Today Is Mario Day For The Absolute Worst Reason

There is nothing I hate in the life more (except maybe Fairy Bread) than 'theme days'.

International Women's Day. Sure. Houseplant Appreciation Day? No thanks.

But guess what — today is 'Mario Day'.

Today is Mario day for the absolute worst reason possible.

Go ahead, look at the calendar. Take a close look at the calendar. It's okay. I'll wait.

March 10

Mar 10



I know. I am aware of how terrible this is.

Happy Mario day everyone.


    Mario Run on Android would be nice.

      It's actually popped back up to the Play Store front page again... So maybe it's not too far away!!

    I'll wait for your article about how you hate May 4th day as well...

      There is nothing good about May 4th, ever. People whose birthdays lie on that date live a life of ignominy. Hospitals recommend soon-to-be mothers do their damnedest to avoid the date, lest their child suffer the consequences. Hell, even August 4th is designated as "International Don't Have Sex" day to lessen the risk.

        My mate's birthday is 4 May. Luckily he is a big Star Wars fan.

          Mine's the 4th of May as well and I've had to develop an aggressive indifference to the series in response.

    There is nothing I hate in the life more (except maybe Fairy Bread) than 'theme days'.

    You only say that because you haven't heard of World Porridge Day.

    Theme days like that can fuck off.

    Last edited 10/03/17 2:36 pm

    "The absolute worst reason possible"?

    Clearly you don't know the definition of the word "absolute".

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