The Nintendo Switch Makes Its Japanese Classroom Debut

Why study during class breaks when you can play the Nintendo Switch?

[Image: 2ch]

Images are popping up online, showing high school kids playing the Nintendo Switch.

Obviously, many, if not most, schools do not allow students to bring game hardware. Depending on the school, some won't even allow smartphones! You bring any of that, and your stuff will be confiscated.

Of course, students would sneak in Nintendo and Sony portables, but the Switch isn't only a handheld. Nintendo designed it for folks to play it at home or outside of the home. Doubt they meant at school!

[Image: 2ch]

This looks like their lunch break (kids in Japan eat in their classroom). Some of the images below could also be before school started.


    that's the nintendo power for you. as long as they aren't playing during study/teaching time, i don't see the problem with it.

    It took me a few moments to figure out the smiley face was there to obscure the person's reflection and not hide spoilers on screen.

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