This Week In Games: NieR The Wildlands

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This week might not have a new console from Nintendo, a bad-arse red-headed archer or Link waking up after 100 years. But it's still got some cool combat androids courtesy of NieR: Automata, and plenty of drug cartels in Bolivia to blow sky-high.

And did I mention that LEGO Worlds is out this week too?

Disc Jam (PC, PS4)

What is it? A modern version of Windjammers, more or less.
Should you care? Disc Jam is this month's PS+ free game, so it won't cost you a cent. And while it doesn't have the charm of the original, it'll tide you over until the PS4 remaster pops out later this year.

LEGO Worlds (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

What is it? A Minecraft-esque LEGO sandbox with procedurally generated worlds.
Should you care? Good game to play with the family, although the early access release on PC got panned for its UI and lack of tutorials. Still probably worth a look if you have real young kids.

Nier: Automata (PS4)

What is it? An ARPG from PlatinumGames with combat androids trying to recapture Earth for humanity.
Should you care? The trailer will tell you pretty quickly whether this is your kind of game. (Like beating shit up? Then it is.)

Sublevel Zero Redux (PS4, XBO)

What is it? The console release of the Descent roguelike space shooter.
Should you care? Fun to be had here, but don't expect the same degree of speed as Descent.

Loot Rascals (PC, PS4)

What is it? An adventure with roguelike elements starring an astronaut, as he tries to survive procedurally generated planets.
Should you care? The name is almost a little offputting. Give this one a second look.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? Ubisoft takes Tom Clancy to Bolivia, where you and three AI/humans run around beating up drug cartels.
Should you care? I'm looking forward to mucking around with it. I don't know that it'll satisfy the ArmA crowd, though.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PC)

What is it? The Steam re-release of the iconic fighter.
Should you care? The fanbase won't be on PC.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey (PC, PS4)

What is it? The latest JRPG in the Atelier series and the second in the 'Mysterious' arc, which follows two sisters in their adventures.
Should you care? Most won't. The trailer footage looks a fraction choppy in places too.

Blaster Master Zero (Switch)

What is it? An action shooter that's part platformer, part Commander Keen, part sidescroller, and inspired by an NES original.
Should you care? Watch the trailer. I think if you're after that sort of game, you might as well replay Shovel Knight on the Switch. Maybe I'm writing it off a bit much though.

Unearthing Mars (PSVR)

What is it? A two hour-ish journey with 10 stages featuring astronauts on a journey to retrieve fragments of a satellite.
Should you care? Could be a fun B-grade sci-fi romp.

Talisman Digital Edition (PS4, Vita)

What is it? The classic board game comes to Sony consoles.
Should you care? The PC version was decent enough, and passing a controller on the couch is a lot more comfortable for this sort of game.

So those are all the major titles out this week. Did we miss anything big? Or are you still catching up with Horizon and Zelda?


    I want to be excited for GR: Wildlands but I just can't. If you can consistently band together a full group of mates to play with, I'm sure it'd be a blast but The Division has left a bad taste in my mouth and no amount of alcohol is scrubbing that memory away.

      based off the division, I'd wait 3 to 6 months for them to bug fix the hell out of the game.

      there's no MP I don't think so at least they won't be trying to create a meta or whatever

      Yeah, while I'm really exited to play this with my friends I can see how some people may not want to pay the price for repetitive missions.

      I played The Division (400h) with friends and had a blast (I was not affected by the multiple bugs and it ended up being one of my fav games of 2016) so I decided to buy GR:W with the season pass. Hopefully won't be disappointed.

      From what I've seen GR Wildlands doesn't seem to be much like The Division at all, just looks like a co-op shooter with no RPG elements. Could be wrong though. I'm not that interested in it from what I've seen, just seems a bit bland.

        Yeah, there's some RPG elements. Levelling up, using various skills that you unlock with skill points (increase stamina, resilience, accuracy when aiming, capabilities of drone, etc), and you have to complete arbitrary objectives to unlock weapon parts for upgrading the stats of your guns, etc.

      From the time I got to spend with the open beta, it's an alright game and the ai squadmates aren't completely garbage. The one main this is the enemies aren't as much of a bullet sponge as in the division and you can drop guys with a single headshot or 3-5 body shots.

      But yeah, it felt like the type of game you could play through once with some friends and then leave it on the shelf for ages.

      Wildlands seems fun enough with human squadmates who play slowly and carefully (I suppose as long as they play to whatever style you prefer it'd be good), I found it to be a good challenge on higher difficulty so you had to communicate & work well together. The main difference between this & the division is that you don't have a bunch of level 34 gold guys walking around and tanking more fire than an actual tank would, people tend to die with 1-2 bullets to the face which is a nice change. (I say this as a member of the ArmA crowd by the way)

      Last edited 06/03/17 11:53 am

    Pretty sure Nier: Automata as a PC release on 17th March on Steam. Go preorder now!

      18 March in Australia - 17 in US time I think.

        Bingo. I'll include the PC version again for next week's TWIG.

    Pretty excited for nier too many games my heads gonna explode! Also talisman better not be some insulting price like quest and deathwatch were.

    My Nier Black Box edition is on its way woo!

    Pretty excited about NieR, but it will have to wait.. Having to much fun with Horizon at the moment

    Are we sure that Lego Worlds is out this week - I thought it was not due out until 15th March?

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