The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Hides A Secret Message Inside

The Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller is partially translucent, meaning that you can look inside the guts of the accessory. You'd think, then, that anything housed within would be easy to spot, but there's actually a furtive little easter egg that you'll need to look closely to see.

If you look by the directly above the right stick, you should see a message that reads "thnx2 allgamefans!," as a few people on social media recently discovered:

Source: Tropiux

It's kinda hard to spot, I spent five minutes looking for it despite knowing exactly where it was. I initially couldn't see the words without flashing a light on the controller, and tilting it side to side a bit. It helps to move the stick down and to look directly on the dark ring surrounding it. Cool, huh? Gotta love Nintendo's attention to detail.


    That is cool. It's a nice controller, I like the transparent look.

    I really dig the design, it feels good, the gyroscopic aiming is great, and it has a nuggety weight to it.

    But my left stick doesn't quite centre correctly, causing it to drift down ever so slightly. I couldn't quite get it fixed with the calibration tool either, so I'll have to replace the controller. :/

    You mean its not the face of a Ninty Exec laughing maniacally as he tosses wads of fan's money into a fire?

    To be honest for a Nintendo product I expected more colour.

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