Tourist Crashes Replica Mario Kart Into Tokyo Police Box

Image: MariCar

A Korean tourist renting a replica, real-life Mario Kart (from a company currently being sued by Nintendo) has smashed into a police box in Tokyo.

Nintendo Is Suing Go-Karting Company Over Copyright Infringement

Today, Nintendo announced a lawsuit against a Tokyo-based kart rental service called MariCar.

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The Mainichi reports that the woman "apparently failed to negotiate a turn at an intersection, driving her vehicle onto a footpath and then crashing into the wall of the police box".

The accident took place on Sunday, in Shibakoen, in Tokyo's Minato district. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

She had rented the vehicle from MariCar, a company recently made famous for specializing in the hire of Mario Kart-inspired go karts and costumes, and which is in the process of being sued by Nintendo for copyright infringement.


    In a recent statement Police advised that 'CCTV footage shows evidence of a blue spikey object in the vicinity of the driver moments before the incident'.

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