. I opened my eyes to see a torrent of raging light approaching without a care. My hands grasped onto all they could... That damn bowl of porridge was all I had left. I thrusted it to meet the surge above. Kaboom, I was heating up. The shock hit me and rattled my bones to dust. Huh, whats this? The lightning and porridge they mixed and melded my DNA. I haven't gone anywhere... The ground approached closer and closer by the second. Whomp, no longer was I waiting to be hit out of the air. I breathed in and out. This is not right. I slowly reconstituted myself right there. Thats when I knew it. @%^$ I was born again as a hero. Porridge Man. There and then doubt left my mind and possibilities came to me

    Uncle Toby always told me I would never amount to anything. How wrong he was. With this much power. So much responsibility. I could stop world hunger by changing anything I touch to porridge. I could be an ambassador for healthy eating. I COULD INCREASE THE SEXUAL ACTIVITIES OF TROPICAL SNAILS... ahem.

    Last edited 22/03/17 2:32 pm

      Porridge man, I think we need to work together. I will be your loyal sidekick please scroll down to my post and it will all make perfect sense. ;)

    I want that rare super power I've heard tales about called "Time Management". Between Zelda, and Iron Fist coming out andall my other hobbies/interests/responsibilities, I am feeling a little screwed.

    Any super power, huh?

    Have you played 'Braid'? In it you play as a guy who has the ability to manipulate time. About to die? Well just freeze time and then reverse it. Went too far back? Then let's go forward a tad. You actually do die? Then time freezes, you reflect on what just occurred and then go back to when you're safe.

    That's the super power I want.

    Played a combo wrong in Hearthstone? Reverse time & try again.
    Mistimed that ult in DotA? Rewind & redo with millisecond accuracy.
    BTW, what were the winning lotto numbers? No reason...

    I mean, what's the worst that could happen with that power? That I become cold to others due to never accepting the slightest failure? That after helping a lady escape a villain I realise upon reversing time that I myself am the villain chasing her? Or that I've slowly gone insane and everything is an allegory because I'm the inventor of the atomic bomb?

    Heh, not likely. Right?

    Why is Manhatten burning?

      Why would you become cold to others? They'd never know you don't tolerate the slightest mistake because to them, you never make mistakes.

        It's referring to what happens in Braid. Due to the character's ability to correct any mistake he makes, he becomes frustrated with the mistakes others make and becomes cold.

          Ahh yes, that makes more sense.

          Interesting for sure :)

    Being able to get my buzz on by drinking booze but without the deleterious effects of a hangover the next day. My body would be tuned thrive on alcohol resulting in heightened intelligence, boosted immunity and improve sleep quality whilst under the influence!

    The Power:

    To know who, when and where someone has put coffee and porridge together and instantly teleport to the location.

    The Why:

    Because seriously what kind of abomination is this!!! What is wrong with this person!?? I must know so I can immediately slap it to the floor and just shake my head slowly looking in disgust, as they know exactly what they have done.


    Edit: the moment you realise a day later that it was yoghurt and coffee, not porridge and coffee lol so yea..... Just change all porridge you see to yoghurt. Peace out peeeeeps ✌️

    Last edited 16/03/17 1:59 pm

    "Oh, I know!" thought our erstwhile hero-to-be. "I want to help humanity better itself! To understand things! And if there's one thing humanity doesn't yet know very well, it's what happens at the physics of the very very small, when you go below the Planck length, and go below Planck time. If only we knew this, we could possibly find out more about the origins of the universe, and perhaps even create a Grand Unified Theory of Everything!"

    "Sounds good!" said a passing cosmic entity, but it had misheard, and so it gave our hero the powers of the mighty Plank-Man.

    The ability to see around corners. Never again would I awkwardly bump into someone as I turn a corner (I'm talking about walking here, not driving), nor would I need to slow down. I also could look like an arsehole while crossing any road because I wouldn't need to turn my head to look left and right.

    Further more I could be that guy who eavesdrops on text conversations without ever being caught (you all know you'd do it if you wouldn't be caught) and I could walk like they do in movies (never looking at the ground) without tripping. Truly this would be the best of all possible super powers.

    I wouldn't want to be famous as some kind of super hero, I would want a power that can help normal people everyday with a small and simple gesture.

    Perhaps every time I reach in to my pocket I can take out a single dollar coin.
    It's not enough to promote greed and I can fill my sock with coins to beat criminals.

    I can see it now, the police arrive in time to see the dashing hero with one shoe vanishing in to the night.
    The young victim waves, clutching my coin sock to her chest as she tells the police how I lept from behind a trash can and dispatched her attacker, leaving him with serious blunt force trauma.
    It will be awesome!

    I hadn't decided on a name yet.

    Last edited 15/03/17 11:53 pm

      Thank you sir, just thank you.. genuinely sitting here laughing and smiling

    The super power to slow time. I will never be late to work again!

    I'd like a fully controllable Groundhog Day superpower. To send my consciousness back in time to any period of my life and see the outcome of making different choices. Having asked out that girl, studying another career, making an investment, etc. Basically, make my life a Twine game and explore all the possible paths.

    (I definitely can see how even if I start with the best intentions such power to shape my future would quickly corrupt me and I would end trying to take over the world, one carefully "rehearsed" choice at a time. To avoid this, I'd give my power the limitation to create only simulated alternate timelines that cannot affect the real world.)

    Last edited 16/03/17 10:55 am

      So time travel???

        Yes, but only your consciousness. More Slaughterhouse 5 than Back to the Future.

          So kinda like Kitty Pryde in days of future past?? ☺️

            Kinda? Except that you are limited to instances of your own life. So more like Logan in the /movie version/ of DoFP.

            Or, just go read Slaughterhouse 5. It's basically the granddaddy of many time travelling stories.

    I think I'm going to be generic and say teleportation.

    I'd love the ability to be able to be at any place, any time, with a single thought. To travel to any where I can imagine, in the blink of an eye.

    I imagine a power like this would be very dangerous. Every jump could be a huge risk. What if someone saw you do it? Or what if you teleported, then reappeared inside a wall, in front of a fast, moving vehicle, or into another person, or teleported in front of say, a very dangerous animal?

    If I could, I think my power of teleportation would be slightly modified... Before making the jump, I would have the ability to actually see the place I am thinking of, in real time, so I could determine as to whether or not making the jump would be safe. I like the idea of being able to take other people or/and objects with me as well, which could be a part of said modification (although it seems to be the thing in most mainstream media when there's a character with the ability to teleport).

    Time is something that is so precious to me. In real life, I try to make a serious effort to better manage my time and make the best possible use of it that I can. So with teleportation... Goddamn, I'd save so much time!

    It would be nice to have other super powers as well. Look at Nightcrawler from the X-Men, he can teleport and he also happens to have incredible agility, the ability to stick to walls like Spider-Man, use of his tail etc. I guess I wouldn't have that, but I seriously wouldn't be complaining if I could bloody well teleport all over the damn place.

    Last edited 16/03/17 12:59 pm

    To have the power to be debt free so I and my family can live our lives without stress, fighting over money and wondering what the next pay needs to go to.

    That's my dream and no doubt everyone elses

    My superpower would have to be...the ability to survive underwater, at any depth for any amount of time.

    I've always wanted to see some of the things that lay on the bottom of the floors of our oceans.

    Imagine the mysteries you could uncover and the questions you could answer.

    Then I'd splice into the fibre cable and have Hyper-Mega-Ultra Internet!

    Mine would be to control social media. Any and every platform. Post anything to anyone's account. Force as many likes, shares or retweets, make anything go viral. In this day and age it would be extremely powerful and like any great super power could be used for good or evil.

    I’d want to be Atomic Man. And not the DC bulls%!t tiny man ‘the atom’ or the dude from the oldscool classic “Timeslip”. I’d want to be a man who can touch anything and control the material at an atom level therefore phasing through it.
    It wouldn’t be easy though. I’d have to be able to control my body to phase the atoms of myself and (for example) a wall in sequence with the movements i make while i go through it. The better i can control being in motion with the atoms of obstacles, the better stages I can unlock;
    Phase (stage) 1: phasing through solid objects - i.e walls
    Phase (stage) 2: phasing through moving objects - i.e standing still while objects thrown at you phase through you
    Phase (stage) 3: phasing through organic objects - i.e animals, people etc.

    (Bunch of other awesome, amazing, mind-blowing stages)

    Phase (stage) 10 [ultimate stage]: ability to manipulate atoms at will - i.e transforming your current Nvidia GTX 570 to an Nvidia GTX 1080 TI. Whats up.

    Obviously would have looooads of complications. In phasing through water for example the atoms would submerge and separate too rapidly, so water and any liquids is a generally a no-no during phasing. (hence stage 3 would be extremely difficult).

    Why this ability? Could be used for evil or good, and who knows when I’ll be in the mood for either.

    Good intentions: Using it stealthily to sneak into places, recovering intel, rescue people etc.
    Evil intentions: Using it stealthily to sneak into places, recovering intel, Robbing like anything / everything etc.

    Super powers? Such an ineffectual term. Most with them are inadequate hopeless fools. They strive to compete for glory, dictating what is deemed just or righteous. They don't understand what it truly is to be super, its unvarnished meaning. If I could, I would dissolve the power I already have.

    Then what of my power? Hmph. What I did with mine was nefarious, it corrupted my soul, my body, my life. You'd think I'd be pleased that it now lays dormant, although I know it waits, and in time it will continue its odious treatment of the world. When that time comes will I be stronger? Will I be like those other fools and use it to better what is flawed? Ah, all a delusion. A comical fallacy of grandeur thoughts.

    You jest. You believe that this is something you can reign? My child, I admire your tenacity, but your innocence is your weakness. Many have sought to take what envelopes me and just like you, they asked, as time passed they demanded and in time came the wars. These were my darkest days, thousands died and I felt nothing.

    Life without end extraordinary?! You humour me. None ever consider what is lost when you gain ceaseless life. The soul isn't perpetual, it diminishes over time and once the soul is lost as is the meaning of this endless existence. Hatred begins to run deep, the roots of solitude grip tighter. You despise those that can die, they mustn't die, they must suffer as you have for centuries. Nothing can end the torment.

    Until she came, late in the darkness of the night. She pleaded, although what she sought was different to those before her. Protection? Had the world become darker than I? She unfolded a tiny cloth, this is what I was going to protect. I accepted. The years progressed and as the world grew darker, my soul grew lighter. Our life was separate to theirs, ours hidden in the most remote valleys behind the grandest mountains. The light pushed through and my dark thoughts left as I watched her grow and learn.

    She was excited that day, I remember it clearly. It was the blossoms that put her in that mood. It was that simple act, her hand reaching up to hold mine as we walked by the stream, she held on tight. I was finally feeling love, family and acceptance. Then nothing, her hand loosened, falling limp by her side. A glimpse of something shinny pierced my chest, a pain I hadn't felt before erupted as I tumbled into the stream. It grew dark. In that darkness I knew she was gone, and with her my heart, and with that my power became quiescent. She brought me peace.

    This is not something you want child, although if I cannot persuade you otherwise promise me that you'll follow your convictions. Bring peace, not power, love all with no hate and most importantly make life and soul equally eternal.

    Last edited 16/03/17 10:11 pm

    The ability to make photos come to life. Some very cool things could be done with that. And horribly awful things as well. You could save an extinct species, or make an army materialise out of nowhere.

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