The New Promo For Game Of Thrones Is Weird

It's not 'good' weird. Is it even 'bad' weird?

Nah, it's weird weird.

I don't like it.

It's not just that we have to watch people walking for a couple of minutes. I can live with that. It's the fact that they're walking to Sit Down by James. A mildly memorable, jaunty pop song from the early 90s.

OKAY. That's what's happening now?

Personally I blame Gears of War for its goddamn Mad World trailer. This is the end game of that phenomenon. Congratulations, you ruined Game of Thrones.


    The song is the only thing that makes it odd really. The rest seems fine.

      Yeah, I agree. The trailer with a cover of MSMR's "Bones" was probably my favourite of "song" trailers that they've done. Unfortunately there seems to be this bizarre train of thought that having a recognisable song as part of a trailer is somewhat a "great" thing, thus it gets shoehorned in even when it doesn't fit, like this one.

      If they put in some atmospheric, brooding music, I think it would have worked quite well.

      I didn't think it too odd. The characters walk. Two of them sit down at the end. The song is about sitting down. Seems to fit.

      The whole sitting down thing seems to be a metaphor for the end of a journey. Interestingly enough, Jon is the only one that doesn't sit down.

      Also, Cercei's breath at the end. Winter is here! Almost in time for winter, local time.

    How to fix:

    1. Mute sound
    2. Sing "Do do, do do do do, do do doooooooooo"
    3. Enjoy.

      I took a screen cap of your response so I can now apply that methodology to anything ?

    How is that weird? It's the way advertising should be. I realised your 'ruining Games of Thrones' is a half joke, just one that's not funny

    Lol - I watched this on Giz, reeled in by the gushing headline. I find this response far more appropriate :)

    Now to get back to that blissful state where I'd forgotten that James even existed....

    Actually, i think it was the old Gears of War trailer with that song "You already know how it will end" or something. Fantastic. Look it up!

    Meanwhile......foreshadowing Cersei teaming up with the walkers or what?

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