The Tiniest Alien Invaders In Video Games

Here's Nanospace, a new title up on Steam Greenlight. It's a game about alien nanomites and chemistry, and looks a lot cooler than the setting suggests.

Instead of being a SimAnt or Flow kind of experience, Nanospace is a 3D platformer with strategy elements, giving you control over three alien nanomites (each with different abilities) who have to fight against Earth's microscopic defences and pave the way for a full-blown alien invasion.

I know this is a teaser trailer, because you can't actually see anything that's going on, but still: I love the brutal/slick art direction and approach to a game that's basically about tiny little bugs.


    Tracer looks adorable. Can't say much for the choice of music.

    Looks like it's worth checking out.

    Although is it supposed to be called Trakcer, or did they just typo Tracker?

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