The Man Who Pulls Cars With His Eyelids

The Man Who Pulls Cars With His Eyelids

Here’s a list of things I can do with my eyelids.


That’s pretty much it.

Here’s a list of things I can’t do with my eyelids: pull a car weighing 3.5 tonnes.

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Yang Guanghe’s list looks a little different. His eyelids do more than blink. Here’s a few things Yang Guanghe can do:

1. Hold 23.5 kg suspended with his eye sockets. 2. Stand on sharpened blades with his bare feet 3. Pull three human beings balanced on a tricycle with his eyelids

He did that last one to train for pulling the car. Yang Guange is an absolute superhuman machine.

Yang Guange’s bizarre resume includes up to 30 feats that test the limits of human endurance and physical strength. Pretty incredible when you consider he weighs 45kgs. Yep, Yang Guange is a small dude, but he can do some incredible things.

Guange hails from Anshun, in the Guizhou province of China. His stated purpose in life: “test the extremities of people’s fragile organs”. Yang Guange is not like normal human beings.

For example, Yang Guange has been known to insert an operating power drill into his goddamn nostrils. He has stuffed a live snake through his nose to the point where it then escaped out of his mouth. He is not a one trick pony.

But it’s Yang Guange’s eyelids that garner the most attention, and rightly so. Many of Guange’s tricks are the result of pure bravery (or stupidity) but his ability to pull gargantuan object using his eyelids is legitimately the end result of gruelling, sustained training over a long period of time. He would prefer if you didn’t try to imitate him.

“It takes years of training to toughen the eyelids up to get to this sort of level where you can perform feats like this,” he said. “My speciality is to turn my softer parts into something formidable.”

It makes sense. Because Guange started out slow. First he pulled the human beings on the tricycle. Yeah, not bad. Then he gave the 1.6 ton car a try. Okay, been there done that. Then he thought, you know what. Maybe now it’s time to give a 3.5 ton vehicle a red hot go.

Sure why not.

These days Yang is still performing, alongside a swathe of apprentices who also attempt to pull off superhuman stunts. Together they have a fun time climbing mountains of knives, dancing on fire, and being hammered on beds of nails.


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