The Sweet Taste Of Zelda Revenge

Well, would you look who it is. Remember me, motherfucker? I'm that kid you callously wasted back when I had three hearts, a pair of pants, and a stick for a weapon.

Hey, check this out.

Was that fun for you? It was fun for me. Now to grab these spare parts out of the crater you left behind and trade them for more ancient arrows, which I can use to destroy the rest of your kind.

Aaaaah. Closure.


    Psh, all you need is a pot lid to take care of those guys :P

      Or an Ancient Shield from the tech lab. Those things automatically reflect guardian fire. Seriously, take one with you to the Forgotten Temple and have a spot of tea while half a dozen guardians simultaneously destroy themselves off of your shield.

        Ancient anything is kinda beyond the realms of "all you need" :P

      I've pulled it off twice out of about a dozen attempts. Pretty damn satisfying. Usually I just run (and still die).

        My trick is don't look. I turn my gaze off somewhere beside the TV and just listen for the sounds, seems to give me more consistent results than if I watch for the right time.

    I found it wasn't too bad to beat in the first area, so long as you had the weapons to burn through. Up code hitting it with a sword worked well, and when it tried to retarget you, you just shot an arrow in to it's eye, causing it to go haywire and let you keep attacking it. Just meant going through my best weapons (Which, at the time, was a spiked Boko Club and a Sword)

    Haha....I'm yet to get my revenge on this piece of shit.

    I keep meaning to go and bet those arrows, but I keep seeing something in the distance to go and get and head off that way instead...

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