The Only Way To Travel In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Only Way To Travel In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Sure you can run. Or you could get on a horse. You could jump off a super high mountain and glide for you bit.

Or — hear me out here — you could freeze an enormous rock in time, hit it with a big hammer, then hold on for dear life and the stored kinetic energy launches you into orbit.

This is now my preferred mode of travel.

This innovative method was pioneered by speed runner Venick, the man who claims to hold the current Zelda: Breath of the Wild speed run record at 1:05:17.09.

Watch this and be amazed.

Okay, hands up who is trying this when they get home tonight? I’m actually right next to the perfect rock for this. Right at the top of a big arse mountain.

I recommend following Venick’s Twitch stream if you can. I will definitely be checking it out for future insane things to try.


  • I’m still waiting on your 20,000 word dissertation on botw climbing, Mark.

    How did you get to the top of that big-arse mountain? EXPLAIN IN DETAIL!

    • I simply cannot get enough of this game. I will happily read a 20,000 word dissertation on botw climbing, and then eagerly wait for then next one on gliding mechanics!!! 🙂

  • I actually completely forgot that the Stasis Rune was a thing until I read this, I guess I haven’t had a use for it yet. Definitely have to give this a go, but after 10 hours I’m only just at the second major town in the game, there’s just SO MUCH to do. It’s going to take me all year to finish this.

    • I had this same issue, getting distracted by every little thing on my journey from one location to another. I had to put a limit on the amount of things I could explore so I could actually make some progress.

  • I was wondering how they were doing it because I watched someone try to ride a rock last night by standing on it. All that happened was the rock shot out from under them as they fell in place. I guess you have to be grabbing on to it to travel with it.

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